Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Her Birdy Highness - SGD 35 - Sold

Ooh a RED piece! Now we're talking *hah* A venomous red & black chinois necklace of tiny black pearl & an oval cinnabar bird pendant. This dual layered piece is really one long strand so you just wind it around your neck and adjust how high you want the shorter layer to sit. This is a sexy piece to wear with your black tube/leather catsuit for that party night out!

On a quirky note, I've noticed that most chinese singaporeans are a bit wary of wearing "too oriental" clothes or accessories. I can understand the associated stereotype of looking like a waitress in a chinatown chinese restaurant but honestly, why do we go " Eee, cheena pok" at cheongsam shops or other oriental-themed shops? I for one love all things oriental, I think we have a great history, a great culture and we shouldn't be afraid to identify with it. (Plus ahem, my shop name) Just inject a touch of modern culture to it and it can be a great stylish piece!

Why did this come to mind? Well, I was commissioning a cheongsam for my wedding next year at this small Far East shop called Mazzario and I started chatting with the designer who turned out the be same age as I was! We started discussing ideas, trends, fashion & she was commenting how hard it was in the early days cos pple would walk past her shop and turn up their noses and go "Eee, cheena pok!". If you overlook the first few pieces that sometimes resemble 1920's songstress dresses, you'll find that she has gorgeous cheongsam-inspired tubes or tunics and even toga-inspired tops! Moral of story: Don't judge a shop by how it looks.

I can't wait to see how my dress will turn out - I've opted for a more classic In The Mood For Love look but with modern details & mouth-dropping colours ~haha~ It's a surprise for Matt and for everyone too!

Royal Flight - Sold

Made this piece a few days back when I was in my "blue" phase but hadn't posted it yet cos I just couldn't get the colours right!

A royal blue glass pendant drops to a beautiful cloisonne butterfly whilst on a chain of mixed blue & silver beads. But just to make it classier, I added a shorter brass chain with a gorgeous sky blue teardrop crystal. Ends with a pretty rose clasp which is not shown here :p Chains are abt 15" and 18" long respectively.

Take flight like the butterfly! ~

Classico - Sold

I've been in the mood for necklaces recently and I think it's pretty obvious by now! I've always felt that the collarbone is one of the sexiest body parts and we should show them off! (Can we stop with the long layered look pls?!!)

Classico is an asym necklace with a gorgeous smoky brown Swarovski drop pendant and an alluring twirly vine link. Tiny pearls & crystals add some bling to this classic piece. I'm sorry the pendant doesn't sit well on my neck in the 2nd pic, was in a hurry to take the pic this morning before I left home :p The colours show up more clearly in the 1st pic. Abt 16" long ~

Aqua Rose - Sold

Oh another delicate piece that is so pretty I can't believe I made it *haha* This aqua blue/greenish necklace has a aquamarine clay flower & glittering crystal hexagon in the same colour. 2 detailed vine links sit asymmetrically amidst amazonite rounds, metallic czech & other complementary beads (abt 16" long). The whole effect is so soothing & faerie-like!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Blue Babies - both sold

In the mood for blue today and these 2 pretties emerged. Clover is a charming sapphire piece with jewelled studs & beautiful midnight blue clovers. A couple of crystals to the side for that asym flair and oh gorgeous opalite teardrops too! Abt 4.5 cm long~

Bluebells features clay-like buttons with blue butterfly motifs which I turned into little wheels with a mixture of blue metallic/crystal beads. I love the sterling flowers! Kinda hill-tribey to me so it fits with the slight abstract butterfly motifs too! Abt 4cm long~

Sunshine Fleur - Sold

A simple pair of little danglies to say goodbye to summer - Little brass daisies and leaves with fiery tones for that dramatic rush! Abt 5.5cm long~

"Rites of Spring" bag charm - Not Available

Ooh remember the Rites of Spring necklace? I decided to convert it into a bag charm instead so here it is! Lotsa fibres & goodies to brighten your carry-all!

Online Shopaholic Me!

Hee hee I've been having a ball shopping online recently and this is my most recent purchase! A fabulous handcrafted necklace by Jes "Mocking merriment" ~ Ooh isn't it quaint?? She's such a talented, free-spirited gal and simply inspiring in what she does! Go check out her wares, they're one of a kind!

Ah, I too got to know a fab mixed media artist thru Jes whose works are how shall I put it ~ simple yet expressive yet soothing to the soul? Kelly's one brave soul who's giving the life she wants a shot. I think we could all do with a role model to remind us of what's important in our lives. Her works spoke to me so much I couldn't resist getting these 3 babies - prints for Beauty surrounds us & Sweet Dreams, and the original artwork for Life Becoming Joyous - (doesn't hurt to save on shipping too! :p)

Beauty Surrounds Us
Becoming Joyous
Sweet Dreams
I'm going to be receiving a hefty bill this month but what the heck? I can't resist beautiful things!

P.S. Shortly after this post was written, Matt came up with a family rule that any spending above S$100 has to be pre-approved by both parties. HAH!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Midnight Garden - Sold @Pandora's

Ahhh one of those creations I secretly wish to keep for myself... Midnight Garden has a large round black pendant with a vintage rose design on it. Strung with what seems like innocently complementary pink pearls are funky metallic peach, fuchsia & plain ole pink beads. I love black and I love pink, I just hate being predictable.

Midnight Garden is all about the lady and her roses at midnight ~ pretty yet seductive & irresistable! ~ Abt 16.4" long with a black heart hook closure ~
Ah, thought it'd be good to post a pic of how it sits so here it is ~ my pretty lady :)

Sablon "wind blown sand" - SOLD

An elegant bracelet for the fight-injustice-but-I-still-wanna-look-chic babe, I made this in a burst of Beyond Borders frenzy. ( I've always fancied myself as the sort who might join a humanitarian org and "be out there" kind of gal when I was younger. I'm not sure if God ever intended me to go that way but I believe we should always be aware of the world and all its issues and do what we can with what we have when we are called to it. )

A salvaged smooth button with abstract sandy lines on it was giving a classic new lease of life with bails of metallic white czech beads & clear crystals. Together with the brown hexagonal crystal & string of white pearls, this is one baby you can wear out to the field! Abt 18.5 cm long~

Teddy Rox - SOLD

Another teddy-inspired piece, this one screams rock & roll!! Multiple chains in matt black & silver, different charms & blings on each layer screams sweet-teddy-girl-meets-punk-princess chic. (close up pic on Flickr)

For the little girl in all of us who hates being called LITTLE~

Friday, August 25, 2006

Moonlight Sonata - SGD 28 - Sold

Oh the allure of a crescent moon! ~

A white on brass-themed necklace, Moonlight has a cluster of pearls & mixed crystals from which hangs a clear crystal moon pendant. The shorter rollerball chain has an oval pearl-like-finish bead & frosted/matt crystals on it. Layered together, the trails of moonlight can't help but bring forth the seduction of the night....

Chains are 18" and 16" long respectively.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Autumn Hearts - SOLD

Oh, the end of summer is near and soon it'll be autumn (not in S'pore unfortunately). But I've always loved the season of autumn cos leaves turn such a gorgeous shade of gold & walking thru parks of falling golden leaves just makes me feel so happy!

Autumn Hearts is a mismatched pair of earrings with brass hearts that have cute citrusy flowers on them. Crystals/czech beads in peachy/gold shades as well as alternate brass/gold chains complete this tribute to autumn (Drop is abt 7cm).

Little Rosie - Reworked

It's official! Oriental Rose will be coming to The Flea Market @ Watershock by SMU on Sept 2 Sat, Marina Bay. Details are still a bit sketchy right now so I'll write a note again once everything's settled. I'm really excited abt joining a fair for the 1st time! My logo and name cards are ready now and they look fab! Yup I'm now working hard to make sure I come up with more designs and pieces to suffice for the space@Pandora's as well as the Watershock event. Apart from the pieces you see here, there will also be some pure silver finished pieces and possibly paper goods. More info later!

Meanwhile this baby is part of a series called "Little Dangly Pretties" which are simpler and/or shorter designs for babes who prefer sth lighter & airier for work or school. More of them will appear @Watershock! Little Rosie here has rose cameos & colourful beads under 2 amethyst rhinestone brass studs (abt 4.5cm long).

Gold Horn - SOLD

Oopsie sorry I have been quite quiet lately, not that I haven't been making pieces, just that I just came back fr 2 days of art clay classes which is really abt working with silver so that's been a really cool time of learning. I've been busy with orders too which is good news for this fledging shoppe ~hee~

This gold & black themed bracelet features a gold unicorn & faceted black onyx rounds on a matt gold chain with little rhinestone balls of fire. I love these crystal balls -they are so quaint! (Brass toggle closure)

Monday, August 21, 2006

Party Animal - Sold (One-off piece)

Was in a try-anything mood and came up with this one-off bag charm. Love the 4cmx2cm rectangular charm with a woman wearing a lampshade on her head and the words Party Animal.She looks like she's having so much fun!

A large cluster of metallic & purplish beads with a pale pink 'bling' & large vintage pearl button + 2 smaller charms of a stilleto & handbag add to the partysphere. Entire bag charm is abt 13.5cm long~


Originally uploaded by Oriental Rose jewellery.
This is another set I made for Mag's birthday. This time, I wanted sth different fr Missy Mermaid and since this is the day she gets to be princessy, I made this romantic piece with white agate rounds & a pretty pale pink clay flower & a 925 silver heart frame pendant. A trail of matt/clear pink/lilac beads cascades fr the heart to complement the flower. Silver toggle closure~

Missy Mermaid

It was Mag's 21st birthday last Sat and a few of us kayak-coaching friends popped down to East Coast for her BBQ and as usual, I was commissioned to make sth for her big day.

I made this bracelet with blue quartz nuggets, amethyst, moonstone & some other semi-precious stones which reminded me so much of our aquatic days. Oh, how I miss our voyaging trips on the South China Sea - snorkelling, kayak surfing & the occasional sea-sickness-induced vomitting (yes, even paddlers can get sea sick after too long away fr land). A little mermaid finished this sea-inspired piece~ I made matching earrings too (on my Flickr album), unfortunately the silver hooks with plain rectangular surfaces don't show very well when laid flat :O

Friday, August 18, 2006

What Drives You?

While doing my Purpose Driven Life readings for this week (my small group @AMKMC is doing it right now), some things just struck me again as totally relevant even though it wasn't my 1st time reading it. I guess when you read a book at different stages of your life, it relates to you in vastly different ways each time depending on your experiences & mentality. That's why good books are for keeps!

Some exerpts that I found meaningful:

"When you are doing what you love to do, no one has to motivate you or challenge you or check up on you. You do it for the sheer enjoyment. You don't need rewards or applause or payment. When you don't have a heart for what you're doing, you are easily discouraged.

Passion drives perfection, if you don't care about a task, it is unlikely you will excel at it. In contrast, the highest achievers in any field are those who do it because of passion, not duty or profit.

We have all heard people say,"I took a job I hate in order to make a lot of money, so someday I can quite and not do what I have to do." That's a big mistake. Don't waste your life in a job that doesn't express your heart. Remember the greatest things in life are not things. Meaning is far more impt than money. Don't settle for just "the good life" because the good life is not enough. Ultimately it doesn't satisfy. You can have a lot to live on and still have nothing to live for. "

It's true, when we love sth, we are naturally motivated to keep doing it even if we are totally exhausted or when everyone thinks otherwise. I know the Singapore society has its own ideas of what a proper job should be, and yes stability is good, but if there's sth that calls you, if you never give it a go, you will never know what could have been. Sometimes it takes actual experimentation, trying sth new to find out what your calling is.

I know all of us want to find a job that we love and pay well. Some of us are fortunate, others not so. But don't compel yourself to this society's expectations! Find out what drives you and when you do, you'll know what to do next. Simply being true to yourself can be very empowering!

Black Roses - Sold

With the ideal of delicate strength in mind, I've used these beautiful carved roses and matched them with different crystals, teardrops, rhinestone balls etc. for that classic black & white look. The asymmetry suggests a hint of playfulness while maintaining the simple gentle feel.

Hangs abt 7cm & 5cm respectively.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Silver Woes

Had a premonition that my namecards were gonna be out when I drop by Pandora's Box yesterday so I quickly made a little notice out of scraps of paper in the office. Thank God I had my colour pencils with me! Sorry abt the lacklustre notice though I thought the mosaic rose was quite cool ~hah~ My dear friend Sherilyn is finishing the logo as we speak and I can't wait to see what this talented artistic (and slightly insane) gal comes up with :p

Due to my busy schedule, I can only pop by Pandora's abt once a week, usually on Wed. I find that my silver pieces tend to have lots of fingerprints/slight darkening etc. cos they are exposed to the air and I have to polish them regularly. 925 silver is particularly prone to oxidising, which is why I prefer working with brass!

As such, I'm going to display the brassy/gold items only @ Pandora's while the silver will be home with me in ziplock bags. If there are any silver pieces you fancy and want to pick them up fr the shop instead of the mail, please drop me an email/sms and I can bring it down to Pandora's on Wednesdays.

I wish to reiterate that as with all my designs, unless specifically requested to do sth similar, I only make one of each of them. Yes, this is probably a very unprofitable decision, but I just like coming up with new designs! Sometimes I make one side of a pair of earrings and I get bored and don't feel like making the other side already ~haha~ On the other hand, sometimes I just have limited quantities of certain materials so I can't make clones.

Have a great weekend!

Beary Memories - STOLEN!!

A cheery bracelet to remind us of our first teddy bear...Bright red & topaz tone czech beads form the chain while a shy teddy peeks out from the cluster of heart/butterfly/round crystals & beads. A happy piece for the child in all of us :)

Night Rose - Sold

Night Rose
Originally uploaded by Oriental Rose jewellery.
I got these swirly ribbony cloth fr Arab Street cos they looked so cool & exotic with tiny sparkles! Black onyx rounds, an opalite matt teardrop with crystals & a charming silver rose charm complete this mystifying toggle bracelet.

Gingko - Sold

Sweet little gingko leaves sway from pearly ovals with cute clusters of white/frosted/matt crystals & beads. A charming pair for summer!

Yearning - Sold

An oriental-inspired piece, this pair of earrings feature little carved butterflies on gold loops of tiny black & bronzey beads. A cluster of frosted/red/metallic crystals & czech beads lay amidst trails of non-tarnish gold chains. Looking at the butterflies which seem unable to fly away remind me of all the ancient ladies in the forbidden palace whose hearts were filled with passion (red) yet remain trapped within the 4 walls. All they can do is yearn for the lives they wish otherwise for themselves. Sniff.

Rites of Spring

Rites of Spring
Originally uploaded by Oriental Rose jewellery.
This necklace is one of those strange wacky things I tend to make when I'm in my crazy or obsessive moods. I had received a bunch of fibres fr the States and was just insane over the variety of colours & textures! They reminded my of spring & summer & flowers & fun so I made this happy colourful piece with a large heart & brass links.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I am woman hear me roar!

Received an amazing stash of ephemera recently so I've been happily playing with all the stacks of papers & what-nots. We don't have a proper dining set in our apartment cos we thought we were going to move anyway. The coffee table in our lounge triples up as our "dining table" and "work table" - it looks pretty mutilated right now, esp. when I work with chemicals on the wood surface :p

Anyway this is the 3rd piece of collage work that I did within the last 2 days - it's not amazing but I just like her happy pose! I tried taking pictures of my first 2 pieces but the effect didn't turn out too well. Have to redo them later~

Summer Summer!

I received these gorgeous clay beads with summery colours fr Karin last week and have been totally in love with them! The flowers on them are so brightly coloured and beautiful and the beads are unbelievably light! She is such a darling to include 2 smaller beads (free!) for me to make matching earrings :) I could just stare at the beads all day long - they are sooo pretty! Karin's works are fantastic - you have to check her other works.

I got to know Karin fr Belinda, another talented local jewellery designer who I used to buy loads of my jewellery from before I started making my own. She's an amazingly talented and kind person and was such an encouragement to me during my HR days.

I feel so blessed by the people I meet!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Lavender - Stolen!!

The first of future new pieces to appear on my blog before my website is up is this pretty purply bracelet.

I really love the colour of these lilac beads - always a sucker for matt rather than glossy! I've paired a mixture of lavender/pinkish beads with an edgy matt silver chain while having double black chains interweaving each other. A yummy faceted teardrop & 925 silver heart charm hang fr different chains for that carefree touch.

Lavender - Stolen!!

I've worn it on my hand to show how the teardrop and heart come tgt despite hanging on differnt chains.

Wedding Teddies

Wedding Teddies
Originally uploaded by Oriental Rose jewellery.
I love this picture to bits and had to share it again!

This adorable teddy couple was given to us by a dear friend at our ROM (or registration of marriage) in March this year at the colonial-chic Goodwood Park Hotel. They witnessed our signing of papers at the table and have been been photographed more times than we were! (Or so I think, as they became the screensaver for most of Matt's colleagues since then)

Our traditional Chinese tea ceremony , church blessing, reception, basically the whole wedding! will take place next March - a year apart just so Matt's family & friends can plan to fly in fr whichever part of the world they're in right now. Now you can see why it's been a mad time for me - getting married twice, setting up a new home, starting Oriental Rose, taking classes & working part-time! But I'm loving every minute of it :)

Although yes, I've not found a gown nor decided on the menu or even invitations (I wasn't the sort of little girl to fantasize abt her dream wedding, heck I didn't even know I was going to get married this early!), I have a great bunch of loved ones who have been so helpful. It will be a splendid day!

Matt & I are also attending a premarital counselling course at our church which is quite funny, cos technically we are married, but the chinese opinion is to treat one as married only after the tea ceremony so it doesn't matter, we just pretend we're soon-to-be-marrieds!

My Story

I have been a jewellery junkie for as long as I can recall - a secret magpie that's me!

My love for all things beautiful has proven to be my downfall cos I never could resist them. I didn't think much abt forking out even hundreds for jewellery that caught my fancy (yes I am that incorrigible). After a while I would get bored with certain designs and think of ways to play with them. That's when I started fiddling with tools and such and surfed the net for tips & techniques. It was a slow start but at least it got me somewhere. When friends starting buying little trinkets for me and bugged me to start selling them, I thought hey why not? I wouldn't mind swimming in beads everyday! And the rest is history.

The name Oriental Rose is meant to be a play on the fact that I'm Chinese while my hubby's English. Similarly my designs come from a myriad of influences but my favourite remains vintage and all things old. I love colours and especially wish to create a combination of feminine charm with that slight touch of edginess. (No barbie girl pls!)

I design and handmade everything you see. I say design, but it's more of a collaging process to me. I spread everything out, think abt what my mood fancies that day and start putting tgt. Sometimes I get swarmed by inspiration and several pieces emerge in a single day. Sometimes I get a drought and nothing seems right. I'm sure my artist friends will understand what I mean!

Exclusivity is important to me, esp. in TINY Singapore. Therefore each of my designs comes in limited pieces if not the one and only, and no two pieces are exactly alike. I take great pride in only creating jewellery that I believe is good enough to be shared with everyone. Or so I hope! :p

*As with all beautiful things, please don't copy! Be original - it's possible!

All designs & pictures are property of Oriental Rose and may not be used for reproduction and/or distribution purposes without prior written consent from Oriental Rose.

Monday, August 14, 2006

A New Beginning

Finally! My very own blog. Yes I know this is long overdue and I've decided it's time to put procrastination to an end. I have missed so much on sharing and being part of the blogging community, especially since I'm such an avid blog-reader myself *hee* If not for the honest sharing of ideas and thoughts and lives in the blogs of artists I admire so much, I doubt anything could drag me out of my LA-ZY zone to get up and start this blog. (I know I'm incorrigible)

It's been an incredible 6 mths for me since leaving the corporate world of HR and plunging into the unknown. I've finally started my own line of jewellery that I hope will be a joy to to others just as the creative process has been to me. I've gotten married to an amazing man and the love of my life - Matt - who has been my most ardent supporter and critic in my many crazy endeavours. I've encountered countless incredible people who have been among the most talented, most humble, most selfless people I've ever met. They inspire me.

I am only starting my journey, there have been so many before me yet our roads will never be the same. Perhaps that is the excitement that draws us so irresistably, the unspeakable joy of plucking up the courage to step forth bravely into what we cannot see.

"Faith is the daring of the soul to go farther than the eye can see"

(William Newton Clark)


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