Tuesday, March 20, 2007

the big count down

4 more days to the wedding... running all the errand bits, wondering what we might have forgotten and memorising the 2 vows are killing me!! Somehow I just can't get the order of the verses right :( Just had my teeth cleaned this morning, popped by the florist again, bought more stuff for the day... and heading out soon again for the final gown fitting where I'll learn to walk with the train! And have I mentioned the church rehearsal's tonight? We're still rushing the slides and music!

Ok I'm starting to hyperventilate with the list of undone stuff, think I better go finish up more stuff before I start screaming my head off. Muaks pple and keep me in prayer pls!

From a nerve-wrecking bride-to-be

Sunday, March 18, 2007

crazy times

Things have been insane!! I'm so sorry if I have been slow in answering emails, we've had to shift our stuff's over to the new place, where we'll be staying from tonight onwards. Unfortunately the internet and cable access aren't up and running yet, while my PC's still at the old place so yup, very inconvenient indeed. Haven't had time to work at all, or even unpack our stuff, and with family arriving everyday, it's been nothing short of madness. So yes, I promise to upload pictures soon, esp. of the girls' night! Which was great fun, but left me with a horrendous hangover. Still need to clean the apartment, get more crockery, move more furniture and pick up relatives at the airport later. Great way to spend the Sunday huh.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Puppy Love!

I am absolutely knackered fr a long day of rushing orders and meeting the Sentosa pple to finalise the set-up for the wedding dinner, and nope it's not at Rasa or some beach front thing though that would have been quite nice too, we're having an private party at The Arches this beautiful colonial house! It's a quaint cosy spot in a slightly quieter part of the island so the setting's quite intimate. Matt and I are so blessed with wonderful friends who have been nothing short of generous and helpful in giving their time to help us with the wedding day :) In short, the angbao budget is increasing exponentially!!

Can't wait for the spa treat fr Val and the hen party tmr!! I've heard there's gonna be a funky costume for me to parade down Clarke Quay in *oh dear!* Just glad I did my hair yesterday so at least there's one part of me I don't mind showing off haha ~ Which reminds me of the gorgeous puppies my hairdresser has!! Here's Diamond, she's a shitzu cross breed so her eyes are less protruding and she's such a doll!! I'm not a big fan of doggie outfits but she looks so adorable in her french maid outfit haha! While I was waiting for the hair dye to set in, she was all sprawled in my arms like a doggie plushie... awww....Here are more pictures, this time it's family!

Clare, Matt and Jim
And this is darling Liam, Matt's little nephew who'll be here with his daddy for the wedding too! They took this picture in a studio over last Christmas and it's now a huge blown up picture ready to sit on a wall in our new house somewhere!!! The last time we saw him he was barely 3 mths old and now he can walk! Can't wait to see the little cutie again!

Nadine - SGD 29 - Sold

Nadine's all about matt grey and black with silver filigree keys & a mottled grey tusk. Black chains, a pewter heart charm and crystal bling add feminine edginess to this dark pair ~ Just one piece available!

Heavenly Blue - SGD 28 - Sold

Milky blue and opalite colours reign in this angelic piece ~ 14k filigree centerpieces & hooks with lil' bits of frosted glass beads in various shades of blue ending with faceted opalite drops. Drop is a regal 7.5 cm ~

What's in a Rose - SGD 39 - Sold

This is one of my darlings! A gold rose blooming atop a brass butterfly with a teeny ladybug and shorter layers of 14k chains with little dusky pink beads & blings. Lengths are 16", 17" and 18" respectively.

Under lock & key - SGD 39 - Sold

So in the mood for layered necklaces recently so here's the first ~ layers of textured brass chains, shimmering dusky pink & bronze czech beads, jasper rounds and gold lock & key charms for added bling!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Spring Overture - SGD 30 - Sold

Matt's sister Clare and Jim her fiance flew in this morning and we've just come back from very yummy black pepper crabs at Long Beach. Before we crash for the night (looong weekend), here's another pair of leafy earrings! Nature is always an excellent muse :)

Drop is abt 7 cm ~

Friday, March 09, 2007

Pretty in Red - SGD 32 - Sold

More of my current fascination - mismatched cloisonne earrings! Aren't these charms absolutely fab?! Pretty in Red sees white fan-like charms and little red flowers coming together for a garden spectacular ~ I've added trails of crystal bling, turquoise czech & 14k chains and hooks. This is another one-off baby so please don't ask me for more! :p

Breeze - SGD 30 - Sold

These lovely blue kamoe rounds are amazing to work with cos they are so intricate with lovely blue roses & white swirls on them! The result is a mismatched lovelie of flower filigrees, glittering leaf charms, faceted white drops, crystal blings & blue bobs on sterling hooks. Drops are 8.5 cm and 8 cm respectively ~

Birdhouse - SGD 39 - Sold

Birdhouse is a darling rhodium bracelet with a bird-perched-on-a-house charm, sapphire blings, black onyx drop, dark grey pearls & metallic czech beads. I love how the little house is tucked cosily inside the large silver hoop with curious bits peeking out all around! :) Toggle closure ~

Thursday, March 08, 2007

3 new pieces

Sorry to disappoint you folks who've enquired abt Fan Illusion, that was snatched quite quickly! I will try to lay my hands on more of this sort of charms so pls bear with me ya? The last few days have been nothing sort of crazy and the late nights is taking its toll on me. Eyebag alert! Even the hubster is feeling the exhaustion and he has been sleeping more than I have!

Yesterday my mom and i went for my makeup trial , then Val and I met up with the seamstress doing the jie meis' dresses and finally the videographer, which lasted a staggering 3 hrs. We had so much fun discussing ideas and chatting nonsense till we realised it was 10!! Had barely enough energy to shower before hitting the sack. That said, I'm sorry customised orders are taking longer than expected and I'm looking to finish them by Sat. With only 2 more weeks to W-Day, I'm afraid I will not be able to accept any more special orders till after the wedding. Will finish those on hand then take a much-needed break cos I don't wanna have eyebags on the 24th!!

Looking forward to next Wed cos it's hen night whoo-hoo! A scrub and massage at Body Contours courtesy of Val, then some yummy dinner before hitting the clubs with the rest of the gals ~ not to mention a whole night of cranium, twister and taboo... with even more bottles!! Everyone has booked the next day off for this very reason haha. Matt's stag do is tomorrow, and though I trust him implicitly, his friends can be SCARY. I'm expecting minimal sobriety for the weekend.

Meanwhile have fun with these new pieces that've been lying on my table since last weekend:

Rustic Meadow - SGD 33 - Sold
Was sitting at my worktable staring at the beads and this mismatched piece in its forest shades just appeared! Woody beige beads, teal-green leaves, olivine drops & dark orange crystals on 14k chains & rings make this a delightful adornment for the ears. Full of natural goodness! Drops are 6.5 and 7 cm respectively ~

Colours of Blue - SGD 38 / USD 24

Colours of Blue is a chunky bracelet with a gold horseshoe & veined leaf charm and even more blue blings and bits ~ I love how well this gorgeous blueness goes with my clubbing gear! Glistening deep midnight pearls, silver czech beads & a double brass strand on a 14k chain with toggle closure.

Aquamarine - SGD 29 - Sold

Aquamarine is a real treat for sore eyes with its calming shades of marine blue ~ Enamel clamshell & gold seahorse charms, moonstone rounds and faceted pale blue drops topped with turquoise rounds on 14k chains and hooks. Drop is abt 8cm.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Titillating Titoudao!

Can I just say how much Val and I enjoyed Titoudao? It was side-splitting, witty and at times poignant. Pam was hilarious and totally fabulous! Though dialect-almost-illiterate moi could catch the hokkien jokes, be warned though that most of the play is done in hokkien with little english subtitles during the quick bantering between characters. Talk abt getting lost in translation! Overall it was different, fun and we just loved the concept of this wayang play! Catch it if you haven't cos they're extending their run till the end of March! It truly lives up to its awards ~

Meanwhile here's another piece up for grabs:

Fan Illusion - SGD 32 - Sold
I really adore these lovely cloisonne blue fan charms with little yellow butterflies flitting across them so parting with this pair will be incredibly difficult. Made this a little while back but could never bear to list it, cos I only have enough fan charms for 1 pair!

Pale blue chalcedony carved roses, lemon quartz drops, gold czech beads & other tangy bobs on 14k chains & hooks. This piece turned out to be pricier than I thought cos it so happens the parts are all from my pricier hoard! (Rhyme not intended)

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Mad rush Maad weekend!

Feels like I'm always a few days late in blogging events but oh well that's what happens when you're a scatterbrain bride-to-be.... though that will change in 3 weeks! :p

We sent off Kim (Matt's lil sister) and her friend Sarah off to Bangkok yesterday after a whirlwind weekend of Singapore sight-seeing. These 2 girls are little fireballs of energy! They touched down on Friday night, dumped their backpacks at home and promptly trotted down to the Longbar at Raffles for that must-try Singapore Sling. Which by the way I've never tried till I met Matt. Ask any random local here and chances are they've never had the Sling before so it really is quite amusing most guidebooks insist trying the sling while munching peanuts and throwing the shells all around you!

Whilst I was bling shopping on Sat, they were shopping the whole day at Orchard Rd where Sarah tailored an evening dress for a staggering 390 bucks at one of those small seamstress shops in Far East Plaza!! Maybe I should've gone with them instead. Oh well, damage's done, we learn. Then as you read earlier, we headed down to New Asia Bar for some drinks and actually took the trishaw fr Swissotel to Clarke Quay as a laugh. Mind you that little hazardous journey cost $10 each and nearly cost us our lives with the lorries swerving to avoid our rickety rides that were oblivious to traffic rules ~

Sunday was housey day spent doing up wardrobes and clearing the bags blah blah, I've taken some pics so I'll update this entry with photos soon!!!

Some wedding decor bits my folks bought for the new house

My purple room! Matt & I both had rooms to do up as we liked, mine was purple his was meant to be grey but now it's a muddy brown hahaa
Daniel's our house elf who helps Matt with all the DIY stuff . This is the new wardrobe for Matt's muddy room ~

Must admit some retail therapy was in place at Maad where I dropped by to visit Xin & Enqi. Which I'm thankful I did cos I met Fiona, the creative stitcher behind Fifi, her budding enterprise named after her pet goldfish! She has the cutest stuff ever and it was her first time at Maad! I simply had to get a little quilt-like tote made out of vintage fabric fr NZ and a little potato boy pin! Her felt owl eyeglass cases were snapped up by Enqi so I could only pine. More, more, fiona!! She's based in Sumatra right now but we can expect to see her at Maad every few months when she's back here.

Check out our picture below, I loook soooo ah soh!! Terrible terrible... hate that little hip roll at the back of my jeans, knew I should have worn a longer top :( Ignore it and the photo of us 3 look quite nice haaaBy the time we got home Matt and I were totally exhausted and dozed off on the couch. While the girls were at the night safari AFTER a whole day's walking around Chinatown and Little India. And they were to fly early next morning! Now you understand when I say they are energizer bunnies.

Okie poks, will upload pictures later tonight and some new pieces too! After I get home fr Titoudao of cos ~ don't you just love waking to fun things to do everyday?

Victorian Goth - Customised

This was done a little while back as a customised birthday pressie for someone special. I'm not big on skulls but it was actually quite fun doing this piece! Kept the creepy factor down by adding black cameos, and I'm pleased the effect turned out to be quite subtly gothic feminine chic!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Topaz Treasure - SGD 30 - Sold

Just had a really really long day meeting the florist to discuss flowers for the church wedding, we're using Azalea which is the flower arm of Purple Sage. Dorothy's the creative spark and she's FANTASTIC. She's got great ideas, she's funny and a blast to work with :) I have absolute confidence in her that the day's gonna look beautiful! She's also doing the flowers for the dinner on Sentosa so yay! Expect pretty pictures!

Ok so meeting Dorothy took only a short while, the longest part was going jewellery shopping with the aunts who were tasked with getting me lotsa lotsa diamond blings for the wedding. Many hours later, we went back with 2 diamond necklaces, a pair of earrings and a diamond-studded bracelet. Matt got a pressie too! Haha... a gold ring that my parents will give him during the tea ceremony. Tried my best to get him the least tacky ring possible and I must say I think he'll like it!!

Ok gotta dash now, we're heading out to New Asia for drinks with Matt's sister and her friend. Before I run here's a new piece that somehow made it :p
Topaz Treasure is a gold-toned in neutral autumn shades of browns & yellows ~ a lil flower peeks out from the leaves & citrus beads while twin heart charms dangle sweetly beneath the clusters. Drop is abt 7cm (14k hoop rings & hooks) ~

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Kaleidoscope - SGD 35 - Sold

The past few days have been absolutely insane with the sending of invites and sorting of the RSVP list and settling catering, flowers, suit, ties etc. etc. etc . Now I fully understand the need for a wedding planner!!! Trust me, a chinese wedding can drive you nuts with all those traditions and planning!! *ugh* We've got food tasting in a bit and I'm hoping the food will be fab! It doesn't help when you've family members who are allergic to msg and others who are strict vegetarians. Makes the menu quite interesting.

Creativity work-wise, things have been a bit slow so I'll probably just be listing the odd piece here and there so this blog doesn't collect cobwebs! A revamp is also in the works! :p Kaleidoscope is about colours! A beautiful kamoe pendant strung on matt black chains & metallic czech beads. I have one of my own too! :)


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