Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Up up and away!

It's so scary how fast time flies! I thought I'd just glanced away for a second but now it's already time for my break! Things were just crazy, with a recurring infection in my woeful eye, boy was I a fogged up car window! You can't really see the bugger in the photos below which were taken at our friend's wedding on Saturday and yes that's little Sherri the adorable flower girl from our wedding last year. She's grown so much taller I'm sure she'll overtake me soon!

Where did all that time go?! I wanted to list more items but no, time was definitely not on my side. Tomorrow we'll be away at quiet Port Dickson for a few breezy days before I'm off to Tokyo *woot woot!* My friends have already planned a kamikaze schedule just so we can fit all that food and shopping in! I'm already mentally prepared for the pounds to pile on (sadly and reluctantly but that's the price to pay) See you again from June 18th! :)


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