Thursday, February 28, 2008

Under the blue blue sky - SGD 46 (only pair ) - Sold

What a sweltering sticky day! It says 31 degrees celcius right now but I'm sure it's way higher than that! That said, it sure is nice to see sunshine and a clear sky :) Enjoy the heat with this pair of brass swallows who have spread their wings to fly under the blue blue sky... Drop is 7.5cm (left) and 3.5cm (right) while parts and hooks are goldfilled ~

Pink Lemon - SGD 49 - Sold

I just had to take out these pink topaz darlings out to admire today seeing that I was using them up sooo quickly! This is a no frills, classy chic pair of petites with 7x9mm pink topaz heart brios, moonstone rondells and goldfilled beads. Drop is slightly longer than 3.5cm ~

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

White Glitz - SGD 38 - Sold

Love these big hoops so why oh why did I not get more when I had the chance?! This is another one and only piece of mismatched cloisonne earrings ~ clusters of golden blooms and buttons for an unexpected medley of glitz. Drop is about 7.5cm ~

Monday, February 25, 2008

Little crates of treasures!

Check out my growing collection of crafting essentials!!

Yards of ivory german lace, paper roses and buds, velvet leaves, millinery blooms, linen ribbons, twigs & wreaths, straw nests, tulle, organza and oh so much more... they look so pretty in these little french-inspired crates I found recently :)

Looking at them each morning brings fresh inspiration for me!

miniature Blue Velvet - custom order

A customised miniature version of Blue Velvet as an anniversary gift from a very thoughtful boyfriend to his girl ~ how sweet is that!!

Capricious Soul - custom order

I've been busy with custom orders and we've had friends visiting from Brisbane (cara, oz: we miss you guys already!!) who just left on Saturday so yeap, very quiet on the blog front but here are some pics of what I've been up to in the workshop.

Capricious Soul is one of the custom orders recently completed ~ clusters of orange + yellow + green vintage enamel flowers with moonstone nuggets, a rustic twig & flower link charm and a cute little smooth green phrenite brio. Very fun and frivolous!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Blue Velvet - SGD 50 - Sold

Vintage and luxe coincide in Blue Velvet with carved white roses, blue daisy cabs and faceted gemstone brios of blue topaz, iolite and moonstone. Little swarovskis and silverplated rose shields complete this soothing darling ~ drop is 4.8cm with sterling parts and hooks.

Pink Champagne - Sold

Champagne topaz heart briolettes, pink tourmaline rondells and goldfilled swirly tubes with a classy drop of 4cm ~ These champagne topaz brios are poof-ily gorgeous!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sweet Valentine

It's been a crazy week since CNY but this being the day of love, I really ought to wish everyone Happy Valentine's! :) May each day and not just today be filled with much love and joy and happiness for you! I apologise for the lack of updates but the beginning of this year has been one heck of a ride and oh my the list of private orders just grows and grows! Also I've been feeling a new kind of inspiration lately and had to hibernate for a while to work on them before they whoosh away. Everything's still work-in-progress but I'm really looking forward to sharing them at the next event (Maad in March? April?) . Thank you for bearing with me yet once again and I hope to bring you new offerings soon!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Custom orders

More custom orders recently completed:

Vintage Greens brooch

Little Pin #12

Passion necklace

Becks necklace

Where art thou, gracious society?

Overheard on packed bus between 2 women at peak hour:

Woman #1 (after Woman #2 got the seat they were both eyeing): Disgusting behaviour!

Woman #2: What do you mean by disgusting? I didn't know you wanted this seat, I didn't rush over to grab this seat, I just walked over and sat down. In what way am I disgusting?

Woman #1: You are not disgusting, you are VERY disgusting! And I don't need to explain anything to you.

Woman #2: Don't think you're right just because you can use big words!

Woman #1: I'm not using big words, I'm using bombastic words!
The absurdity of it all.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Ruby Bijoux - SGD 58 - Sold

I've been catching up on custom orders and other private requests but decided to take out some of my ruby stash for this festive season and ta-dah! A classic pair for any occasion (like Myrtle) but even more so for CNY. Gonna make a pair for my mummy too!

These are genuine 8x9mm ruby heart briolettes with clusters of faceted rainbow moonstone rondells from goldfilled swirl tubes and a drop of 4cm ~ Although a little different from my usual style, but hey classic designs never go out of style yea? And beautiful gemstones never need much for embellishment :)


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