Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Back on Oct 4th

I've just gotten back from a looonngg weekend in KL, and it felt so good to sleep so much! The wedding was really fun, matt and I were part of the "brothers" and "sisters" troupe so we were absolutely knackered by the time the whole wedding was over. I've barely unpacked and it's time for me to go again!

Quick reminder that I'll be away till Oct 4th so I won't be able to access emails unless we stumble upon an internet cafe on our road trip so pls bear with me and I'll get back to you when I return. Time to rush errands now, tata!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Chimera - SGD 32 - Sold

Chimera, a dream, fantasy, delusion... red & jet angel wing on one side, matt red rose with flying pegasus on the other. Fantasy has never looked so good! Drops are 4.5 cm and 7 cm respectively from 14k goldplated hooks ~

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Magnolia - SGD 45 - Sold

A delicate creamy combi of roses and vintage yellow cameos ~ hammered square hoops, leaves, chains and hooks are wholly goldfilled for the sensitive ears.

Homesong - SGD 28 - Sold

Made 2 pairs for par-tea but misplaced 1 pair haha so there's one more pair up for grabs ~ brass soaring swallows with an utterly adorable vintage birdcage with mother of pearl (or so i'm told) eggies. I only have 4 of these cages, 1's sold at par-tea, 1's for moi and the last pair's gonna be given away hehe. To whom, i shall not say (yet).

Drops are abt 4.5 cm and 6 cm respectively fr brass hooks ~

Monday, September 10, 2007

phew, par-tea over!

Just uploaded the unsold stuff from Par-tea and I realised how little stock I actually had left! Thank you lovely ladies for coming down to Maki Squarepatch last Saturday, it was really great to finally put lotsa faces to names. Was pleasantly surprised that a whole load got sold despite the smaller group (naturally when compared to Maad) so thank you very much for contributing to yiwen's visit tasmania fund!!!

Just finished uploading pictures onto Flickr, this time of sold items. Now I just need to finish up the remaining orders before I can finally go on my long break ~
Yippee! Now i just need to head down to morton's for some martinis!
(and their steak sandwiches without a doubt)

So sings the swallow - SGD 52 - Sold

A one-of-a-kind necklace with a "antiqued" whitewash frame and vintage layered flowers in amber shades ~ A brass swallow, clear marquise drop and little bling charm dangle off the flower cluster. Length of chain is 17" on 14k goldplated chain with soft czech and frosted beads dotted throughout.

Rub-a-dub-dub - SGD 40 - Sold

Rub-a-dub-dub here's a lil' duck! Cute yellow swimming duckie nestled in a flowery brass frame with a beige vintage flower and a tawny swarovski baroque pendant ~ Length of chain is 17" with a spring clasp closure.

A Love Story - SGD 69 - Sold

Focus attention on your delicate gold-dusted decolletage with this pretty "aged" necklace ~ Vintage flowers and earring reconstructed in this "collaged" centrepiece. There's even a pair of lovebirds hiding amidst the flowers! Brass filigree balls and multiple chains complete this beautiful story. Length is abt 18" with rose toggle closure ~

Doe-Eyed - SGD 45 - Sold

Brass bambi, etched oval locket, vintage rose charm, filigree leaf and faceted smoky drop, topped with a little crystal chain. Pretty charm necklace at its best! Length of chain is 24" with spring clasp closure ~

A Bird's Life - SGD 42

Nature-themed rustic bracelet with a vintage button, rose heart charm, amber rose cabochon, soaring swallow and life charm ~ Length is abt 6.5 " (14k goldplated chain).

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sunny Kat - SGD 45

Sunny Kat is all about making yourself happy! Love the chirpy yellow vintage flowers and absolutely gorgeous peachy kamoe lentils ~ Little bobs of pearls and crystals for added happiness. Drops are 6 cm and 7 cm from goldfilled hooks.

Come Autumn - SGD 39 - Sold

Really long autumn woody pair of leafy earrings with vintage flowery components ~ Enjoy the sway and subtle glimmer of this bronzy babe! Drops are 9.5 cm and 10.5 cm respectively from goldfilled hooks.

Freedom - SGD 36 - Sold

This is one of my darlings cos I couldn't resist these quaint wing charms :p Clusters of keishi pearls below vermeil flowers with a soaring swallow and wing on wooden rounds ~ Drops are 4.5 cm and 5 cm respectively from goldfilled hooks.

Little Wings - SGD 29 - Sold

Dainty vintage daisies, dusky salmon petals, little tweeting birdies and clear swarovski baroque pendants... oh so rustic! Drop is 4 cm from brass hooks ~

Harriet - SGD 29 - Sold

Perky vintage white roses on wooden hoops with opalite czech bell flowers and little glass flowers ~ I like this cute little dangly pair! Drop is nearly 4.5 cm on brass hooks ~

Friday Night - SGD 28 - Sold

A fun wacky piece with cheery orange vintage enamel flowers on cute hand-holding couple and LOVE charms ~ Just wanted to try something different for a change! Drop is 4 cm from 14k goldplated hooks ~

Roxanne II - SGD 29 - Sold

Sold a Roxanne at Par-tea and here's another with sultry red aluminium roses and pinkish-opalite swarovski rondells and the prettiest blush-coloured freshwater pearls ever! I'm so in love with their shape and pale pink sheen! Drop is 4cm from 14k goldplated hooks ~

Waltzin' Odette - SGD 29 - Sold

I have one more of this swan cloisonne so here's another Odette piece with a gorgeous sapphire-toned rhinestone ball and little ocean-blue brios for a graceful swing ~ Drops are 4 cm and 6.5 cm respectively.

Solitaire - SGD 29 - Sold

A solitary leaf cloisonne with a vermeil flower charm, glittery rhinestone ball and black czech leaf come together in this easy-to-wear mismatched pair ~ Drops are 3 cm and 4.5 cm respectively from 14k goldplated hooks.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

48 hrs left to par-tea!

We've been having a friend of Matt, Jenna, with us for the past week and so I've been pretty quiet with updates. This independent babe's on a 9 month solo backpacking trip around Asia and South Africa, though technically the latter is home ground since she's South African. After 3 months in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, she needed a holiday from her holiday so we invited her to stay with us for a bit. It was great fun having pple around so the house isn't just empty with only me which made me very sorry she left early this morning for Thailand. Good news is she'll be taking another holiday with us after 2 months before she hits India for a friend's wedding. It's really incredible, seeing her just pack up and travel halfway round the world for the most part of a year - all by herself too! That probably explains the resurrection of my wanderlust which had been lying low for a while... having friends like Jenna don't help! :p

That said, I'm really looking forward to the par-tea at Maki's this Sat! Many thanks to everyone who RSVP-ed, your support is truly encouraging! New creations for this event have come very arduously slow but I hope it will be something a lil different from my past series. Gonna finish up the remaining new pieces then tag them today. Hopefully tmr will not be a hectic day of last-minutitis ~! My usual practice of uploading unsold items post-event remains unchanged, so expect some new postings on Monday! It'll be pretty much hit-and-run since we're scooting to KL on Thursday so be quick if you wanna grab the new stuff before I go on my looonnngg break.

I leave you with the last sneak before par-tea, this is one of the new bracelets I'm working on:
See you Sat!


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