Thursday, October 22, 2009

Spirited Sonja


Something sassy to spice up the coming weekend!
(Only 2 pairs available)

Can you believe losing contact with a friend for 2 years only to realise you both have had children in the time that'd past when you finally get back in touch? Not to mention that the kiddos were born on the same day!

This really happened to me and Grace of Nitty Gritty fame, no kidding. Though I've only see her little girl in photos, it's pretty evident she has inherited her mommy's zesty charm and bubbliness. So it's only appropriate I name this pair after Sonja when I needed a name that conveyed these exuberant qualities!

And a little note: I am limited to 25 item listings in my bigcartel shop so I tend to remove pieces that have been sold out to make room for newer items. I put up pictures on my blog and flickr album when I add new creations to the bigcartel shop so if you are keen on previously listed items but no longer see them in the online shop, please feel free to drop me a line to see if I can restock them! And a small reminder that the default prices in the shop are in USD but you can see the price in SGD under each individual listing if you opt to purchase via local bank transfer.

Hope you're having a lovely Thursday! It's Matt's birthday today but sadly no, we are not able to have an intimate celebration today due to commitments. I'll make it up to you honey! Nathan's especially thrilled to celebrate daddy's birthday for the first time - he's gonna be all wrapped up with ribbons and bows for daddy! Haha!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

baby overdose

WARNING: Many many baby pictures ahead. Viewer discretion advised.
Just-woke-up face

in matchy stripes with aunt jenna

with uncle weijie, aunt jasmine and friend wayne who's 3months older but way bigger!

lost in thought

Little chipmunk

face of pure innocence...

... and a funny one here!

daddy's little guy...

and mommy's little boy.
...and a cute butt to end the baby tour today.

I can hardly believe the bub is already 8 months old!

He can crawl real fast, pull himself up on pretty much anything and play footie (assisted of cos!) with daddy. But strangely enough there isn't any sign of a budding tooth yet. Guess my mammaries are still safe for the time being. Haha!

Tea, anyone?

The best way of spending a warm afternoon.
... beautiful sandwiches

... pretty tea sets

... hot cuppa chamomile

and fabulous girly company.

Inspired by the chi chi time we had yesterday, here are Keira and Keira Light for the shoppe.

{Keira Light}

Now I just need to work off those sandwiches, scones and cakes
sitting happily in my rolly polly tum tum...

Pretty colours aplomb


{Lithe & Leaves}

In case you missed out on them, these were added to the wee shop over the weekend :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Birdie Alert!

{Little Swoop}

{Deux petits oiseaux}

Little birdies have flown into the shop!

More new stuff waiting to be photographed but limited by the plumbing work going on at home. In case you haven't heard, we had an underground water pipe that burst and the utility bill came up to a staggering 3k!! We are still gasping in shock but drilling and reconstruction work go on as usual. Thank you for sticking with me despite the lag in updates! :)


Thursday, October 01, 2009

Botanical Love

The mini shop update as promised!

Say hello to Halia and Yuzu.
In the shop here and here.

Are you looking forward to the weekend already? I know I am, and so is Nathan! His friend Lincoln is turning 1 tomorrow and we're off to his 1st birthday party. Can't believe kids grow this fast, seems like I was saying hello to him through his mama's belly just yesterday! Gee.

craving teh halia now,


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