Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Peach Caramel - SGD 50

The sunniest offering today!

Petite glowy rose quartz brios and hessonite onion brios with the summery colours of my favourite peachy rhodochrosite, peridot, apatite, moonstone, citrine and goldfilled accents. Earrings measure approx. 4cm from goldfilled hooks.

Cordelia - SGD 55 - Sold

Gorgeous pinks and red with a dash of peach and purplish blues.... pink topaz and red garnet brios, peach freshwater pearls, rhodochrosite, rubilite garnet, tanzanite and goldfilled accents. Earrings measure approx. 4cm from goldfilled hooks.

Aurora - SGD 42 - Sold

The loveliest of petite fleurs with blue-flash labradorite brios and clusters of white, silver, gunmetal grey freshwater pearls and rhodolite garnet rondelles. Simple yet oh so easy to wear! Earrings measure approx. 3cm from cubic zirconia-encrusted sterling hooks.

Le Noir - SGD 40 - Sold

Classic black on silver with pretty plump marquise black spinel briolettes from starburst rhinestone components. Earrings measure approx. 4cm from cubic zircon-encrusted sterling hooks.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Flora and Fawn - SGD 112 - Sold

I've just listed 3 new chirpy colourful necklaces made up of assorted vintage flowers and components - hope you'll like them! They will come in a personalised gift box, as those of you who have laid your hands before on a collaged necklace like these will know. Just my little way of thanking you for your amazing support! (though you'll have to pardon the lack of creative spark - they come in bits and spurts)

Necklaces can be lengthened/shortened so please just drop me a note in your email! :)

:: Floral Rhapsody series ::

An adorable little baby fawn plays hide & seek amidst the meadow of vintage enamel flowers and preloved rhinestone components. Pendant is a gorgeous opalite sky blue swarovski drop. Freshwater pearls, rose quartz and rhodochrosite dot the fancy linked 14k gold-filled chain. Necklace measure approx. 18" in length.

Hello Miss Fluffles - SGD 95 - Sold

:: Floral Rhapsody series ::

A quirky, upbeat, fun-loving piece! Vintage enamel and lucite flowers with a jovial poodle missy , her red bow and musical flair as well as a pretty dusky peach swarovski crystal pendant. Necklace measures approx. 18" in length with 14k gold-filled chain.

Wisteria Lane - SGD 110 - Sold

:: Floral Rhapsody series ::

A salvaged enamel rose bouquet, lush purple rhinestone butterfly and assorted vintage enamel fleurs with accents of chalcedony, moonstone, rose quartz and freshwater pearls. Featuring motley of 14k gold-filledchains. Necklace measures approx. 18" in length.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Swan Song - SGD 38 - Sold

*only pair!*

A simple charmer of long danglies is Swan Song at a swaying 5.5cm. With a cute pair of regal swans, polymer leaves, peach drops, rose quartz donuts and simple czech bead charms from 14k gold-filled hooks. Sweet and unassuming!

Monday, June 14, 2010

La Belle bracelet - SGD 42 - Sold

A romantic feminine layered bracelet with alternating matte & shiny rose gold plated chains. Features a genuine resin-dipped dusty peach rose, petite leaves and peridot briolette. Bracelet measures approx. 7" in length with toggle closure.

Jade Rouge - SGD 58 - Sold

My inner oriental chick comes out every now and then again. This time it's classic rouge red against trails of jade donuts and leaves with accents of rhodolite garnet and rhodochrosite rondelles. At a shoulder-dusting length of 6cm from 14k gold-filled hooks.

Peacock Bloom - SGD 56 - Sold

Deep coral polymer roses with cascading trails of apatite, deep red garnet, green onyx and finished with plump amethyst faceted briolettes. Luscious peacock colours!

Earrings measure approx. 3.5cm in length.

Emerald Summer - SGD 55 - Sold

Beautiful green onyx in a lovely shade of emerald adorned with clusters of blue topaz brios, neon blue and carribbean blue apatite, amethyst, citrine, peridot, moonstone and freshwater pearls. Hung from petite soft meadow green polymer roses and goldfilled hooks.

Earrings measure approx. 3.5cm in length.

Morning's Light - SGD 56 - Sold

Gleaming like the first white rays of dawn, Morning's Light is radiant with its soft sheen moonstone briolettes within 13mm gold-filled hoops and glittering trails of moonstones, crystal quartz and freshwater pearls. It's bridal-worthy too!

Earrings measure approx. 5cm in length from 14k gold-filled bezel-set cubic zirconia leverbacks.

some recent personal projects

When you've been around beads for a few years, you really acquire a stash big enough for you to forget what you even have at all! While sifting through the inventory, I came up with these rustic semiprecious nuggets and beads to string up a earthy toned necklace using this large jade butterfly focal. Lapis lazuli, carnelian, pink opal, rhodochrosite, turquoise, peridot, labradorite, pink ruby and agate among others.

{Butterfly Realm}

Very chinois, no? I haven't decided whether to keep this for myself or let it go yet!

{rose quartz necklace}

Next up is this whopper of a Madagascar rose quartz heart briolette I've been hoarding for a while! See how plump and juicy it is! The colour is a swoon-worthy glowy blush pink with amazing microfacets and free of inclusions. I have two of these 14.5mm pretties and used the larger in this fancy linked necklace interspersed with rose quartz rondelles, freshwater pearls and some swarovski components. Since taking this picture, I have modified the pendant with a wire-wrap bail so it's classier than what you see here. This one is for myself! I may surprise a loved one with the other rose quartz heart in a necklace but no worries, I have plans to lay my hands on more of these pretties for the shoppe too!

Our 2nd good and perfect gift

How did we get from this ....

{Nathan Joshua at 15 months}

to this ?!!!

{19 weeks preggers belly}

"Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father
of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows."
-- James 1:17 (NIV)

We've been meaning to share this bit of good news for a while but with a pretty rough 1st trimester and a hyperactive toddler to juggle, blogging just takes a back seat I'm afraid.

So yes the oven has been busy growing a bun the last 4 months and we are expecting a little brother for Nathan in early November! This 2nd bundle of joy may have come somewhat as a surprise but we are thrilled nonetheless for this addition and can't wait for Nathan to have a kid brother. It took us much longer to think up of a name for baby challenger #2 but we have finally decided on one after many a spirited discussion and internet baby name-meaning search. It's gonna be a surprise till nearer the date, so let's just call him Baby C for now.

The next big news is that we are moving!

To a supposedly slightly bigger (i doubt) but definitely nicer home just minutes away from where we are so it's not a big move really? A huge bonus of the new place is having babysitters on standby as it will be just across the road from my parents! So technically we are moving back to the street on which I grew up as a little girl. It feels kinda nostalgic and cosy to know that the kids will be growing up playing on the same street, going to the same shops, taking the train from the same MRT station .... and who knows, they may even attend the same schools I did! Haha!

As you know, we like to challenge ourselves (pun intended) by doing things all at once so the move will take place just before or straight after Baby C's arrival. The last time we nearly killed ourselves was when we moved to our current place within the week of our wedding while hosting overseas guests at the same time. Some people just never learn :)

P.S. Just finishing up some listings of new pieces so do watch out for them!


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