Wednesday, December 23, 2009

my bumbling bundle of joy

And Nathan walks!

Friends tell us this is quite a feat for a 10 month old baby. We really thank God that he is developing so well! It is really is hilarious watching him walking haphazardly before falling on his bum. Maybe I will burn off more calories from chasing him around now. Haha!

proud mama,

Eve of Christmas Eve

Phew! The last packages were sent out today! I feel totally relieved that I can finally clear the dining table of the last vestiges of my beads and bobs and enjoy the Christmas hols :) Traditionally I like to take on more orders than I'd planned to and then spend the days lead up to Christmas wishing I hadn't! Haha... But yes thankfully the crazy mad rush is over and I am looking forward to spending some quality time with the hubby and son :)
Chris and Natalie, Nathan and myself had a much needed break from busy-ness this afternoon when we headed over to Trisha's for a playdate with little John and it was soooo much fun! It's always entertaining to see little people interact with each other while us mummies can just relax and chit-chat without having to worry about our bubs being too noisy, too drooly, too messy etc. etc. cos we know everyone understands!
It's Christmas Eve tomorrow, do you have any plans? We will be off to Chris' yet again for her yummy cooking - thanks babe for always inviting us over! - and already my tummy is growling in anticipation! We will also spend the day preparing Christmas Eve dinner and the turkey for Christmas Day. And perhaps some last minute wrapping and touching up of the tree. And maybe that hot cuppa chai latte I've been dreaming of with my Bill Bryson book. Can't wait!!!

Happy Christmas everyone!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Tis the weekend before Christmas!

We are off to a Christmas party in the next half hour so here's a quick update on what's been added to the shop over the last couple of days!
{Ginger earrings}

Bourbon Rose has been sold, I'm afraid, but you can still check it out for some floral prettiness this rainy Saturday. Ginger and Ellie Nellie are still up for grabs if you're doing some last minute Christmas shopping! I've just spent the last week ticking off my list and the whole morning wrapping gifts to my heart's content heh. And of cos a long playtime in bed snuggling with daddy and little man under the duvet :)

Hope you guys have a lovely warm weekend filled with good ole festive cheer!

yummy food here we come,

Monday, December 14, 2009

Smug Mug

Seriously this is too cute!
That main picture in the middle? Priceless.
All thanks to Val who captured the moment of smugness on his round face!
And this cool little collage? The perks of having a godma in vacation mode :)
Thanks babe for doing this up!

Can't believe the little guy is turning 10 months old this week... geez... guess it's time for some overdue babyproofing! The chomper is a tissue monster. That, or Ikea catalogues. Leave him alone with a box of tissue for just a moment and you'll turn round to see him sitting in a pile of shredded snow. Possibly with some stray bits in his drooly mouth. Extra fibre never hurts I say!

hiding the tissue boxes in sight,

O Christmas Star!

I made this necklace for myself a couple of weeks back while getting all excited thinking about Christmas. Something about the soft blend of tangy lemon burst with soft pinks and whites and of course the mix of bright silver amidst the gold really appealed to the romantic in me heh. Just thought I would offer it online too for the festive season! In case there are closet star fanatics like me out there too :p

The version I'm listing in my shop is identical to the one you see above except for the sterling star charms which will be more petite and more 3dimensional than the ones in my necklace. I hope you'll enjoy wearing these cute stars close to your heart too!

The Etoiles Necklace is available here now :)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Shop update - 13 Dec

In case you're wondering, yes I'm back from my Bintan getaway but the lack of updates has been cos the bub and I succumbed yet again to the flu! That kept me out of action for the week which is frankly quite annoying since we'd only just recovered from the last bout. This time we're taking no chances so it's straight to the doc instead of "waiting to see if it gets worse". Poor nathan is still sniffly and snotty but otherwise happily taking his first steps and waving bye bye to everyone in sight. Such a cutie! As for mama here, I practically finished a box of panadol flu max before kleenex stopped being my best friend.

This weekend has also been packed with a friend's baby girl's first month celebration and an old friend's wedding! All that buzz is seriously tiring us out! Thankfully I was able to finish some pieces last week before the flu hit so I have added these new items to the shop today! I will be taking a break come the next weekend to get the house in order for Christmas and spend some time with the family. Looking forward to some nice ham and pudding! Hope you're having a blast planning the hols too! :)

Friday, December 04, 2009

Hello weekend!

{Bali 2005}

Just a quick note to say I will be on a weekend getaway to Bintan from today till Sunday so I may not be able to reply emails till Monday. This week was a mad rush to get all the current Christmas orders completed in time for shipping before I leave and I'm pleased to say all packages have been mailed out/will be mailed out this morning!

I have been looking forward to this short trip sans the hubby and bub though I will miss them sooooo much.... may I add that it was my lovely hubby who suggested I go without them and even offered to sponsor my holiday! He thought I would have a better time with just my girl pal and said he could have some father-bonding time with Nathan while I was away. How could you not love this guy??

So yeah have a fabulous weekend folks, I'm off for some snuggling and giggles with my little boy before I leave him for some mummy recharge time this weekend! :)

hoping for some sun today!


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