Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tristan's Isolde - SGD 149 - Sold

I received quite a number of emails about Fairest Star so I thought I would come up with a couple of variations for those of us who adore the mint & orchid combination :)

Tristan's Isolde is a beautiful tale of dreamy colours and romantic details... A vintage starburst brooch set with tiny jeweled rhinestones takes centrestage with a gorgeous unusual milky blue crystal pendant, sweet rose in blush pink and gemstones of green amethyst, pink amethyst, phosphosiderite, chalcedony, peach coral, pale jade accents, freshwater & keishi pearls. 

Fallen Star - SGD 149 - Sold

Another charming piece from what I now consider my "medieval romantic legend-inspired" collection, Fallen Star features yet another vintage rhinestone brooch sculptured with pearls and gemstones. The combination of gleaming shining gems and demure roses makes me go weak in the knees.

Friday, July 12, 2013

From my heart

Can't believe most of the newest pieces have sold already!
Thank you so much for the love and encouragement, I am so humbled and grateful for your unending support all these years. It hasn't been a walk in the park juggling the jewellery with the stay-home-mommy role, which means I haven't been able to update as frequently as I had hoped to. And some days I feel like crap and a failure in both areas. But... you guys are still here! And for that I can't thank you enough. Arigato! Merci Beaucoup! 谢谢!

grateful always,

Cabernet - SGD 79 - Sold

A stunningly sultry pair of smooth smoky quartz cabochons bezel-set and surrounded by glittering rhinestones dance with trails of rubies, red garnets, labradorites, more smoky quartz and beautiful marquise-cute garnet briolettes. Earrings measure approx. 5.5cm from 14k gold-filled red garnet studs.

Bordeaux - SGD 75 - Sold

These are some seriously awesome smooth red garnet cabochons set in vintage-style prong settings, along with gemstones of pink topaz, neon blue apatite, amethyst, more red garnet and amethyst. Bold colour accents of fuchsia pink and bright blue as well as blue-grey keishi pearls add visual interest. Earrings hang from 14k gold-filled cz-bezel leverhooks.

Painted Veil - SGD 65 - Sold

These pretty vintage rose cameos are set in beautifully aged gold gilt frames and their petite trails of green onyx & rainbow moonstone briolettes make a lovely addition to any vintage-lover's treasure chest.  I was really tempted to keep this for myself! 

Nesting Instincts - SGD 159 - Sold

This was the first necklace in this series that I made and I have such special feelings for it. Just check out that stunning vintage birdie and nest vintage pin! The enameling, the details, the textures... they make me swoon. There is a vintage czech crystal heart and a large sapphire briolette topped with the tiniest pearls. Along the necklace are earthy-hued stones like green amethyst, peach moonstone, amazonite, aventurine and sodalite as well as carved roses made of jade and mother of pearl shell. I know I will miss this darling. Sniff.

Fairest Star - Mine! (for now at least)

My favourite of this series! It seems that minty green and orchid purple is my current colour obsession and this Fairest Star with its vintage starburst rhinestone pin and that brilliant opalite pink crystal pendant really clinches it for me. Pale green amethyst, pink amethyst, moonstone, phosphosiderite, rose quartz, peach coral, pink freshwater pearls and of course beautiful jade. I think I would have sleepless nights if I let it go so forgive me please?

Garden Social - SGD 149 - Sold

A portrait of languid summer lounging with its pale pinks and lazy blues,  I love the surprise of bright coral and wisteria purple roses amidst berry bursts of spring colours. Adding to the garden scene is a vintage floral gold tone pin with ruby red rhinestone leaves and a moonstone trail ending with a plump amethyst briolette. Other gemstones used include morganite, amazonite, peridot, apatite, pink tourmaline as well as freshwater pearls and mother-of-pearl faceted shell beads.

Belle Toujours - SGD 149 - Sold

Belle Toujours is a vision of mermaidian beauty with its minty greens, soft blues and subtle peachy pinks. A vintage silver heart charm set with tiny rhinestones add muted shimmer and is in turn flattered by pretty carved roses in ivory and peach as well as gleaming gemstones. A trail of cascading rondelles end with a pretty rose pink briolette. Gemstones used include labradorite, moonstone, apatite, tanzanite, blue lace agate, phrenite, green fluorite, aquamarine and freshwater pearls.

Horticulturalist - SGD 139 - Sold

Go botanical with this vintage enamel fern pin and creamy ivory rose set against a lovely backdrop of orchid purples and soft oyster greys. Different amethysts are used, including pink and lavender amethyst as well as ametrine which is a blend of amethyst and citrine. I've also added small pockets of pale peach coral, grey & pink freshwater pearls alongside moonstones, rose quartz and phosphosiderite.

Valley of Mist - SGD 145 - Sold

A vintage white enamel gold toned foliage pin is adorned with clusters of petite luminous moonstones, freshwater pearls and a creamy ivory rose. Gemstones of blue sapphire, rose quartz, blue lace agate, turquoise, jade and a gorgeous plump faceted turquoise heart briolette complete this serene picture of landscape hues.

The Lacquer Rose - SGD 139 - Sold

A riotous burst of vibrant cobalt blues, scarlet reds and tangerines juxtaposed against calming jade and lilac. A vintage coral reef brooch pin set with colourful rhinestones is the source of the rainbow and is prettily accompanied by a large blush pink rose. Gemstones used include brilliant blue lapis lazuli, deep red garnet, carnelian, turquoise, red coral, kunzite and jade.   


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