Friday, January 28, 2011

The Swallow's Amethyst - SGD 88 - Sold

*Only piece!*
I've always had a fondness for bird motif jewellery and these home bound swallows look like they can't wait to get home for the CNY reunion dinner too! Lovely crystal blooms in fuchsia, lavender and rose with a blue lace agate donut and a gemstone cluster of amethyst, pink topaz, garnet, rhodochrosite and freshwater pearls. A joyous necklace with lots of happy colours! :)

The Swallow's Ruby - SGD 88 - Sold

Hot on the heels of its amethyst counterpart is The Swallow's Ruby with more gorgeous crystal blooms and an amazingly beautiful pink amethyst nugget. The gemstone cluster consists of a large ruby briolette with pink topaz, amethyst, garnet and other pink accents. Dotted on the fancy chain are more blood red garnet rondelles. I am quite enamoured with how the colours come brilliantly together in this piece :)

Hawthorn Rose - SGD 59 - Sold

A classic 18" necklace with oriental flavour is Hawthorn Rose with its candied hue carved cherry quartz rose and pale jade embellishments on a vintage-repro style krinkle link chain. A simple beauty which is so easy to wear!

Jade Blessings - SGD 45 - Sold

A pretty pair of peachy pink roses and pale jade! Gemstones used are yummy candy green chrysoprase & peridot rondelles and lemon quartz marquise drops. A lovely chinois pair at 3.5cm from 14k gold filled hooks.

Mew Posies - SGD 40 - Sold

Whimsical pink-tinged shell kitties join in ushering the new year with their colourful posies of gemstone rondelles (carnelian, pink garnet, rhodochrosite, apatite, pale amethyst, citrine) and green garnet briolettes. A cute pair for anyday! Earrings measure approx. 2.5cm from 14k gold filled hooks.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Jade Lily - SGD 105 - Sold

I've had this amazing pendant by Karin for a good long while but never had the inspiration to use it in a necklace till now. It has an exotic oriental flavour with its stunning lily pond motif and chinois swirls. Truly one of a kind! Other semiprecious stones used include azurite, lapis lazuli, rhodochrosite, stabilized howlite, amazonite, malachite, garnet, carnelian, pink ruby, aquamarine, red coral, chrysoprase as well as mystic bronzey brown pearls. Necklace measures approx. 16" in length with 14k gold-filled lobster clasp closure. A lovely piece for the Chinese New Year festive season!

Mimosa - SGD 42 - Sold

A summery floral delight with beautiful coral roses and aventurine drops in a gorgeous shade of jade green. Also has little posies of apatite, peridot, rhodochrosite, citrine, pink amethyst with goldfilled accents. Earrings measure under 3cm in drop length.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Snippets of Life

Saying hello for the first time
Bright eyed on her first excursion out to do Christmas shopping
What is nannie whispering to you sweetheart?
P.S. You turned 1 month that day!
Snug and asleep at Polliwogs
Watching TV with daddy
Enjoying our new Christmas gift courtesy of nannie and raffa!

I'm sorry it's taken me 2 months to get back to blogging, is a new baby good excuse enough?
Juggling 2 very young kids is not very fun, especially with twice the sleep deprivation!

Just last night, the babe spent an hour and a half in the evening crying from colic, fell asleep at 6pm, woke at 7pm, didn't sleep again till 930pm, woke at 12midnight, was put down at 1am, woke at 2am, put down again at 3am.... and after that I lost track of what time it was. Or what day it was.

Thankfully her brother is now in preschool although the major changes of moving home, having a new sibling and starting school have brought back the night wakings with a vengeance so the hubster and I barely see each other in the nights anymore. SIGH. So we came up with 2 mottoes or rather reminders to help keep our sanity when the going gets tough:

1) This too shall pass
2) Eventually they all grow up

Doesn't help with the exhaustion but humour always makes us feel better! :p

Monday, January 17, 2011

Clementine Bracelet - SGD 55 - Sold

*Only piece!*
A romantic bracelet featuring a rosy peach resin rose and keishi pearls in shimmering deep blue and white on a 14k gold-filled chain. Pink gold-plated tiny leaf charms, moonstone rondelles, round cream pearls and light coral rounds complete this ensemble of feminine oceanic hues. Bracelet measures approx. 7" in length with lobster clasp closure.

Chrysalis Sky - SGD 36 - Sold

A dainty charming pair of butter creme rose cabochons with little posies in pastel hues of peachy rhodochrosite, meadow green peridot, deep pink garnet, mandarin orange sapphire and pretty pale blue smooth aquamarine ovals. Earrings measure a petite 2cm from 14k gold-filled hooks.

Sweet Osmanthus - SGD 42 - Sold

*Only pair!*
Lovely blush-tinged rose quartz briolettes are adorned with clusters of songea sapphire rondelles in beautiful shades of mandarin and lotus pink orange. Petite pale green jade donuts add a subtle oriental touch to this simple stunner with a drop of just under 3cm from 14k gold-filled hooks.


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