Thursday, September 13, 2012

Edwardia Necklace - SGD 125 - Sold

This is honestly going to be the one I find it the hardest to part with, simply because of that seriously awesome Victorian swallows brooch pin with a bezel set opal cabochon. This was a surprise find during my antiquing stint in the UK this summer and I just know I may never come across the likes of it again! I kept it simple with a pretty faceted emerald green onyx dewdrop briolette, vintage rhinestone drop, freshwater pearls and sprinkles of semiprecious rondelles on a 14k GF chain.

Victorians were known for their sentimentality and expressed itself in their tendency to use symbolism in their jewellery. Apart from flower language, the swallow was another popular jewellery motif in that time period. The Victorians use swallows to symbolise "the winged soul", love, children, motherhood and more. Swallows were known to always return to the same nesting place no matter where they went so they symbolised "faithfully returning home". This is why sailors of old liked using swallows as a tattoo theme -- due to their navigational prowess and the fact that he sight of a swallow also indicated that land was near. How much meaning for one little birdie!

Relique Necklace - SGD 70 - Sold

I can never resist the weathered look of vintage brassy chains - how beautifully they age with time! It began with this gorgeous very, very old scrolly gilt filigree (ex)brooch set with peridot green rhinestones. Add more vintage lovelies to the mix: a copper budded cross charm, petite round locket, antique rhinestone drop, with a good dollop of smooth apple green chrysoprase rondelles and aquamarine nuggets. A tiny rose charm at the clasp brings a whiff of unexpected softness to this darling necklace.

St. Germain Necklace - SGD 130 - Sold

A lovely statement necklace made up of a large Victorian era brassy bow brooch, vintage opaque white signed earring, vintage rhinestone wreath focal, clear crystal quartz cube gemstones, natural chalcedony briolette, a heavy weight weave vintage chain with a slight chain & side toggle closure in 14k GF.

Elderflower Necklace - SGD 115 - Sold

Romanticism abounds in this belle of a necklace made up of a vintage gold rose & navette rhinestone signed earring, petite oiseaux charm, lace roses, gorgeous faceted turquoise heart briolette and a 14k GF chain interpersed with pink freshwater pearls, aquamarine ovals, amazonite nuggets and sprinkles of sparkly gemstone rondelles. Utterly delightful.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

September necklaces

 :: A sneak peek of the new pieces coming soon ::

I apologise for the long absence, our trusted helper has been away on home leave for nearly 3 weeks now so with all the chores and looking after the kiddies, everything else has had to take a back seat. More pictures can be viewed at my Flickr album here. I will be listing them in a day or two (hopefully!) .


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