Monday, October 29, 2007

surrounded by Oct babies

There was quite a bit going on last week with so many birthdays to celebrate, including the hubster's! It was pamper-matt day so we went to HMV to get dvds (he's a movie freak) and got fabulous GV goldclass tix to catch Superbad which wasn't the best show but it was that or zombies and I hate zombies. Martinis (and superyummyiate5 steak sandwiches) at morton's afterwards and the day would have ended brilliantly with an intimate dinner at The Universal if the hubster's gut hadn't acted up all of a sudden so we went home instead to a night of Grey's Anatomy in bed. Not that we minded. heh.

Still working on new stuff but here are some pics of customised orders recently completed:
Will be back with more updates on when new buns are coming out of the oven! :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Spring Fling - SGD 38 -1 pair only - Sold

Greens and yellows, wonderful springy colours that nature has to offer... Minty green metallic roses, brass swallows, vintage yellow rose cameos and crystal chain on a ring of creamy white pearls for a romantic ensemble. Drop is 7.5 cm from 14k goldplated hooks ~

Opulence - SGD 46 - Sold

Beautiful lush red rose cloisonnes with gem-quality carnelian and phrenite brios with red garnet accents and bling charms make this a festive cheery delight ~ Drop is 6 cm fr goldfilled hooks (1 pair only I'm afraid!)

Friday, October 19, 2007

Faerie Whisper - SGD 36 - Sold

I liked the simplicity of this charmed duo, and that swarovski wheel especially! The shine's bound to bring attention to the ears :) Drop is a pretty petite 5 cm~

Misty II - SGD 38 - Sold

The black version of Misty ~ this is another cutie! A different picture on a lighter background is over here. Drops are also 5.5 cm and 8 cm fr 14k goldplated hooks ~

Misty - SGD 38 - Sold

Ooh I did a bunch of tinkerbelley earrings cos christmas just reminds me of all the good ole enid blyton and disney family stuff and fairies are one of those beautiful memories! Misty has 2 different tinkerbelle charms with various blings for some extra shine this holiday season. You can see a picture of Misty on a white background here.

Drops are 5.5 cm and 8 cm fr 14k goldplated hooks ~

Genevieve - SGD 46 - Sold

Gorgeously green charmer with vintage flowers, etched teardrop shaped locket, mint lady cameo and swarovskis ~ Genevieve took such a long time to make that I almost find it hard to part with! I like the subtle changes in shades of green that come together here :)

Drop is 7 cm fr antiqued brass hooks ~

Pixie Dust - SGD 45 - Sold

I don't really work with silver tones much but hey I gotta leave my comfort zone sometimes eh? So here's Pixie Dust a calming blue pair with vintage blooms, freshwater pearls with sultry fairy and rhinestone heart-shaped key charms ~ Little moonstone brios and swarovskis up the gleam factor.

Drops are 7 cm and 6.5 cm respectively fr sterling hooks.

Leila - SGD 29 - Sold

The name Leila just popped into my head, guess the name just brings flowers to mind! (at least for me) Pretty vintage white petals with AB crystal centres on antiqued filigrees with more beautifully faceted swarovskis, topped with smooth white brios. Petitely refreshing!

Drop is 5 cm fr antiqued brass hooks ~

Golden Fronds - SGD 36 - Sold

Fall in love with filigrees all over again....swaying leaves, vintage white blooms and trails of glitter gleam for a dash of tropical romance.

Drops are 8 cm and 7 cm respectively fr 14k goldplated hooks ~

Thursday, October 18, 2007

new stuff tmr!

Crazy times. It's been such a madcap week that I've not been able to list new pieces as I had hoped. I don't even know what's keeping me but I'm definitely posting new uploads tmr! Yippee! It's been an uncertain end of the year with lotsa major happenings in limbo and it's just hard to plan for Maad with everything going on :( I would really love to do Maad in Nov or Dec or both but I haven't been able to finalise anything yet which is a bummer. Guess I'll have to stick with online listings for a bit! Lotsa christmasy items coming up so do keep a lookout ~ We'll be heading back England for Christmas this year and I'm really looking forward to it! A quiet wintry christmas with the family. Ok maybe quiet's not the right word hah. That said, this means Dec will be a crazy month of prep since there's so much christmas shopping to do! *shudder

Think i better work harder with the huge impending expense and all. Sigh.

Friday, October 12, 2007

rested and ready for more!

It's been a long while but I'm finally back and ready to get back into the swing of things! :) Tassie was an awesome break and I really love that place! The air was so fresh, the ocean so blue... I've never felt better and more rested than I did on this hol. Not to mention how the hubster and friends have been commenting on my newfound radiant glow and that I've seemed to have lost weight! *rubs hands in glee* I attribute these perks to our resident dietician Charlotte who made sure we had the necessary food groups in the right proportion and dragged us around on killer bushwalks.

I've just finished uploaded all the photos of our trip on Flickr after hours of sorting, phew! It's such a beautiful place with so many wonderful people that I simply have to share them. I especially loved digging for vintage treasures at Salamanca Market in Hobart and Port Adelaide where there were so many stalls and antique shops selling estate jewellery. Think I came back with at least 60 pieces of vintage jewellery that caused me to get stopped at customs on our way home haha. I'm simply thrilled at all the great finds! They will be perfect for my Christmas theme :)

Things have been crazy since i returned with Phoena's 2nd birthday party and Jenna coming back from Thailand and Malaysia that I haven't been able to really work on existing and new orders. I'm still clearing mails and motivating myself to plan for the next Maad - it's been such a chore! The hot humid weather hasn't been much help, it takes so much effort just to keep awake in the afternoons. Makes me miss the weather in Tassie already! Sniff.

While I've yet to share the crazy things we did on our road trip, here are some new pieces from the desk ~ only 1 pair of each design is available!

Delicate Swallows - SGD 36
Beautiful flowery cloisonne charms and soaring swallows with glittering rhinestone drops make this a darling to behold ~ Drop is 4cm from goldfilled hooks.

Delicate Swallows II - SGD 36 - Sold
A black version with addition of AB swarovski rondells ~ Drop is slightly longer at 4.3 cm with goldfilled hooks as well.

Blushing Peony - SGD 35 - Sold
Laid my hands on more peony cloisonnes so here's a mismatched white beauty with accents in red ~ Drops are 6cm and 4.5cm respectively from 14k goldplated hooks.


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