Wednesday, August 29, 2007


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Remember to RSVP by 5th Sept if you haven't already done so :)

For more directions on how to get to the shop, go here. See you next week!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

biggie news!

Yay! We're doing a tea party in Sept! So far the basic info is as follows:

Date: 8 Sept Sat
Time: 11am - 2pm
Venue: Maki Squarepatch: Hello Eco!
111 Emerald Hill Road, Emerald Mansion
We're still working on the emailer so watch this spot for more details and directions! RSVP will be required so drop me a line if you wanna join us on a Sat afternoon for some tete-a-tete, and oh what would tea parties be without gal pals? Bring them along as well! :)

The weather has been nothing short of eeky with looming dark clouds and persistent showers. Such a damper on the mood! Which probably explains why my latest creations have been full of sunny yellows and oranges (i have to recreate what nature denies) ~ Usually by this time (2 wks before an event) I'll be super psyched and running on adrenalin but somehow it's different for me right now, I seem to be... dragging myself still? A teeny voice inside hints that maybe I'm burnt out but I don't really wanna find out. I guess it may be good timing that I'll be taking a loonng break come Sept post-tea party. Yup it will be a good 3 weeks away though I'll still be updating this blog regularly I hope.

First the hubster and I are heading up to KL for a wedding mid-Sept and since the day after the dinner's my birthday, it's a good excuse (oops) to stay a while longer. Straight after we get back fr KL, I'll be shooting off to Adelaide and Tasmania for another 2 weeks which is kinda fast and last minute but we like living on the edge anyway heh. I've always wanted to see Tasmania since my outdoor days in JC and my teacher-in-charge had this huge poster of Cradle Mountain on his wall at home. Everyone I know who's been there absolutely loved the nature scenery so it's been on my heart ever since. We'll be heading to Hobart first and driving up the coastal route to Launceston before taking a domestic flight back to Adelaide. If anyone has any recommendations, please let me know! We're be sooo grateful cos I don't wanna travel goodness knows how many thousand miles to the destination of my dreams only to miss something I'll regret later.

Rain seems to have calmed down so maybe I can go out and take a walk instead of being stifled in this cramped overcrowded little workroom of mine (which by the way was meant to be a baby room). Talk later! :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

a case of wanderlust

Charlotte (the youngest of us 4 who call ourselves the Lao sisters cos we met and bonded during an expedition to Laos in uni) wrote to us recently to ask when we would visit her while she's doing her masters in dietary nutrition in Adelaide and said how much she missed us being the only one away. We kept putting it off saying how busy we were with work and life until it suddenly hit us. Hey! We should just seize the day and grab this chance to go on a road trip with each other before life's busy-ness takes over and we lose this chance for good. How often do we get to travel together now that we've all got our own lives to live after graduation?

It so happens Lee En will be in between jobs during Char's term break so yeah we're looking at Adelaide in late Sept! Tho poor Eileen will not be able to join us being the teacher that she is. We haven't got tickets yet but we're pretty psyched abt this last minute trip! It'll be really cool seeing the sights and driving to Melbourne... I feel so bad cos I've just come back from another vacation and this Adelaide trip will come hot on the heels of our little stint in KL . How decadent! 3 holidays in 2 months! I'm glad the hubster is so understanding of my little wanderlust hee.

Sneak of the day!
All i need now is work my arse off to raise funds for the trip ~ i'm this close to a garage sale!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

creative block and trudy's pups

Oh dear it's been a stressful time! We haven't been able to confirm whether it's gonna be tea party or Maad for the month of Sept and the dateline's this week (for a booth at Maad)! Doesn't help that i'm having some major blockage in the creating department :( Yesterday seemed like a pretty good day, finished some orders and completed some new pieces for whichever showcase we finally decide on. But today, yikes! Think i overworked my fingers cos the index finger of my left hand is bleeding under the nail... i use it a lot in holding teeny and sometimes sharp materials and I think the nail kinda pulled away fr the flesh too much so now it's bleeding underneath :( You probably didn't need to know that haha. So now I'm taking a little break before i lose my nail for good.

On a lighter note, the hubster's sister Clare got us started on Facebook so we could get in touch more easily since the whole clan is on it. It's such a laugh!! We can share unlimited photos so there are pictures of matt at 14 with his leonardo dicaprio floppy hair and of cos we get to see the lil tot liam up to his antics as usual :) There are some lovely pics of Clare's boxer Trudy and her new pups!!
Ok this looks like it came out of the movies Species but it's really the
1st born out of Trudy's pups

milking mummy for all she's worth

milking mummy again

jim and the pups - he's really good with them!

Think the blood has dried so i'm going get back to work ~ sneaks soon!

Friday, August 17, 2007


Your Superpower Should Be Super Speed

You're quick witted and fast to act.
You're mind works at warp speed. From your perspective, everyone else is living in slow motion.
You get so much done, people have accused you of not sleeping.
Definitely not a couch potato, you feel a bit crazy if you're not busy doing something.

Why you would be a good superhero: You're be the first on the scene... and likely to finish the job before anyone else shows up

Your biggest problem as a superhero: Being bored by everyone else. Including other superheroes!

Haha I found this really amusing :) One of those quirky quizzes that you can't resist doing *wink*

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Firebird - SGD 27 - Sold

Got this greenish gold little tree trinket holder in Manila so thought I'll use it in some of the photography :) They were a steal at S$5 each for that size! Firebird is a simple easy to wear mismatched pair with a peachy phoenix cloisonne charm on one side, and swirly twirls on the other. These swirls have alternate speckly and smooth surfaces, and I added little drops in frosted blush pink and metallic pink-gold to complement the colours in the phoenix. Unfortunately they have come out a bit too pink than they really are. The colours are more of a soft muted champagne!

Drops are 5 cm and 7 cm respectively from 14k goldplated hooks ~

TEA, anyone?

I've been back from Manila for a while now but haven't had the time to blog much cos there was quite a bit on the plate but I'm here again! :) There was so much shopping and eating ~ so wickedlicious! Imagine a Spoiled Diva mani and pedi combi coupled with a complimentary martini at Dashing Divas for just SGD 30! We lived like queens haha. Think the epitome of the trip was all that fabulous food we had, just check out the crepe and shrimp below to get what I mean. As food-crazy singaporeans, the first thing we did upon arrival was to make reservations at all the "right" restaurants haha.

Security was amazingly tight for us used to such safety in Singapore, imagine bag-checking/metal detectors/sniff dogs and sometimes a quick pat-down (of cos in separate lanes for women and men) just to enter a shopping centre, or any building for that matter. We knew there was unrest in other parts of Manila so we thank God that nothing happened where we were. Not only that, we arrived just as a typhoon ended and left just before another started so weather was clear for the duration we were there! :)

Amazingly we stumbled upon a designer shop that sold the most beautiful italian charms with finishings that looked like those on some of my own charms from Japan so I couldn't resist a bunch! It burnt a hole in my pocket though and I had to forego this gorgeous pair of deep red ballet pumps in the comfiest leather ever ~ I even dreamt abt them! Such is the depth of my obsession. Sniff.

Still I was glad to be home (esp. since i've signed too much haa) and perhaps it was excellent timing that the hubster had the craziest schedule ever while I was away so he didn't have to worry about me complaining abt his long hours heh. So now it's back to the daily grind! I'm still stuck with a bit of a creative block, it seems to plague me for most of those pre-maad months. Hopefully this nasty phase will pass as Enqi from makisquarepatch and I are trying to work out a tea party for Sept! Though the original plan was to be at Sept's Maad, I was hoping to do sth a little different this time round cos it's abt a year since OR started and it's my birthday month too! :) Also, we will be hosting a friend of the hubster who's visiting fr UK on the same weekend as Sep's Maad so it's just bad timing. We're still in the midst of sorting out details but I'll release more news once it's firmed up!

Really psyched abt the tea party and a possible workshop at their quaint shop (yep you read it right), hopefully I will have good news to share real soon! Meanwhile here're little sneaks of some new pieces for the next showcase, there are birdie stuff (and non-birdie stuff of cos) and lots of vintage flowers from my current fixation. I'm into both miriam haskell-inspired nature-evoking old glam and contemporary organic looks at the moment, which is making me kinda schizo right now but great for me to work on for future ranges. Ooh yeah. Fun times ahead.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

bye for now

Ok I'm just finishing up the final touches to those packages going out today ~ I'm due at the airport at 330pm and I'm not packed yet!! Running on adrenalin now haa... okie doks peeps see you next week! Hopefully I'll be back fr a nice restful vacation in sunny Philippines and better recharged for the next fair :) Happy national day folks and happy birthday Singapore!!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Flower Faerie (one and only) - SGD 70 - Sold

Another flowery necklace bursting with blooms in pick-me-up cheery colours ~ pretty coral ribbon flowers and vintage leaves, lilac metal flower and turquoise starburst with rhinestone centres, another layered vintage pink bloom, gum blue brio and a pondering faerie charm. Little bling chains are hidden amidst the trails. Chain's made up of a brass & 14k goldplated chain with a good dose of frosted white beads. This is my absolutely one and only piece in this design cos the creative (and manufacturing) process is quite time consuming. (basically i get bored doing the same stuff :p)

Length is 26" so it hangs comfortably below your decolletage. Comes in a pretty box for safekeeping - wouldn't want the flower faerie to sneak away while you're asleep!

Prospero (one and only) - SGD 45 - Sold

This is one super collaged piece I have no idea how I put it together in the first place. It started with that little jeans-coloured vintage rose at the top of the left earring and blossomed into a whole mirage of blooming blues. Hidden among the flowers are keishi and swarovski pearls and little secret charms. Very pleased with the textures in this pair and hope you will be too!

Drop is 5cm and 8cm respectively from rhodium hooks ~ check out Prospero against an ivory background here.

More customised orders

I'm officially crazy abt work. Even though we just got back from a bible study course and I have yet to pack for tmr, I just can't help turning on the PC!! Think I work better (and more efficiently) under time constraints haha cos I've churned out stuff for more orders in the last 2 days than I do normally. These 2 pairs of earrings were part of the finished pieces and they'll be off to their happy owners tmr!
Reflections is a modified version of Mulberry Mirror featuring the vintage flowers fr Alexandria.
Lustrous combines both Love, oh glorious love! and Bling of all things
~ lotsa bling indeed!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Makati here we come!

Just realised that a whole week has passed without me knowing!! The hubster was ill for most of last week while I suffered my usual bout of migraine. Thank God that we're both much better! Except that we had dodgy guts this morning after eating too much rich food for dinner at my parents' last night haha. We go back to my folks' on sundays whenever we can and my mom prepares a feast like it's the CNY reunion dinner all over again. We can never finish the food cos there's just too much so we end up packing some food back for our dinner on Monday nights haha.

Was at makisquarepatch's launch last Wed and boy, was it crowded! Chris's chocolate banana cupcakes and chocolate-dipped strawberries were a hit and we chatted for the longest time cos it's been a while since we last met... since her wedding I think! She wanted to check out Food for Thought so I accompanied her down the next day. P.S. You can now taste her cakes at the cafe!

Enqi and moi

xin and her funky optimus prime top! I want!!

I'm still in my birdie phase and this is my duckie necklace:

It's my staple accessory of the mo and you can see me wearing it at maki's launch :p It looks quite cartoony and all but i like the colours of the vintage flowers and the bright yellow duckie cos it brings me back to my childhood... going to do a few birdie necklaces for Maad in Sept just to satisfy the kiddy in me! hee...

Meanwhile I'll be off for a much-needed break to recharge over the national day hols on wed ~ will be back on sunday so I'll respond to your mails when I get back ya! I'm rushing a few orders hoping to ship them before I fly so bear with me for the lack of new offerings online. Will be back again with more pictures of Makati!!


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