Saturday, January 30, 2010

longawaited update

New stuff made it to the little shop today!

We just came back from Nathan's swim lesson and soon we'll be off to a wedding dinner at the Fullerton tonight. I'm just glad I managed to upload these pieces after what, weeks??? Seems like 24hrs just ain't enough for me! Or maybe I just need to get my act together and fine tune my time management. Sigh.

have a sunny restful weekend,

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Our Christmas Day

I have been such a lazy bum!

It's unbelievably difficult to get back into the swing of things when you've had a super duper truper long break! I should have been up and busying myself for the new year since last week but seriously, taking that time away from the computer and beading table has been nothing short of exhilarating. I've always felt pressured to work and reinvent myself creatively, especially so when you work from home and only a thin line separates your home from your "office". It really takes a baby to change your priorities!

So it was a neat and tidy difference when I cleared the dining table of the last vestiges of stones and metals for the Christmas hols and did nothing but hang out with family and friends. By golly, there were soooo many presents for the little one that it took us 2 days to finish opening all of them!! (babies have notoriously short attention spans)

Here is our trusty old tree engulfed by a ginormous pile of presents, some DHL-ed over from the UK. It was fun having the postman press your bell nearly every other day with a nice big box that you know hold pressies hee hee.

Opening a gift from Nannie and Raffa before breakfast

Dressed to head out to Christmas service

All that singing and playing tired the little bub out

Opening a gift from mama
- a Precious Moments tree ornament that says "Baby's 1st Christmas 2009"
- which will be kept safely out of baby's reach for the next 18 years haha

Taking a break from opening pressies to play

Continuing with pressies... he didn't like the little monkey bag cum baby "leash" at first.
Poor champ.

Opening pressies is a seriously draining business.

Daddy says epics are perfect Christmas Day movies so he's putting on LOTR on.
Nathan seems to agree.

Going on a walk in his new toy!
(COE not included)

Finally! The traditional turkey dinner.
Nathan had his first taste of brussel sprout mash and loved it!
And that marked the end of Nathan's first Christmas.

But there were still unopened pressies.
So we continued to open gifts on Boxing Day.

This time daddy got knackered first.

Come on daddy! We still have more pressies to go!

So yep, that pretty summarised our Christmas in 2009. We then stayed with the grandparents through to New Year and happily snuggled in bed as a family during the countdown while the kids next door screamed their way to 2010 and nearly drove me mad. Nothing fancy, just some good old wholesome family time together :)

Hope you had a wonderful start to the new year too!

I'll be back with new loot this weekend (i hope). Hee.


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