Friday, July 04, 2008

MAAD alert!

Hellooo!!! Yes I know, everyone must be wondering where on earth I've been since Japan. Well, the truth is I've not been feeling great, physically that is, and I simply couldn't work as much as I hoped to. You know it's bad if just being awake and working on the computer is tiring enough to warrant an afternoon nap. That said, I still have tonnes of photos to share! But all in good time, in good time. The hubster is now the official dictator of my dietary and rest schedule and he's awfully strict about it. Quite annoying at times but I must say I do relish all that attention (but only sometimes!) heh.

I'm still far from perky perfect but I've managed to finish some new creations somehow (yay!). My dear friend Jiaying from Fabric Diary will be making her debut appearance at MAAD this weekend (5th & 6th July) and she has generously offered to put some of my new pieces at her booth. So yeah, I know this is last minute notice but if you happen to be at MAAD this weekend, please do keep a lookout for her pretty bags (and my trinkets of cos)! I am hoping to be around for a while as long as I can hold out, though I do need to scoot off after lunch. So there, the latest update in a long while. Thank you for bearing with me and I'll be back with more interesting titbits to share soon! :)


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