Monday, October 30, 2006

The Rose Mistress - Sold at Tea!

Must admit I have all intention of keeping this for myself (again!) cos I really really like this piece and spent lots of time trying to put it nicely tgt. Thought it would be cool to have a nice little asym centrepiece featuring these large red and black/white clay roses ~ Love the extravagance and hint of bourgeoism in this piece!

Petulant Rose - Sold

Carved pink quartz roses make their appearance again! They look so yummy with these Kamoe Clay rounds of tangerine red roses on white pearl ~ I like how the bold red tones in this pair contrast with the delicate roses, they bring to my mind pictures of a defiant, impetuous and petulant oriental princess! :p

Debutante's Flower - Sold

A rose pearl Kamoe Clay pendant hangs sweetly fr a string of white Japanese glass beads. I've used these glass beads quite extensively in my pieces cos I love that each bead is also handmade so they aren't all perfectly round :)

A little pink rose breaks the monotony of whiteness ~

Peach Dreams - Sold

Peach Blossoms was such a hit that I've decided to do a different colour version using these absolutely gorgeous and very well-detailed clay flowers. I've used faceted milky blue flat briolettes and pearly/opalite/white beads & crystals instead ~ Love how yummy peach and blue can look tgt! :)

Oriental Flight - Sold

I've recently fallen in love with these diamond-shaped cloisonnes hee ~ These maroon beauties have pink quartz butterflies and other ruby crystal and glass blings to join them on their oriental flight of fancy. (Measurements in a bit)

Friday, October 27, 2006

Friday Bright Lights

Yay!! It's the weekend again!! It's been a busy last 2 days for me, and I'm quite pleased with my productivity so far ~ Many new pieces (at least to me) have been posted recently and I'm sorry if your favourite piece has been snapped up. Like I always say, fastest fingers first! :p But of cos you're welcome to drop me a line and I'll see if I am able to oblige your request.

I've only just realised what a full-time job this can be!! Designing and creating the new pieces, packaging them nicely, taking pictures, writing nice stuff abt each of them and sitting at the computer to post them online ~ what a long process! Best bit (for me) is the peace and quiet at home to do my stuff in peace. No hubby to fight with me for the PC or make me do the chores!! I must sound like a kid haha.

I know I've said this a million times but yay!! The paper goodies fr The Paper Princess are finally here! (Have been for quite a while) Need to run some errands in a bit so I'll leave the posting bit till tmr (ah procrastinator is thy name). Meanwhile please feel free to check out her site for the following items which I'll be carrying in the OR store:

Stationery Noteflats
Sweet Vintage Home
1950s Pals

Collage Noteflats
A Bird Came Down The Walk

Asian Noteflats
Paper Lanterns
Oh Dear
Why Hello
Have You Heard

Vintage Asia
Vintage Birds

and Tiny Tags!

Prices will be posted in a bit but trust me it'll be superbly affordable for such lovely paper treasures! And as usual, limited quantities = fastest fingers first. For some of you special peeps, you might have already received them with your OR purchases :) Till tmr, tata lovely folks!

Necklaces for a Special Gal

At the request of a very special girl, these 2 necklaces were created only after aeons and aeons of waiting. She's been so patient and kind to let me finish the more urgent orders first before doing her pieces. And oh did I mention brightening my days with her chirpy emails? Thank you ZX!! You can tell she's a big fan of vintage-inspired stuff! :)

Vintage-style brass key and flower heart charms, midnight blue crystal bling and asymmetrical attention on double chains of brass and gold ~

I've embellished the original Sapphire Wings butterfly with rhinestones and made minor 'improvements'. Yummier than ever ~

Marigold - Sold

Roses are in again! Here is a simple earthy pair of beige roses, gold cloisonne hearts and pretty faceted smoky brown briolettes. And oh, how could I forget my favourite crystal rhinestone balls? :) Drop is abt 5.5 cm ~

Emerald Empress - Sold at Tea!

A oriental chi-chi piece, I've used these lovely black diamond-shaped cloisonnes with faceted red briolettes, coral rounds, gold 'clovers' and rhinestone balls for bling ~ I'm a cheongsam girl so this pair would go so well with my chinois outfits! :p

Drop is abt 7 cm ~

Lady Sunshine (special order) - Sold

Another special request so ta-dah! Lady Sunshine is ready to meet the world ~

Thursday, October 26, 2006

A Secret Heart - Sold at Tea!

Another bag chain in the fashion of silver and white ala Sweet 21, an oval textured silver locket and large acrylic heart charm play lead roles in this baby. Sweet and simple ~

Gothika - Sold

Another bag charm fresh out of the oven today! This time round, a gold and goth-inspired piece with a large heart locket, detailed black wing charm (so cool!), and various blings. Such exquisite charms naturally mean that this is a one-off beauty! :)

Perfect for the closet goth rock chick in us ~

Amethyst's Breath - Sold

A cool combination of amethyst roses and faceted opalite drops ~ Simple shades of blue, purple and clear crystals and silver chains make this a darling to wear :)

Terracotta Countess - Sold at Tea!

Ooh I love these shimmering peach Kamoe rounds with roses~ (think I'm in my rosy pastel phase now ha) I've created a little asymmetrical centerpiece using a large faceted moonstone oval, tangerine clay rose, camellia cloisonne, lampwork glass bead with a cluster of beads (rose quartz, pearls, japanese glass).

Red jasper flat nuggets, czech glass, japanese handmade beads and a pretty swirly sterling clasp finish this aristocratic beauty ~

Pardon the bad lighting! Just wanted to give a quick glance at how this piece looks on the neck :)

Scarlet Temptress - SGD 27 - Sold

Kimono-print tensha rounds are teamed dramatically with fiery red cinnabar hearts ~ Black & grey crystals and sterling chains complete this enthralling pair :)

Peach Blossoms - Sold

Peachy blossoms on brass rings ~ lovely cluster of rose quartz, japanese glass beads and pearls together with faceted very oh-so-slightly-pale-pink clear quartz!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Lily Duchess - Sold

I love these white cloisonnes, so oriental and chic and GREEN! Love the colour green~ I've paired them with sweet pale pink clay roses and green clusters of joy. Can't resist making one more pair for myself!!! :)

It's been a whirlwind long weekend what with the hubster's birthday and having friends over and going to parties ~ Napped loads to catch up on lost sleep, took the hubby out for dvd shopping on his birthday and a yummy dinner at Ma Maison, this affordable lovely french-inspired Japanese restaurant. Plus to-die-for dessert at the chi-chi PS Cafe on Dempsey Rd! And oh, season 6 of West Wing!

Back to reality, I'm slowly finishing orders FINALLY so thank you gals for being so patient! :)

Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Rose Weaver - Sold

A favourite piece of mine, I am so reluctant to put it for sale but I can't keep everything I make!!! (Though I will keep this for myself if it's not taken hee)

A lovely white pearl pendant by Karin is beautifully matched with olive jade ovals, rose quartz, freshwater pearl coin, Japanese peach glass beads, swarovski crystals & finished with a swirly sterling clasp. A little surprise comes in the form of my very first wirework beads just under the rose quartz nugget ~

Ruby - Sold

Ruby is a gothic-inspired bracelet using a rose lentil Kamoe focal and the blackest pearls~ A faceted black button and dramatic red czech beads add extra oomph with the double gold-plated chain.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Forest Bleu - Sold

Was about time the blue roses made their entrance! :) Inspired by the refreshing green-ness of rainforests, this silver pair of earrings has clusters of bluish-green beads and crystals on sterling hooks. Drop is abt 5cm ~

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Sultry - A birthday gift for someone special!

Sultry is a seductive blend of midnight black and luscious red ~ unfortunately these faceted drops look more tomato-ish than the real deep ruby red that they really are. I love the bold colours in this pair! And I could think up a dozen outfits this pair would go fabulously with. Hmmm.... temptation :p

Sterling hooks and swarovski crystals up the bling factor. Drop is abt 3cm ~

Hiatus in December

My services have been required in the office more often these few days so it's taken a toll on my order fulfilment. Sorry babes, your treasures are on their way! I will be rushing to finish the orders this weekend but seeing that it's the hub's birthday this Sunday, I'm sure you'll forgive me if I'm a little slow? :p

On another note, I was quite pleased to see that the Urban section of today's papers featured Pastels and Roses as 2 new trends for Spring! Aha, goes to show again that my trend forecasts are spot on. (yeah right) I think pastels and roses are just generally very Spring-genres and look so happy that I've been using them loads recently :)

I was hoping to do a special collection for Christmas this year but since I'll be away for 2 weeks in December, these ideas will have to be put on hold. So peeps, please note that Oriental Rose will be taking a hiatus from Dec 11 till the end of the year. We'll meet again in 2007! All orders must be shipped by Dec 8 so if you fancy getting some pressies fr OR, it's time to place your orders!

I'll be coming up with crazy lotsa new stuff from now till Dec 8 so please check back often. I apologise in advance if I can't respond to any emails during the period I'm away as I will be in Cambodia on a backpacking cum mission trip. I am really looking forward to this trip with my girly pal Val though part of me hopes married life hasn't softened me so much that I can't rough it out anymore! :p The hubster will be missed loads but he's probably quite pleased to have the guys over and turn our place into a online gaming den. Oh well.

Chat later peeps! ~

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Lady Rosaline - Sold

I love this old-fashioned pair of charm earrings! Tangerine clay roses, pretty cameos, little heart charms and pearly finish drops make this a fine pair for a lady ~

Barely 5 minutes later.....This is truly a case of fastest fingers first!! Ellen it's yours :)

Pastel Princess - Sold

More clay roses make their appearance - Today's princess is this pair of pastel pink roses with pretty flower glass beads (lampwork?) of excellent quality fr Japan and faceted topaz swarovski crystal drops ~

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Floral Tiles - Sold

I've used Karin's picture here (with her permission) cos my own pictures look really awful and didn't do justice to the vibrant colours of her flowers :) Technically they are entirely her creations but I've put them under the Kamoe Rose series. Aren't they gorgeous?? Only 2 pieces for sale - 19cm and 21cm long respectively. Wear a piece of summer round your wrist ~ !

Monday, October 16, 2006

Ohhh, Sunshine Days~

Wanted to upload this again another time (you know, in case of barren days :p) but I think Karin's gorgeous beads shouldn't be hidden for too long! Here are 2 pairs of earrings featuring polymer clay "pillows" :)
Rose-O-Drama - Sold
These red pillow beads with blue roses and sunny flowers looked so full of merriment that I had to use them straightaway! Small clusters of Japanese beads, czech glass and swarovski crystals in gold and bronze bring out that nature's touch :) Drop is abt 4 cm ~

Turkish Blooms - Sold
One of my darlings, this one is absolutely full of sun and cheer! The turquoise reminds me of the Mediterranean and oh aren't the flowers irresistable?? Yellow-white clay flowers & gold drops with topaz swarovski crystals make this a dazzling pair! Drop is abt 6 cm ~

Kamoe Rose Creations!

I've been working with Karin's beads for a while now and I've decided to release the first few creations today~ Yay!!! They will fall under the Kamoe Rose series and each piece is a one-off beauty. I just hope I will be able to do her fabulous beads justice! Each Kamoe Rose piece will come in a pretty organza pouch with dried rose buds and a special note on the process of creating these handmade polymer clay beads.

Rouge - Sold
In Rouge, a red rose on black with gold foil lentil pendant take centrestage on a string of black beads while a carved coral rose sits on a shorter sterling chain. Swarovski crystals, czech glass and sterling S-clasp finish this double-strand piece ~

Meadow Blossoms - Sold
I simply adore this large olive-green pendant with pink blossoms! Reminds me of cherry blossom season in Japan :) I used freshwater pearl coins, rose quartz, amethyst chips and czech beads to complement the lovely flowery focal ~

My Heart's Rose - SGD 39 - Sold
A lovely rose teardrop pendant rests amidst rounds of luscious ruby red garnet, Japanese handmade glass beads in gorgeous peachy tones, red indian glass and a pretty rose quartz heart. Brilliant red swarovski crystals add a touch of bling throughout. Simple yet alluring ~

Lemongrass - Sold

A friend saw me working on this pair and reserved this before it was even complete :) Lemon-white clay roses are citrusly paired with faceted gummy green drops. Green & opalite swarovski crystals aand czech beads finish this lemony limey piece ~ Drop is abt 3.5 cm.

Flowerets IV - Sold

A scarlet version of Flowerets is out-of-the-stove! Red rose on black heart tenshas are coupled with red crystals, pearls and glass drops. ~ Drop is 4.5cm.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Comissioned Pressies!~

Yoohooo.... it's a lovely Sat morning and I'm so happy to be able to sleep in till like.... 8.30? haha, I am a morning person after all :) Matt has been moaning abt wanting to look good in his suit for our wedding so he's been on a intensive swimming regime and he hates it that I lose pounds just by sitting at the worktable!! I have to remind him I'm actually working very hard "sitting there".

We're looking forward to having our friends over tonight for some mexican fajitas and totopos and CHIVAS. Ever since our fave mexican place closed down without a trace, we've not been able to find another substitute restaurant. There really is a dearth of good mexican places in Singapore! Even the next fave diner of ours after the mexican place, this vietnamese cafe closed down without warning so we feel a little displaced since it was at this viet place that we had our 1st date, our celebration after our engagement etc. etc. So mexican-mad Matt has decided to try his hand at cooking mexican himself and so far it's been pretty edible! Heh.

Before hubby rushes me to pop down to our fave breakfast's and shop for groceries, here are 2 new specially-comissioned pieces by a dear friend for her lovely aunts - a funky black & scarlet charm bracelet and a pair of matching earrings for an existing necklace ~
Rouge et Noir

Roses Noires

Friday, October 13, 2006

Tangerine Rose - Sold

Small tangerine clay roses, pink quartz hearts, Swarovski crystals, tiny czech beds & non-tarnish gold chains sit prettily in this oriental beauty ~ Drop is abt 7.5cm. I love this pair so much I'm going to make one pair for myself too :)

Lily Willow - Sold

Carved clear quartz roses, lily green oriental cloisonnes, aventurine and amazonite stones and glass drops bring to mind the image of a lithe lady by the lake ~ Drop is abt 8.5 cm.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Kimono Princess - Sold

Beautiful tensha rounds with Japanese floral motifs and pale pink clay roses - so delightfully fresh and pretty!! I simply love the kimono-like prints, reminds me of the delicate geisha :)

Drop is abt 6cm long ~

More Flowerets!

I've had many requests for Flowerets recently so here are 2 more members to add to the "Little Flowers" family :)

Flowerets II - Sold at Tea!
Blue rose on white heart tenshas, swarovski crystals & rhinestone balls, czech glass & handmade Japanese glass beads ~

Flowerets III - Sold
Red rose on black heart tenshas, faceted Carnelian drops, swarovski crystals & pearls, czech glass & handmade Japanese glass beads ~

Marmalade Garden - Sold

Soft peach tones rule in this pretty flower bracelet ~ Pale tangerine clay rose, mother-of-pearl with soft salmon pink undertone, moonstone, large acrylic opalite drop, handmade Japanese glass beads and a brassy rose toggle closure. Length is abt 17.5 cm~

Sweet 21 - Sold

Had a few requests for bag charms as pressies recently so here's another that's been snapped up before its debut appearance heh. Sweet 21 has a silver locket, acrylic teardrop charm, white pearls, this new white lace I bought yesterday which is sooo nice (but pricey), and a double-key-with-heart charm. The feel is simple but clean and sweet ~

Hope the recipient will be touched by her lovely friend's sincere efforts in personalising this bag charm for her gal pal! :)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Ocean Babies

These 2 ocean-inspired bracelets were completed recently but I only had time to post them online now :p Feast your eyes on these marine beauties whilst they're here, absolutely only one of each available ~
Princess Tulip - SGD 28 / USD 17.50
A gold banded tulip shell and gold-plated clam shell charms sit on matt gold chains with swarovski crystals, Japanese handmade white glass beads + metallic rounds. Classic white & gold combi for the princess of the sea!

Was SGD 33, now at a special SGD 28!

Ride of the Seahorse - Now a gift for someone special :)
Lovely shimmering blue mother-of-pearls and a gorgeously elegant seahorse charm steal the limelight on this underwater stage. A myriad of Japanese glass beads bring out the beautiful shades of ocean colours ~

The Secret Key - Sold

One of those pieces that were sold even before making it to this page, this one is one of my fave bag charms cos it's simple yet so full of that old world charm which I like so much. I really like vintage, and I've been into it way before this whole trend thing began, hence explaining my bulging wardrobe of romantic dresses :p Feast your eyes on this vintage-inspired baby!

Of twigs and roses - Sold

A daring combi of brassy roses and twigs on a swing of gold hoops make this a feast for the eyes ~ Trails of creamy white Swarovski pearls and brass/gold chains add that old world charm. This was an incredibly picture to take cos the roses and twigs refused to sit straight and I'm not too pleased with even this picture! Rest assured that the roses and twigs hang straight when worn (Drop is abt 7cm).

I just bought a whole load of clay roses yesterday so yay! today will be another roses day! :)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

busy bee busy me

It's been an insane start to the week with a sudden influx of orders (yes babes you know who you are) and I've been working my fingers to the bone trying to finish them, especially since you gals don't give me much time!!! Today was extra fruitful cos I FINAllY went down to the bridal shop and discussed my wedding gown with the designer who looks more like a deepsea diver than a bridal shop owner haha. It's gonna be a vintage chic dress with organza and lace and ..... everything else's a secret!! :p

On the Oriental Rose side, I received another HUGE PACK of kamoe clay beads from Karin yesterday and I'm just dying to work with them. They are so amazingly pretty! Have to resist that urge to hoard everything for myself ~ MUST RESIST MUST RESIST MUST RESIST. Hopefully some of them will see the light of day tmr!

Another piece of good news to look forward to is that I've been liasing with Leslie of Paper Princess for a while now and I'm going to be carrying some of her fab vintage-inspired paper goods!! Parcel's on its way now so won't be long babes, won't be long!

Have to get back to my little sweatshop now, chat later peeps ~

Monday, October 09, 2006

Red Camellia - Sold at Tea!

Another oriental-inspired piece, a red cloisonne camellia-lookalike flower bead is mixed with different earthy tone beads, like these gorgeous smoky brown glass, sparkly gold lampwork bead, matt gold + shiny bronze Japanese beads, czech glass & a red jasper nugget. Gold-plated toggle closure~ (abt 19cm long)

Oriental Princess - Sold

A lovely oriental-themed pair, these irresistable red rose tensha rounds are complemented with a carved rose quartz rose, white cloisonne bead and pale pink swarovski butterflies. Cascading gold (non-tarnish) trails complete that dramatic swaying lure of a chinese princess ~
Absolute one pair, no similar remakes ever ever! (Drop is abt 6.5cm)

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Corsage Beauties

Look at these beauties! These corsages have been lovingly and painstakingly handstitched by my dear friend Jiaying and no two are alike!! There are feminine lacy ones with pearls, or funky chunky fabric blooms! I've got my eyes set on one pretty baby, not telling which hee.

They will be available at my space @ Pandora's Box soon from this week so don't forget to check them out! :)

Fun at the Fair~

Ooh what a hazy hot day it was yesterday at Kembangan CC! Although it was my 1st time taking part, apparently it is a small but regular affair with mostly 2nd hand clothes, bags or other knick knacks with the occasional new goods stalls (like moi). The other stall owners were mainly regulars, with many of them dropping by to say a neighbouring hi. The crowd may have not been the target group for OR but hey it's always fun to get out there and meet lotsa different people :)

Thank you Crystal and Ze Xuan for dropping by to say hi!!! It's so nice to finally put a face to the name (and countless emails haha). Hope you like your new purchases!! I made a few buys myself, mostly gorgeous cool vintage jewellery from this really friendly lady at the stall beside mine who sold lots interesting knick knacks like this old kid's wooden donkey and camel belts!! I got a silver bangle and 2 vintage necklaces which were her old aunties' who most likely inherited them from their mothers. It so happened she was trained in jewellery at LaSelle so we had fun exchanging tips hee. Plus she had the cutest baby girl ever! I'll miss you little Hanna!!

Here are some new pieces I made just before the fair (I've decided to include prices in USD from now on for the convenience of my overseas friends) :

Noir et Blanc - Sold at Tea!
Noir et Blanc is a classic pair of black & white earrings with lovely Swarovski cream white pearls & clear crystals. I got the matt black filigrees on one of my travels so I only have limited stock of it. Black findings and hooks complete the mystère ~ Drop is 4cm.

Bleu et Noir - Sold at Tea!
Just did a blue version of Noir et Blanc so thought I'd add it here :)

Perles - Gifty gifty!
To continue with the pearly theme, this is another take on one of my previous pieces Perla. Brass chains are dotted with opalite swarovski rondells, matt white + clear crystals & czech glass beads. Easy flair ~ Drop is 5cm.


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