Thursday, December 08, 2011

Elsie Bow earrings - SGD 58 - Sold

Luscious candy jewel hues with pretty amazing pink amethyst onion briolettes topped with rubies, pink topaz, rhodolite garnet, amethyst and rhodochrosite gemmies amongst others. Matched with adorable gold-toned bow studs naturally! Drop measures approx. 1.7cm from studs.

Astral earrings - SGD 36 - Sold

I found similar parts to a glittery angelic starry pair I did some years back and thought it befitting the holiday tinsel season and worth bringing back :) Absolutely the last and only pair! Rhinestone links, black acrylic wings, brassy and gold-filled stars with trails of sterling chains. At its longest length, the earrings measure approx. 7cm from sterling studs. Such a show-stopper!

Silver Terrier earrings - SGD 20 - Sold

:: Terrier doggie version of Silver Fawn ::

Friday, November 18, 2011

Thackeray - SGD 125 - Sold

A freshwater pearl necklace with a victorian twist... mossy forest green garnets, glowing aqua chalcedony hearts, subtle green amethyst, pewter greys, caribbean blue apatite with resin roses, a vintage elegant victorian hand brass charm, sapphire-blue crystal and a vintage ruby rhinestone floral spray component. Necklace measures approx. 16.5" long and closes with a tulip motif toggle and clasp.

This is another of my new convertible pieces - the chain portion can be removed to form a simple Y-necklace 18" long with the longish dew drop chalcedony pendant (on right, drop length is about 2.75") while you get the option of a fancy bracelet. One of my favourite creations ever :)

Bronte - SGD 120 - Sold

A classic stunning piece with the most beautiful faceted smoky quartz nuggets and brilliant blue flash moonstone briolettes, a very old vintage pot metal and faux pearl component, freshwater cream pearls and draping chains. Necklace measures approx. 19.5" in length with side floral toggle clasp closure.

Night Bird - SGD 89 - Sold

Hear the soft song of the bird that sings at night... a whimsical shell bird perched on a salvaged old pot metal and rhinestone "branch" with mystic topaz, pearls, petite chandelier drops and a dazzling blue opal cushion-cut crystal pendant. Silver tone filigree chain with vintage-style crystal barrels measure approx. 18" in length.

Silk Sonata - SGD 78 - Sold

A soft rose and champagne take on the original Starlight Sonata, this dame speaks for itself. A stunning crystal meteorite star set on a snowflake filigree, 7 lovely pale pink faceted rose quartz briolettes and keishi petal pearls clusters on a 14k gold-filled bar link chain with platinum pearls. Necklace measures approx. 18" in length. Classic and feminine :)

Parfumerie - SGD 118 - Sold

My favourite concoction of the lot... vintage rhinestone brooch and faux pearl & wreath components, pretty vintage gold-tone heart locket set with a deep sapphire blue rhinestone, fantastic blue topaz, moonstones and mystic topaz onion briolettes. Delicate chain composed of smooth aquamarine and faceted fluorite nuggets, freshwater pearls and moonstone rondelles. Necklace measures approx. 18" in length.

Le Petit Prince - SGD 60

A brilliantly faceted 3D golden rutile meteor star, a petite puffy heart and a little boy prince makes this a darling everyday charm necklace in this classic tale inspired piece. Delicate necklace chain measures approx. 16" in length with 14k gold-filled components.

Sentimental earrings - SGD 65 - Sold

An innocently sweet, charming pair of blush pink rose quartz briolettes and clusters of labradorite, apatite, moonstone and freshwater pearls. Earrings measure just over 2cm in drop length from the loveliest sky blue topaz 14k gold-filled studs.

Montblanc earrings - SGD 40 - Sold

A charming shimmering pair of glacier crystal drops, moonstone & pearl clusters and my favourite art deco-style baguette rhinestone links from sterling studs. Earrings measure approx. 3.5cm. I love how the soft grey hues are subtle but glistens visibly under my black hair :)

Silver Fawn earrings - SGD 20 - Sold

Cute petite pair of a frosty silver rhinestone deer and faux pearly heart charm on antiqued-silver studs. Perfect little stocking stuffer!

Sugar Plum earrings - SGD 59 - Sold

Spirited happy colours of luscious red, pinks and royal purples in this hearty ensemble... garnets, pink topaz, amethyst, apatite, rhodochrosite, citrine and moonstone. Earrings measure just under 4 cm from 14k gold-filled hooks.

Fleuriste earrings - SGD 32 - Sold

Sweet crystal fleurs and vintage painted rose cameos make a sweet portrait in Fleuriste... Earring length is approx. 2 cm from 14k goldfilled hooks.

Voile de Rose earrings - SGD 36 - Sold

Charming little celtic knots and bezel-set starburst crystals with delicate, blush rose quartz briolettes... a vision of ethereal beauty. Earrings measure approx. 2.8 cm from sterling hooks.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

AW 2011 - Part Trois

Just a quick word to say new pieces will be listed here on 18 November, Friday at 12 noon. 
The preview pictures will be uploaded onto my Flickr album here for viewing tonight.

As per the modus operandi, please feel free to write me at funkypink05(at) for enquiries or purchase. Due to the exclusive nature of the vintage repurposed pieces, I am afraid payment will now be expected within 3 days upon order confirmation after which it will be made available to the next interested party. The main intention of this little change is to give everyone a fair chance to lay their hands on the booty :)

(ed: I forgot to add that exceptions to the rule are allowed under inevitable circumstances. You just have to let me know in advance.) 

Thank you very much again for your understanding and support,  I hope you will like what you see tomorrow!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pseudo Pin-up

 outfit: vintage reproduction 50s Shaheen sarong dress 

One swell thing about growing older is that you start to learn what works for your body shape and what to avoid like crazy. While I love how the 50s silhouette of a nipped waist flatters the female form, the full skirt look tends to look funny on me so I veer away from them generally. The other great 50s look however, however, is an entirely different story! The bombshell wiggle dresses create curves where there were previously none and just have that magic of making you feel pin-up worthy. 

Sometimes all your less-than-toned-post-baby body needs to feel good about itself is a simple well-tailored outfit! Hubba hubba!

Monday, October 24, 2011

AW 2011 Part Deux

Unveiling more pieces for the end of year season!

* New Petite Fleur earrings *

* Whimsical fancies for free spirits *

* Classical beauties *

* Vintage glamour for the art deco lover *
If you're new to my little vintage-inspired world, please feel free to write to me at funkypink05(at) for enquiries or purchase. Or you can simply say hello! I currently accept customizations on a case-by-case basis subject to time, material and inspiration constraints.

A MASSIVE loot bag of vintage goodies from the US arrived last weekend (thanks to my private courier Y!) while another large package of new shiny gemstones is en route to the little workshop, can you sense the excitement in my voice already? I hope you are ready for AW 2011 Part Trois! 

Rousseau - SGD 105 - Sold

Unassumingly charming in pretty jewel tones is Rousseau with a vintage filigree angel wing-like component adorned with a lovely rose pink crystal and a vintage working heart locket set with a single fuchsia rhinestone.  
A carved black rose and tendrils of deep red garnets, gleaming oyster blue-grey pearls and delectable rubies. A subtle rose quartz cube and pale green amethyst marquise briolette add an unexpected quirky touch to the 14k gold-filled chain. Necklace measures approx. 22" in length. An elegant yet delightful locket piece! 


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