Wednesday, March 27, 2013

An imperial update

Had a severe case of creative mental block recently so the release of new necklaces have been delayed for a while - thank you for bearing with me!

I currently have 4 (maybe 5) necklaces needing to be photographed along with a few more pairs of earrings. Hopefully a last minute inspiration spurt will help me to churn out 2 more necklace designs and then we'll be set!

Friday, March 08, 2013

A dynasty in progress

A peek into what's coming next week: necklaces from the same :: Imperial :: collection!

Lady of Good Fortune - SGD 158 - Sold

Beautiful deep green jade carved with an abstract  character, meaning "good fortune" or "happiness", which I hope is what it'll bring to its wearer! The ear hooks are gold vermeil set with oval ruby cabochons surrounded by tiny cubic zirconias. The jade pieces are complemented by gemstone clusters of pink garnet, peridot, amethyst and tanzanite. Earrings measure under 3cm in drop length. The higher price for this piece is due to the more premium materials used so thank you for understanding!

Truly an ornate display of oriental charm and hands down my favourite piece from this ::Imperial:: collection. I've been meaning to do up more jade creations and couldn't be more pleased to come up with these dynasty-inspired pieces. Hope you like them too!

Bao Yu - SGD 88 - Sold

Stunning cz-accented gold vermeil hooks set with peridot cabochons are accompanied by pale jade donuts adorned with generous clusters of lavender amethyst, labradorite, tanzanite and freshwater pearls. Earrings measure approx. 4cm in drop length. Lush and romantic :)

Jade Orchid - SGD 59 - Sold

A quiet stunner, this piece features beautiful smooth grade A jade rounds from white gold-plated sterling cz-studded orchid motif ear studs. Classic simplicity at its best. Earrings measure approx. 3.5cm in drop length.

Plum Blossoms - SGD 58 - Sold

Rhodochrosite carved flowers, pale green jade donuts and clusters of agate rondelles in myriad shades of forest greens and woody hues. Ear hooks are gold filled with a single sparkly cubic zirconia accent. Petite and adorable at 3cm :)

Pink Peony - SGD 59

Handmade poetic mudan floral beads by Karin (last pair in this motif!) are embellished with rainbow moonstone briolettes and topped with rubies. Earrings measure approx. 3cm from cz-accented gold vermeil hooks.

Tranquility - SGD 45 - Sold

Serene jade leaves and soothing green shades bring a sense of tranquil calm to this pair of hoop earrings. Also has vintage rhinestone drops, tourmaline and amazonite briolettes. Earring hoops are gold-filled with a hammered texture, measuring approx. 3cm in diameter. The longest drop length is 4cm from the hoop. Only pair!

Noble Clan - SGD 42 - Sold

Smoky quartz briolettes are adorned with subtly glittery cz-studded speckled vermeil beads and clusters of pink opal rondelles from a bezel-set deep red garnet accent. Earrrings measure approx. 3cm in drop length from goldfilled hooks.

Hailanzhu - SGD 49 - Sold

Named after Harjol, the much-loved consort of the Qing emperor Hong Taiji, I re-imagined the colours she would have worn in her colourful ethnic Mongolian garments and added my own dash of romantic language in this combination of muted blues, blush pinks and purple sprays.

Gemstone used include rose quartz briolettes topped with pink topaz, apatite, phrenite and tanzanite. Earrings measure approx. 3cm in drop length.

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Coming Soon

:: Imperial :: 
~*A new collection of earrings inspired by royal dynasties *~


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