Thursday, January 12, 2012

Twin Blessings - SGD 60 - Sold

Willowy jade and chrysoprase gold earrings at a shoulder-dusting length of 7cm with 2 tiny antique rhinestone drops for that unexpected vintage touch. Refined and elegant, it will carry you through the lunar celebrations and beyond.

Jade Bliss - SGD 36 - Sold

Classic linear earrings with petite jade donuts, pearls, lemon quartz and smooth pink rhodochrosite from 14k gold-filled hooks. Simple 5cm dangles with a dash of oriental flair.

In case you wonder why my posting is so erratic....

This is why.

Venezia necklace - SGD 118 - Sold

A vintage enamel floral trio of springtime blossoms, vintage paisley component with blue rhinestone, stunning large faceted Brazilian pink amethyst focal, translucent green amethyst nuggets, AAA grade gorgeous gleaming pink freshwater pearls, more rhinestones, moonstones and a simple vintage brass etched teardrop locket with double rose toggle clasp closure. Can you smell spring already?

Hideaway necklace - SGD 125 - Sold

Hideaway features salvaged vintage rhinestone and pearl components set in gold tone metal, an antiqued rustic excalibur sword,  blue flash labradorite gemstone cubes, beer quartz and green amethyst nuggets with flashes of rainbow moonstone. Goldfilled with side toggle closure. 
My fantasy take on medieval legends and Arthurian folklore -- who doesn't love a good chivalrous knight or two? I'll take them brave and handsome in full armour thank you very much.

Tudor Rose necklace - SGD 115 - Sold

Tudor Rose's heroine is a vintage designer component of a floral wreath starburst with prong-set rhinestones in sky blue, meadow green, sunshine yellow and blush pink. Coupled with a brilliant grade plump faceted heart-shaped rose quartz focal briolette that appears to glow from within. The chain is made up of similar quality green amethyst nuggets, aquamarine ovals and lavender pearls in goldfilled wirework.
Truly a simple stunner.

Twilight Necklace - SGD 129 - Sold

Subtle greys and platinum silvers conjure up a vision of moonlit glens and feathered friends. A petite vintage silver owl with pearl eyes and vintage white enamel lily of the valley bouquet amidst glacial crystal quartz gemstone cubes, moonstones, labradorites and a large mystic grey swarovski crystal in antiqued silver setting. One of my favourite pieces ever. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bonjour 2012!

Still haven't quite grasped the concept of 2012 yet, has time really passed that quick?! This is a quick hello post to say yes I am still alive, no I'm not pregnant again (two is a handful thank you very much), and yes I know this blog is looking awfully forlorn so updates will be forthcoming swiftly. Mr Oriental Rose bought me a new Olympus Pen so I took some test shots of my work space. It's pretty amazing! Can't imagine what my pictures will be like if I mastered it properly. If only reading the camera manual was higher up on my to-do list. 

I had a few completed necklaces which I originally planned to release before Christmas but clearly they never quite made it. Photos are up on my Flickr album and will be listed by tomorrow. A couple more CNY-appropriate festive earrings are also awaiting their photo shoot and I plan to ensure they get their appearance in time, this time!


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