Friday, July 31, 2009

Gingerbread Love

Last Saturday, we had the most incredible fun baking cute gingerbread men by the hundreds, no thousands! My small group at church were touched by the plight of little Charmaine and wanted to do something to help raise funds for this feisty warrior. A baking mommy came up with the idea of a gingerbread bake sale among our friends which we thought was a wonderful idea!
We roped in as many friends as we could to help.

There were a few gingerbread couples, gingerbread friends and even a gingerbread Challenger family too!
Angelic's little girl Phoebe doing her part by helping to pack the bags
Thank you my dear friends for supporting our little endeavour.... and Happy Friday! The weekend's finally here again! Yippee!

Wishing the rain would come,

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What's in the mail today?

Just a little glimpse into some of the gift boxes that went into the post recently... these were for the first few purchases from the new shoppe. Some were from dear old customers who have been with me for years! And others, fairly new friends :) Hope you ladies enjoy your new goodies!

I'm working on a new series yet again but the little man has been all cranky and out of sorts so it's gonna take a while I reckon. Doesn't help that he's not been sleeping great at night either! We've not slept beyond 3 hours at a stretch for such a long time that I wonder if my body even remembers how to! Sigh.
grateful for any sleep at all,

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Thank you very much! (and say hello to Scrat)

I have been so overwhelmed by the response to my new little shoppe that several designs have sold out faster than I anticipated! Thank you thank you so much for your kind support! While I try to update the inventory as often as I can, limited material availability means that the more popular designs will not be restocked once sold out. However do check back often in case the piece you had your eyes on comes back in stock!

Today's offering is a cute pair of whimsical Scrat earrings (remember that wonky squirrel from Ice Age?), now available in the shoppe. Also check out the kickass black version of Charlotte Rose with the same lovely lace roses with sultry red swarovskis. Gotta go now, more updates coming up soon!


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The new shoppe is up!

After years of procrastination, I can finally say I have a decent online shop with a proper shopping cart! Granted, I did not have to do much since the good people at bigcartel thought of everything. It isn't much but it's a start, and I look forward to adding more special bits to the store. The bright and cheery banner was done by Xin aeons ago, thank you girl!!

It's so nice to be able to have a separate site for the jewellery so this blog can really be what it should be, a blog! Of pictures and words, updates and love, family and friends... and not be a mish mash of everything all rolled in one. Even I get confused sometimes navigating my own blog! Haha!Prices stated in the bigcartel shoppe are in US dollars but only paypal payments are accepted. For existing and new local customers, please feel free to email or text me for other preferred modes of payment (bank transfer/cheques). I will then send you a revised invoice in Singapore dollars and maybe throw in some niceties :)

New designs are out in the shoppe so do check them out!


Something's happening...

Monday, July 13, 2009

baby booties for shayna

I have always admired Knotty Bicsie's adorable baby booties and was only too happy to score this lovely pair as a gift to a mommy whose little baby girl Shayna will be joining us really soon!

Now if only we had a little girl too....


Friday, July 10, 2009

Fuchsia Lane's new Fashion Suite

I first got to know Vivienne a few years back through a mutual friend and jewellery aficionado Sabrina. At that time Vivienne had just started her own label Fuchsia Lane, the culmination of her love for design and style. We clicked over her racks of lovely oriental-inspired re-engineered tees at the MAAD market inside Red Dot Design Museum and have been fast friends since!

Vivienne's sunshine personality, dogged persistance in pursuing her dream and her unbelievable customer service makes her a rare breed. More importantly her devotion to her craft is what makes each Fuchsia Lane design such a classic must-have for the chinoiserie lover. I am almost embarrassed to admit that I own quite a number of Fuchsia Lane pieces but hey, my blog is named Oriental Rose, no?

When Vivienne had her first solo fashion showcase"In Love With Passion" at the Arts House last October, I was 5 months pregnant and busy steam ironing her then-latest collection hours before the launch. I remember thinking, dang I wish I could fit into these beauties! Fast forward 9 months later and here I am! Making a long-awaited visit to her new fashion suite where customers can enjoy trying on her creations in the comfort of her cosy atelier.

Entering her new fashion suite was like swimming in a paradise of satins, silks, chiffons and laces.

These gorgeous chiffon scarves which you can customise with your initals in Swarovski crystals caught my eye instantly. How cool are these?!

I could not resist the Sapphire Silk Top and Charleston Lace Skirt in Turquoise that I'm wearing above. As you can see, I'm clueless when it comes to posing for the camera and gee I still have lots of mummy weight to lose!!

And the woman behind it all.

I am so proud of this feisty lady!

Fuchsia Lane's fashion suite is open every Friday 12-7pm at #03-04, Red Dot Building, 28 Maxwell Road. You can also call 9748-6717 for appointments.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Latest family portrait

Stick Figure Family at

I forgot where I got the link from but I simply had to try it and the result is hilarious!

You can make your own Stick Figure Family here.

They didn't have a baby sprawled on his back so Nathan will have to make do with this standing bub. Daddy has so litle hair it seems our little guy won't stand a chance either! Haha!


Friday, July 03, 2009

Will you help give her bullets to fight?

(photo of Charmaine from her website)

If you're a fellow Singaporean, I'm sure you would have recognised this adorable little girl by now. She is Charmaine Lim, a 4 year old who is in the 4th stage of a rare cancer called neuroblastoma. At such a tender age, she has to undergo chemotherapy and battle simply to live. No young child should have to undergo the pain and suffering she is going through right now. As a mother, my heart breaks to even just imagine the thought of my child dying so young.

Right now her family and loved ones are busy working against time to raise half a million Singapore dollars for a treatment only available in a US hospital to improve her chances of survival. Please help them give feisty Charmaine a fighting chance by supporting them in their fundraising efforts. We can do what we can by contributing financially, encouraging Charmaine and her family as well as spreading the word so that more can help.

More importantly let us give them hope that we care because every child's life is precious and even more so that little Charmaine is one of our own.

You can read about Charmaine's story here and find out more on cash donations and other fundraising efforts here.



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