Thursday, July 26, 2012

In that 6 months

And so 6 months have passed since the last update. Awfully terrible of me I admit, and you'll be right to think badly of me. I can only explain my absence with an overwhelming sense of needing a sabbatical break from jewellery and actually giving my attention to the little kiddies at home. I may be with them physically, but my mind was always distracted with wanting to do my own stuff. Enough being enough, an unplanned short recess turned into a half year hiatus. 

In these few months, we have spent lots of time being in the outdoors with them, reading with them, undoing any damage the TV or ipad/iphone may have inflicted as an object of infatuation, and of course the disciplining, the rod, the frustration, the tears! I can safely say we are now at a much better place than we were at the start of this year. They both enjoy reading so much now, we have stories before naps and bedtimes, sometimes repeating the same well loved stories many times over in one sitting. They are also far less interested in playing on i-devices now than making up imaginary stories with their toys as kids their age should. Disciplining is a necessary ongoing process, a work in progress still but we are getting there slowly. Perhaps the most heartwarming change of all is how well the siblings get along, how affectionate they are with each other and enjoy playing together.

Just recently little Sarah has begun toddler playgroup along with her older brother in preschool, which has given me a few hours of wonderful peace and quiet and sanity. I feel a small growing urge to go back to tinkering with what I know best, to feed that creative appetite once more. A little excited, a little anxious, will it be like how it was before?

On my table are some completed pieces which will be listed soon. Thank you again for being here, reading this. I hope this will be a beautiful start of another phase in this journey :)

P.S. The above photos were taken last Saturday morning. Nathan is now a proper little man at 3.5 years old and Sarah is a precocious 20 months. And yes they have breakfast in PJs.


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