Saturday, October 20, 2012

Epigraph locket necklace - SGD 155 - Sold

A fantastic large antique oval locket from the Wightman & Hough company set with paste stones in a floral motif patterin is the star in this Epigraph necklace, accompanied by a single vintage teal blue bezel-set glass stone, moonstone heart brios, blue zircon rounds and peacock blue pearls wired in brassy hues. The locket is stunning and in excellent condition with the back face monogrammed with what appears to be a lovely scripted EMD. 

In case you were interested, the W&H Co. was a Providence, RI based jewellery company in business from 1856-1922 and the lockets they produced were exceptional! I love their lockets and may or may not own a few myself :) 

Perhaps Epigraph could go home and live with you for the next 50 years or so?

Love & Faith Locket Necklace - SGD 105 - Sold

If you were interested in my sideways cross locket necklace here, you may be pleased to know I have come up with a similar piece also featuring a pretty vintage gold locket in just the right size for a dainty necklace. Most lockets I've found are either too bulky for the delicate look I'm going for or the gold finish isn't quite right so you can't imagine how pleased I was to find another that would work.

Sterling and rhinestone accents,  a shiny poofy gold-filled star, a tiny faceted blue topaz and smooth blue flash moonstone brios are added for a lovely 2-toned finish on an equally fetching petite gold-filled chain. 

Time now to spend the rest of the balmy Saturday with the mister and kiddos, hope you have a splendid weekend with the ones you love too! 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lovesprout bracelet - SGD 48 - Sold

Simple, unassuming and pretty enough for everyday wear, the Lovesprout bracelet features a realistic japanese butter yellow rosebud and a rustic leaf charm on a string of delicate pink freshwater pearls and subtle rose quartz rondelles. A sparkly speckled heart is nestled in there somewhere along with the tiniest vintage prong-set pearl drop. Charms, wirework and clasp are 14k gold-filled.

A lovely keepsake for any occasion.

Studio Notice

T'was a day of hearts in the workroom ~

Come next week, I will be jetting off to Tokyo with my bestie (no hubby! no kids!) for a badly-needed-much-craved-sanity-preserving holiday so please note the no-shipping dates in case you were looking to pick something up on short notice. 

No shipping dates: 25th Oct Thurs - 31st Oct Wed

I am totally psyched about stuffing my face with all the sashimi+sushi+ramen+tempura+cute confections Japan has to offer and checking out the cool cafes in the cool zakka neighbourhoods without having to rush through a cuppa coffee because the kids are getting restless/destroying furniture/needing to use the loo. The hubby will not be grumpy with me for stepping into another kawaii shop for the gazillionth time and I will finally get to soak in an onsen because the last time I was in nippon land, I had a wriggling little embryo growing inside me which turned out to be a little cheeky rascal in the form of Nathan. Nearly 4 years ago. So radiation or not, Tokyo here I come!

:: special request :: Chatsworth Necklace - Sold

I was overjoyed and undoubtably grateful for being able to find 2 of these very old cannetille ribbon bow charms which has made it possible for me to fulfil a special request for a similar Wharton-style necklace. While Chatsworth and Wharton are sister necklaces, they possess different vintage elements; the former has the inclusion of a lovely single antique chandelier cut glass pendant. Charming nonetheless :)

Monday, October 15, 2012

Million Dollar Question

To part with or not to part, that is the question.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Claudette necklace - SGD 140 - Sold

Enchanting floral pastels with a vintage rhinestoned bouquet component, crystal flower and beautiful gemstones of golden rutile, green amethyst, rose quartz, labradorite, moonstones and pearls. Lots of wonderful shining stones in this beauty! Necklace measures approx. 18" in length with 14k gold filled parts and as usual, one of a kind :)

Karenina earrings - SGD 65 - Sold

Beautiful salvaged vintage gold tone roses tinted with peach enamel, the tiniest ruby brios, faceted labradorite coins and pretty moonstones make up this stunning pair with flashes of blue brilliance. Earrings measure approx. 6.5cm in length. 

Tenderly bracelet - SGD 45 - Sold

I have been thinking of Christmas lately and working on gift ideas that I hope will make the people around me (and maybe around you?) happy. Can't believe it's October already! Have you started writing that list yet? 

Tenderly is a sweet, affectionate pearl bracelet with a petite blush pink rose, single gold-tone angel wing charm  and a vintage floral heart cameo locket. A string of rose quartz rondelles serve as the bracelet's safety chain. Wirework and clasp are 14k gold-filled. Altogether loveliness for a special lady.

Dalloway necklace - SGD 125 - Sold

One of my favourite necklaces, Dalloway may look deceivingly nondescript but it sure takes your breath away once you put it on. Elegant, classy yet somewhat flirty, with the swaying soft blush rose quartz briolettes, labradorite rondelles and champagne pearls. A keeper in my books :)

Wharton necklace - SGD 115 - Sold

I've used 2 very old antique components here: a cannetille bow charm from the late 1800s and the floral filigree centrepiece set with paste stones, also another 19th century relic. The weathered look is complemented with oxidised sterling parts, a vintage rhinestone and a lovely ivory butterfly cameo from Japan. Necklace measures approx. 18" in length.

Monday, October 08, 2012

Bohemia necklace - SGD 75 - Sold

Yet again drawing inspiration from the early 20th century, this Bohemia necklace boasts elements transiting from Nouveau to Art Deco with a free-spirited jewel tone vintage rhinestone centrepiece. Also features a brass pixie charm, petite vintage locket, sterling star, smoky quartz nugget and black agate barrel beads. An unconventional piece, 18" long.

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Exposition necklace - SGD 79 - Sold

Another 20s-inspired decadent piece, the clean lines and strong curves of this amazing vintage two-tone crystal pendant (picked up in London, and it swings) really add a different dimension to the classic pearl ensemble. The pendant is detachable so you can wear the pearls sans pendant or the pendant on a simple gold chain, whatever tickles your fancy. Along the pearl chain are some vintage rhinestones and beads befitting this sculptured dame. Necklace hangs longer at a 20" length.

Regalia earrings - SGD 55

Art deco finesse is displayed in these geometric diamond-shaped scallop links and vintage-inspired very intricately milgrained sterling hooks, topped off with luscious blood red smooth ruby briolettes. Earrings measure approx. 1" in drop length. A stunning statement of classic, timeless style. And so 20s! (I won't be ashamed to hoard this for myself)

First Date earrings - SGD 45 - Sold

Romantic gold tone rhinestone-set open heart studs and a little cascading trail of tiny pearls and czech beads in soft blush and nude hues, ending with the prettiest pink high grade freshwater pearls. Earrings measure just under 3cm in drop length. *only pair*

Betsey earrings - SGD 55

A darling pair featuring pretty pink amethyst onion brio stones.... This time it's a charming pastel combination of lilacs, aquas, greys and subtle pinks. Earrings measure approx. 1.8cm from silver-toned rose studs with sterling chains and wirework. Soothingly feminine! *only pair*

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Midweek Random-ness

A little necklace I conjured up for myself recently :: a cz sideways cross from etsy, antique heart locket from my London trip and other adored bits and bobs ~
And yes you've guessed it, today was photo-shoot day! 
Quite a few new pieces to be unveiled once I've sorted out the pictures :) Stay tuned! x


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