Thursday, April 24, 2008

Drops of Rainbow - SGD 45 - Sold

These are really beautiful tourmaline brios with very clear colours and a brilliant faceted sheen. I especially love the pinky plummy tourmaline colours! These brios are about 5x5mm in size and dangle prettily from 18mm swirly tubes. Drop is 47mm from goldfilled hooks ~

Sophisticated - SGD 40 (only pair) - Sold

I did up a similar pair for MAAD which got sold and here's another pair of excellent quality smoky quartz nuggets (the clarity is unbelievable!) suspended in 22mm braided goldfilled hoops and moonstone rondells. Really really classy with a drop of 33mm ~

Maki Squarepatch has reopened!

Yesterday afternoon I paid Xin a visit at their newly (re)opened shop down Bali Lane and I really liked how they managed to retain the cosy whimsical air of their previous shop on Emerald Hill. Though the Bali Lane space is a tad smaller, it certainly hasn't lost out on Maki Squarepatch's characteristic quirky charm! They have started carrying more fabulously cool things by different local artists/designers which really contributes to the handmade atmosphere. We were talking and I was like, hey let's do another tea party together! The new space's cute, it's cosy, it's central and it's gonna be just as fun as the last time!

Details are still being firmed up but we are looking at the end May/early June period. It will just be a casual affair, a smallish gathering of friends hanging out over some light refreshments (haven't decided what yet) after which people may adjourn to the adjacent areas for some indie exploring. Like rum & raisin ice cream at Pluck. Mmmm... that would be my idea of a great afternoon with gal pals :)

More custom orders churned out from the workshop!
Seems like there's a pink theme going on.
This weather is perfect for snuggling in bed with a book but sweatshop elf here will have to leave this luxury for another cool grey cloudy rainy day :(

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Whispers - SGD 36 - Sold

I've been working on some mini series stuff but custom orders have kept me from translating more of my ideas into creations for now. Hopefully things will ease up a little and I'll be able to reveal a series of necklaces later this week! Meanwhile here's a new pair of earrings after a quiet week on the blog front:

Whispers is a light leafy pair of cool white breeze with a carved clear quartz rose, smoky czech drops and just a hint of olive tones. Drop is 5.5 cm from 14k goldplated hooks ~ Another shot of Whispers can be seen here.

Artemis - SGD 108 (only piece) - Sold

I found this really special almost wing-like vintage Corocraft brooch with lovely light & dark green rhinestones and loved it to bits! A little jade donut, green amethyst teardrop and cognac whisky topaz onion briolettes, swarovski cream pearl baubles and layers of goldfilled chains later, this has become a quirky feminine statement piece!

piano tales

Recently I've been feeling the urge to play the piano again, maybe it's cos the hubster's picking up the guitar and singing Blessed Assurance everyday for the past week is slowly driving me insane. I guess if I can accompany him and help him along with the tunes on my piano, his repertoire might expand and I can hum a different song in my subconscious :) So yup, the whole family had to be roped in to transport the piano from my parents' place to ours. It isn't a grande but for that pint-sized 20year old babe, it sure weighed a lot more than we expected!

We had to move the furniture around as well (there's 3 fitness machines sharing the space) so this weekend piano project turned out to be a major lounge makeover! We are not quite done yet but yes friends of the Challengers, be prepared for a radical change when you next visit. Sprained my wrist slightly in the process but it's much better today so maybe I'll finally be able to get some work done :)
My small group in church had a mini photoshoot last friday for a bulletin feature. Guess you can tell who couldn't make it! I threatened to put antlers on their heads but I think that might have been a tad disturbing for the lil kiddos haha so a thought bubble it was!

I leave you with the last picture of a custom order recently completed for a birthday:

Have a splendid week ahead!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

mortons again!

Before everyone starts to think my life revolves around meals at Morton's, I must clarify that this was a combined birthday celebration for 2 gal pals hence the extravagance! They'd heard me gush about the food at this establishment for my anniversary and made sure we were back again this time, and not just for the martinis hee.

We weren't huge eaters so we were able to share the humongous portions and not waste any food. (licked everything up onion bread crumbs and all) We loved the chilled ocean platter with the whole maine lobster, colossal shrimp cocktail, jumbo lump crabmeat, oysters on half shell and Alaskan king crab. I think just writing that has made my tummy growl with fond food memory. We were oohing and aahing and swooning over the freshness of the seafood and the OYSTERS! I'm not a big fan but the girls were going nuts over these monster-sized oysters.

The maindraw was of cos the steaks, I really liked the filet mignon and the red wine our familiar waiter (we were obviously regular martini downers) recommended. Lightly spicy, not at all acidic and a perfect accompaniement to the steak. Oh it was divine! We even snapped the bottle just so we could remember the label and year haha.

Altogether I had a very bubbly weekend with lotsa happy hours, pre-dinner drinks and... post-dinner drinks! We were giggling like teenage school girls haha. Intoxication is SO much fun when you're with gal pals!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Caramel Roses - SGD 38 - Sold

These are lovely petite roses with fresh white pearls, glittery swarovskis, czech beads and faceted cognac whisky topaz onion brios from sterling hooks ~ drop measurements later.

On the grapevine - SGD 45

I did a simpler design before Midsummer's in the same combination of purple amethyst and green emeralds. The first pair was sold at MAAD but I have another pair available for online. Yippee! Clusters of green emerald rondells, goldfilled beads and swarovskis adorn faceted amethyst teardrop brios measuring about 10x5 mm on goldfilled ear threads ~

Friday, April 11, 2008

Plush et Noir - SGD 46 (only pair) - Sold

This is my only pair of peony cloisonnes in black and I think it probably catches the contemporary oriental chic look best among all the colours :) This is an eye-catching length of 8cm drop from goldfilled hooks with slim green onyx and phrenite brios with red garnet and swarovski blings ~

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Emerald & Ebony - SGD 36 - Sold

This is a contemporary combi of green and black with a 2cm by 2cm cloisonne charm and smooth black onyx heart brios ~ Drops are 5.5cm (left) and 6.5cm (right) from 14k goldplated hooks.

Birdie ring #2 - SGD 49 - Sold

Ah before I forget, one little lonesome birdie is still looking for a good home to build its nest in ~ This little twit twit is wired onto a sterling ring base with vintage flowers in soft coral tones with a dark topaz rhinestone, pearls and lotsa little bits. Ring size 13.

April MAAD mosaics

I have had so much to catch up on post-MAAD, so many errands and what-nots that I've not really even rested yet. And it's Thursday already! Before I end up all high and dry, I'm gonna try and take it slow while valiantly attempting to finish all the orders I have on hand before taking on more. Thank you so much for all the referrals and support! It's been overwhelming :)

Meanwhile I've finally gotten down to uploading most of the recent new creations that were sold at MAAD ~

Inclement weather and weariness has seen me reclusing for a bit but i will be up and running real soon! Most outstanding packages are already on their way while more recent orders will be sent out by tomorrow. Phew! Logistics can be a real time-consuming affair. Doesn't help that the weather's all gloomy and sad. Where has all the sunshine gone?

Monday, April 07, 2008

Citrus Coral - SGD 49 - Sold

I am absolutely knackered after the MAAD weekend and weeks of preparation so this is my last listing for today. I so need to lie down now! And maybe soak my feet. Yes definitely a hot soak. I will try to upload pictures of the sold pieces in the next few days. And those emails! And orders! I'm afraid they will have to wait till tomorrow.

Citrus Coral is a real charmer, soft, petite and lightweight on the ears. Carved coral flowers in a peachy shade wired with pearls and a moonstone brio to goldfilled hoops, while carnelian brios, teeny swarovskis and moonstone rondells drape below. Drop is 4cm from goldfilled hoops ~

Prairie Green - SGD 45 - Sold

If you were at MAAD over the weekend, you would have noticed lots of green! I adore green, I think it's just so refreshing for the eyes, so natural and full of life. Well here's another pair of green petite lovelies with luminous phrenite, bright peridot and mossy tourmaline brios. Drop is 3.5cm from goldfilled hooks~

Posie Rosie - SGD 59 (only piece) - Sold

This is one of Karin's beautiful polymer rose garden pendants measuring 1.5" across, which I've wired with 2 red roses, a peach flower, white keishi pearls, a vintage rosebudbead, rose quartz rounds and deep purple czech beads on a 18" dark copper chain. Rich jewelled tones!

Gentle Spirit & Lightness - SGD 89 each - Both sold

This design is really my favourite of the lot and I've only got one of each in pink and blue. What really caught my eye were these huge austrian crystal inlays which I've framed with little white pearls. They both come with wing charms, pewter hands cradling a flower and a word charm each. Also they are asynmetrical with seam ribbons (not sure if they're vintage!) wired together with berry beads on one side and oxidised chains interspersed with keishi pearls on the other.

The crystal pendant part is 3cm long and 2cm wide. If including the charms below, the centrepiece is 6cm long from "chains" measuring 12" laid flat.

This is Gentle Spirit.

And this is Lightness.

I wanna keep one of them! Guess which it's gonne be? :)

Heart Song - SGD 60 - only piece

I have only 4 necklaces left post-MAAD and quite possibly 3, if I get my way and keep one for myself heh. Shall not say which yet just in case someone else is eyeing it too! This is a chain cum ribbon necklace with a round collaged charm that reads heart song, with a cherry quartz rose, vintage lace, other found odds n ends and lotsa little red garnet hearts.

The round collaged charm measures 30mm across while the centrepiece has a drop of 8cm. The "chain" part is 30 cm long when laid flat ~

Midsummer's - SGD 45 - Sold

I just stumbled upon this purple-green colour combi and really like how refreshing it looks! In Midsummer's, I've used amethyst and gorgeus green colombian emerald rondells under white czech flowers, with a pair of faceted amethyst teardrop briolettes at the end. Drop is 3.5cm from goldfilled hooks ~

Rose Bleu - SGD 39 (only pair) - Sold

These pale blue rose polymer beads are the last pair I have in this design! They are about 12 mm in diameter so they are a nice petite size. I wired them with pure white roses and frosted beads while the hooks and parts are all in sterling silver. As a gemmy touch, large moonstone onion briolettes with a cluster of iolite/grey moonstone/swarovski accents have only been added. Drop is about 4.5cm ~

Rose Pillows - SGD 35 - Sold

Bright and sprightly pillow beads by Karin that have blue roses and yellow sunflowers on a red base, this shape is really unique! I used the classic deep navy blue metallic roses with yellow drops that I've done before for an edgier combi. The pillow beads are 2x2 cm with a total drop of 6.5cm from 14k goldplated hooks ~

Nature Bramble charm bracelet - SGD 55 - only piece

I like the rustic textures in this piece, with vintage flowers, leaves, charms, some woody, some metallic but all so full of natural wholesome flavour! All bracelet lengths can be adjusted to suit your wrist size :)

Love Fairy charm bracelet - SGD 60 (only piece) - Sold

Lots of lilac goodness in this purple charm bracelet ~ There are rose cameos, pressed flowers charms, vintage accents, swarovskis, an elegant fairy, a "love" tile bead and more more more! (toggle closure)

Wish charm bracelet - SGD 60 (only piece) - Sold

I made a batch of charm bracelets with new and found objects for an eccletic touch so ta-dah! This is the first, a black and gold combination of odds and ends with a fairy charm, wish tile bead, little girl photo cahrm, vintage hearts, swarovskis and a piece of white lace. Toggle closure ~

Swallow Cloud - SGD 39 - Sold

Petite swallows swoop beneath rhinestone glitter with clusters of white keishi pearls and gorgeous octagonal topaz crystals ~ Drop is 4.5cm with goldfilled hooks and parts.

Owl Cherries - SGD 25 - Sold

These little owls are too cute to resist! They are just over 10mm tall in this mismatched pair. Drop is 5cm from brassy leverbacks, with keishi and stick pearls and red garnet "berries"!

Autumn Birdies - SGD 32 - Sold

Carnelian chips on textured hoops with brassy birds and yellow jade brios ~ Drop is 6cm from 14k goldplated hooks.

Indie Dream - SGD 28 - Sold

Textured pewter discs with amber rhinestone centres, brassy bird beads, white lace and drop beads in earthy shades ~ Drop is 5.5cm from rhodium hooks.

Birds & Berries - SGD 29 - Sold

Think my bird obsession reached its peak at MAAD over the weekend so yup, I've gotta start toning it down before I drive everyone mad! :p Brassy bird beads, white stick pearls, deep brown keishi pearls, czech leaves and little red garnet beads that look like little miniature cherries ~ Drop is 6.5cm from brassy leverbacks.

"Relics" Owl Night - SGD 25 - Sold

Swarvovski components, bluish-grey keishi and white stick pearls, wise pewter owl and a "night" word disc ~ Drop is 5cm from brass leverhooks that have been lightly brushed for an aged touch.

"Relics" My Soul Blooms - SGD 25

Swarvovski rondells, bluish-grey keishi and white stick pearls, victorian-inspired hands pewter charm and a bloom word disc ~ Drop is 4cm from gunmetal black leverhooks that have been lightly brushed for an aged touch.

"Relics" Fairy Wish bracelet - SGD 49

Darker vintage tones take centrestage in this charm bracelet with WISH alphabet beads, a fairy word disc and rhinestone heart charm. Other accents include metallic bluish-grey and cream keishi pearls, swarovski rhinestones and red garnet rounds, all attached to vintage links with a large brassy clasp closure ~

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

MAAD in April

Have you noticed my new banner? The last few days have been spent fiddling with photoshop and photos so I can have a mini makeover with a new blog banner and hopefully nicer pictures! I didn't intend to tie it in together with my first MAAD appearance this year but guess the timing just came together somehow. Although more time was alloted to MAAD this round and it was admittedly less stressful (but only just), I did away with sneaks so that perhaps the new pieces will make a greater impact when people see them altogether for the first time!

We're really psyched about this MAAD and even spent Sunday night "rehearsing" putting the booth together using our coffee table in the lounge haha. I've always wanted to work on booth asthetics cos the current setup is pretty crap, especially at the last event when both of us forgot to bring the table cloth and had to improvise with some brown tissue meant for packaging. Tsk tsk.

I know I've been tardy in emails and I apologise so please bear with me during this crazy MAAD period. Thank you so much and I hope to see you at Red Dot this weekend!

Here's the latest MAAD flyer:
And oh alright, here's a little peek at some new arrivals this weekend.
This was gonna be one big surprise -- rings! :)



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