Monday, November 10, 2008

Chris' baby shower!

Baby showers are probably not quite the norm cos we tend to celebrate the baby's 1st month birthday instead but really, it's so much easier (and fun!) to have a baby gift registry with well-wishers contributing things parents need or want apart from the ubiquitous red packet! So that's what Chris did, she had a list of specific baby items she had in mind, and all we had to do was to go put our name against the item. The list consisted of a mixture of stuff she'd already bought which she then wrapped and brought along to the party, as well as stuff that guests can purchase and bring along themselves. We happily contributed toward baby Natalie's eco Bumwear cloth diapers's fund :)
The baker in Chris can't resist cooking and baking ever!
Here is she hard at work adding last minute touches to the dessert.
She prepared such a feast I was glad to have brought an appetite! :p
oh guilty pleasures.... 70% pure dark sinful chocolate
haha the timing of this shot was so comical!
The proud mummy-to-be!
Funky tees for baby natalie, courtesy of our very artistic friend Chelsea.
How could I resist these?!! I started my pigging-out on one of these heh.
I promised snapshots of my new short bob so here they are!
Looking at the two photos below I feel kinda nostalgic for my lost locks. Sniff.
Taken in mid Oct at my mate's wedding dinner.
It was hilarious how some uni male friends couldn't recognise me with long hair cos I sported short hair all through school days. And I thought they were rude at first to ignore me! haha!
Taken in early Nov with my girl friends at Soon Lee after attending the launch of Bianca's latest collection. You can't see the belly at all in this white top! It's incredible!
Oh well I figured my hair will just grow back but right now the heat is killing me!
And of cos being excitable first-time parents, we had to take more pics of the growing belly.
The belly at 6 months
Can't wait to finally meet little Natalie come Dec! Meanwhile I'm gonna amuse myself with silly ideas for our baby shower in Jan next year ~ wouldn't it be nice to have a themed party! :p

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Silver Lining - SGD 40 - Sold

Clean and refreshing, this pair of gleaming sterling wavy tubes with microfaceted 10x7mm green amethyst briolettes topped with textured spacers provides a cool respite from the heat! Drop is 4cm from sterling hooks ~

Rae - SGD 45 - Sold

Pink and grey is my current colour combi obsession so don't be surprised to see this again soon! Petite faceted 7x4mm pink topaz teardrop briolettess cascade in smooth oval hoops topped with shimmering labradorite and rose quartz rondelles. Drop is 3cm from goldfilled hooks~

Body Talk

Can you believe it's November already?!! Where did all that time go? So much has been going on ~ weddings, more weddings, preparing for my gal pals's weddings... and of cos baby challenger in the tummy! 6 months down, just another 3 more to go! It's funny how much bellies can vary, I mean I have quite a few friends who have either given birth or are on their way like I am, and our tummies come in all shapes and sizes! I think I've been quite blessed with quite a neat belly, most people comment that my face and the other parts of my body have not put on much weight and it really helps to be able to still fit into my pre-pregnancy tees and jeans! Yea jeans! Although I can't zip or button up so I have to use one of those nifty wide belly bands to hide that fact :p

One thing's for sure though - water retention sucks!! Just check out my poofy marshmellow feet below:
And this ain't the worst yet I reckon! It'll probably poof up even more in next few months haha. Sometimes I take off my shoes in the middle of the day and find myself unable to fit back into them cos gosh they just swell! And did I mention they have gone up 2 shoes sizes? Way cool!

In the spirit of change, I deliberated for a grand total of one week before finally chopping off my nearly waist-long locks cos I was getting bored and the weather didn't help either. It was more heartwrenching than I thought though, when my hairdresser snipped off all those inches! Sobz* It's now a fairly short bob, much like how I used to sport my hair 3 years ago. I'm so happy the hubby loves it too! He opened the door last night, was blown away by the huge surprise and could only go (i-could-tell-it-was-genuine) "WOW!" Said it reminded him of my hair when we first met hee. I tried taking some self-portraits but they turned out baaaddd so let's wait for the weekend for some snapshots! :)

Here are some custom orders completed recently:


Rose Alabaster

Vintage Rose

Have a good weekend folks! We're going to a baby shower this Saturday! :)


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