Monday, August 26, 2013

Perk-me-up Pastels

:: prepping the pretty sparklies for their new owners today ::

Hope you are having a fabulous start to the week! xxx

Friday, August 23, 2013

Serenade necklace - SGD 98 - Sold

A darkened silver 1960s vintage rose component with a prong-set blue stone which I believe to be lapis lazuli or a close variant. The mystique colours of moonstone, labradorite and iolite come together for a medley of subtle silvers and glimmers. Necklace measures approx. 16" in length with sterling components.

Montague necklace - SGD 159 - Sold

When I first put this on, I didn't want to take it off.

The trio of creamy ivory, smoky brown and shimmering grey proved to be an alluring combination when accompanied by a whopper of a vintage czech crystal component in a pretty shade of root beer.  There are mother of pearl briolettes, moonstones, smoky quartz, silvery grey freshwater pearls and all sorts of little shiny and peachy accents running the autumnal spectrum. Though somewhat muted in its earthy neutrality, boy does this lady sparkle! 

Destinee necklace - SGD 149 - Sold

This is for the ladies who wrote in for more Fairest Star necklaces! 
A vintage celluloid and rhinestone starburst focal, pretty pink rose, glasswork bead, lots of green amethyst + pink amethyst + coral + freshwater pearls and a brilliant large smooth rainbow moonstone pendant adorned with more gemstone-pearl goodies. The pictures do not do the soft blending of myriad pastel colours any justice so you just have to take my word when I say this babe's a keeper :)

The Aristocrat necklace - SGD 149 - Sold

Regal and stately, this noble lady boasts stunning, flashing labradorite stones that take their place alongside a glittering rhinestone-ed vintage focal, amazonite nuggets, freshwater pearls and dripping rose quartz & moonstones. And finally a brilliant aqua blue crystal pendant to bring out the blue flash of the labradorites. I do so love this piece and nearly wanted to keep it (again!). 

Titania necklace - SGD 145 - Sold

Unexpected bursts of vibrance in this fairy queen come in the form of floral posies of bright corals, aquas and pretty shades of purple, complementing the vintage jade leafy brooch. Also starring are interesting pinkish opalite ovals, gold-speckled lapis lazuli and luscious creamy pearls.

La Valse necklace - SGD 149 - Sold

A vintage floral pearl & gold wash brooch pin, large faceted pink amethyst gemstone briolette & vintage rhinestone drop, moonstones and green amethysts, freshwater pearls, rose quartz and phosphosiderite waltz together in this symphony of lavender, mint and gold. A darling piece!

Deco Dream necklace - SGD 105 - Sold

This art deco-sque fan-like vintage component was seen earlier in my Madam Botany necklace as they were a pair of earrings in their previous lives. Now speaking different stories, I've used one here in this lavaliere necklace made up of green onyx, blue apatite, labradorite and rose quartz. There is even a small jade donut for that slight asian touch. You are seeing a lot of rose quartz in this batch of sparklies!

Angelica necklace - SGD 89 - Sold

A simple vintage pendant necklace and smooth rose quartz briolette that glows from within on a chain handwired with soft-hued gemstone rondelles and pearls. Rose gold-filled components are used, giving an unexpected touch of warm rosy tinge. My take on a pretty vintage lady-like necklace for everyday wear :)

Rosewater earrings - SGD 59 - Sold

Beautiful milgrain-textured rose motif gold vermeil ear studs, lush clusters of soft almonds and pale pink and gorgeous blue topaz briolettes as clear as still waters. Earrings measure just under 2.5cm in drop length.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New Sparklies

✩ Coming here Friday 23 August 2013 

Stay tuned! X


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