Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Little Nyonya - SGD 135 - Sold

A Peranankan-inspired darling with another amazing 3D detailed korosong-like vintage brooch made up of floral clusters, tiny faux pearls and rhinestones. I love the dark green jade butterfly and chinoiserie jade coin focal to the left. A single carved terracota-coloured stone rose, fluorite oval nuggets, coral, malachite, turquoise, lapis lazuli and precious gemstones (vesuvianite onion briolette, phrenite, carnelian, amethyst, garnet). Necklace measures approx. 18" in length.

Harem - SGD 125 - Sold

Harem features a pretty jade butterfly, large brilliant faceted blue quartz focal with a vintage rhinestone piece in the most amazing emerald green, sapphire blue, royal purple and deep scarlet. Other semiprecious stones include blue lace agate, black agate, coral, ruby, turquoise and lapis lazuli. Necklace measures approx. 18" in length. Stunning blues and peacock hues.

Songstress necklace - SGD 128 - Sold

I thought I would kick start my return with some oriental creations, true to this blog's name :)

Songstress is a chic chinois starlet with a medley of smooth & faceted semiprecious gemstones in bottle greens, corals and luscious reds. The spotlight is on the amazing brassy gilt finish butterfly set with shiny green, garnet and sapphire paste stones. It is quite old, originally part of an art deco 20s era trembler brooch but the rivet attaching the butterfly to it has broken with age. The pink enamel floral cut out disc is also vintage, though a more modern contemporary of its butterfly counterpart. 

Other interesting details include a single red acrylic rose, rose quartz leaf, japanese tensha, jade accents with toggle closure. Necklace measures a slightly longer 21" in length.


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