Friday, May 23, 2008

Gingko Fern - SGD 30 (only pair) - Sold

2 more weeks before I vanish for a fortnight so i'm gonna try and make and list as many new pieces as i can while keeping myself sane in this insane summer heat. How I'd love to chop off my locks if not for the fact that it took me nearly 3 years to grow it out!

I'm so happy Friday is here again so I leave you with a pair of mismatched earrings to mark the weekend :) Gingko Fern features a special cloisonne charm on one side, while the other side features a rhinestone-centred vintage red flower and czech leaves wired onto a mini dreamcatcher with subtle nature shades trailing below ~ Drops are 4.5cm and 5cm respectively from 14k goldplated hooks. This is my only pair!

On a side note, I have decided that my personal photos on Flickr should now be only viewable by those on my friends and family lists. Not that I have become a victim on online photo ripping (at least I am not aware of any!), but I would like to take precautions and protect the privacy of my friends and loved ones. No heads on topless bodies please! Of cos for those who know me personally, I will be glad to add you to my list of friends so that you can share in the embarrassing evidence of my exploits hee. Just drop me a line! :)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Teddy bride loves photoshoots!

A uni friend of mine wanted to get a wedding set as a present for her friend who's getting married in June and I couldn't be more pleased to do it up for her! I've also done up matching earrings which aren't in the picture cos they were notoriously hard to photograph for a lousy amateur like myself. This little teddy bride has been sitting by my computer screen so I used it in my photoshoot on a lark. Hee. You can tell she is very excited to be my model cos she loves happy occasions, like a wedding!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I wanna be in France too!

Just spoke to Daddy Challenger on Skype and guess where the in-laws are at the moment? South of Bordeaux in France! Matt's family has a caravan (yes a caravan) which takes the in-laws on their nomadic trawls across Europe, in particular France. This time, they are taking 3 months to caravan through the French countryside, enjoying the clean, crisp air, quaint little towns and oh boy lotsa lotsa CHEESE. What a different life we have here. Bugger.

It's actually quite cool hearing the hubster's stories of his family vacations growing up cos the places they went to were of cos totally different from where we went. I think my first holiday was to Genting in Malaysia when I was 6. After that came nearby Asian destinations like Hongkong, Japan, Korea, China and the occasional Australian foray. Yes i was very spoilt as a child by parents who loved to travel so i guess i sort of inherited that wandering trait from them.

Now imagine spending a week in a rustic MASSIVE chateau in the French countryside with its own lake and woods and having to drive to the nearest town for food cos it is that rustic. Wow. That's the kind of holiday the hubster had. It sounds so... exotic. Like something we read about in Under a Tuscan Sun or A Year in Provence, but never actually get the chance to do. This idea of a French chateau vacation has become like my own mini obsession, you should see how many friends I've driven nuts with all that talk of a provencal holiday! Hopefully we'll be able to find time during our trip back to England in August for a short getaway to (maybe)France? Haha. Our friends absolutely loved Barcelona and I've heard of how beautiful Prague is so right now I'm just spoilt for choice! Hee.

Ok time to get a grip before I swoon into another of my wanderlust moods (they are so hard to wake up from). Time to start a new holiday fund!

Ah here's a loonnnggg waist length necklace which can be wound twice, thrice round the neck for different layered looks that was ordered as a birthday gift ~ I've always dug the layering look but never got round to actually work on them. This season though I've really gotten into the mode so expect more layered necklaces soon!


Meg - SGD 45 - Sold

I really do adore the purple tones in Meg with little lilac flower clusters, beautifully faceted amethyst and moonstone brios, pink tourmaline heart brios, teeny swarovskis and amethyst rondelles ~ Drop is just over 3.5cm from goldfilled hooks.

Jo - SGD 46 - Sold

Perhaps you would have noticed that this series was named after the March sisters from Little Women. No particular reason there, except for the fact I really enjoyed the novel while growing up and it just came to my mind! :)

Jo boasts stronger colours than her sisters (how apt!) with carnelian teardrop brios, tourmaline heart brios and little clusters of emerald and rubies. I like! Drop is 3.8cm from goldfilled hooks ~

Beth - SGD 45 - Sold

Here's Beth with little flowers that are really more a mellow pink than the coral tone as the picture seems to show. Foamy sea-green chalcedony brios swish below with petite mystic white topaz brios and rondelles of pink tourmaline and moonstone ~ Drop is 3.5cm from goldfilled hooks.

Amy - SGD 45 - Sold

If you've been wondering where I've been, moi here was hibernating at home over the weekend recovering from a bad eye infection. The doctor couldn't really pinpoint the exact cause so I was really worried there! Lots of antibiotic eyedrops and resting later, I'm glad to say I'm no longer one-eyed jack! Yippee...

Still on the neverending journey of finishing custom orders (which is a good thing- i'm not complaining!) but here's a mini-series I did on the side to amuse myself hee. Little flower clusters in colours of spring :) First is Amy, with tangerine shades and brios of carnelian, peridot, phrenite, freshwater pearls and moonstone rondelles. Drop is 4cm from goldfilled hooks ~

Monday, May 12, 2008

Morning Dew - SGD 39 - Sold

Ah I just love ear threads cos they are so easy to wear! This is a pale blue version Silver Roses with milky blue chaledony heart brios, labradorite & moonstone rondells and a dash of swarovskis to spice up the colour facets. Refreshing calming colours to soothe on a hot day like today :)

White Daisies - SGD 35 - Sold

Summer days are here again! Vintage white daisies are wired with czech petals, swarovskis and pearls in this sprightly mismatched pair ~ Drop is about 5.5cm from brassy hooks.

Dans la nuit - SGD 36 (only pair) - Sold

I've done this pair for a while but never quite got down to taking photos :p Oxidised silver leverbacks with flowers featuring cubic zirconia centres, swarovski blig balls, litle pearls, rhodium leaves and sterling accents. Drop is 4.5cm from the base of the flowers ~

Monday, May 05, 2008

Flu bug alert!

I can't believe how the week just passed! Must be this nasty bug circulating at home, first the hubster was down for a couple of days, after that it was poor moi who had to stay in bed for the long labour day weekend. What a bummer!! I'm still not perfect but am well enough to sit at the computer and answer some emails. My apologies to those who've emailed me and are awaiting my replies! This little bout of flu has pushed my schedule back quite a bit so I'm having to rush all the urgent wedding orders on hand. As I'll be going away for 2 weeks in June, I'm afraid I will have to review any new custom requests and accept them on a case-by-case basis, as long as they are within material and time constraints. Thank you for bearing with me!

Now I have to go take some paracetemol for this headache of mine and finish up those necklaces. I can't wait to finish this batch and then take another long break. We'll be heading up to Port Dickson in Malaysia for our church camp followed by my annual holiday with the girls. This time we're headed to Japan yay! Flipping excited about the onsen, food and of cos the shopping for jewellery supplies! Sheer bliss.


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