Thursday, June 23, 2011

Voices in my head

St. Claire necklace
Duchess necklace
La Chanson necklace
Bejewelled necklace

All these pieces here were sold in the blink of an eye, thank you so much! I feel incredibly blessed to have such wonderful support, it really spurs me on to keep persevering despite the naysaying voices in my head!

Sometimes I wonder if I should look at this endeavour as a "professional venture" when in all honesty I know I don't. In this season of my life, my primary role and focus is wife, mother, homemaker. If my kids fall sick, if the larder needs replenishing, if overseas friends come to visit, I instinctively and unquestioningly take time away from the workroom to do what needs to be done. And surely you don't do that if it's some kind of "official" or "professional" job?

Not to say I don't enjoy my time in the studio, oh I love just hanging around there! It gives me great satisfaction and immense enjoyment and I wish I were more able to juggle my time wisely so I wouldn't feel this dissatisfied from being pulled away by daily obligations. Perhaps the lesson I need to learn is to not let what I do determine my self-worth, or let myself be subject to the world's definition of success. There is nothing embarrassing about being a stay home mom and not having to go back to a regular job. So why do I still hesitate in replying when people ask what I do?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Birds of a feather flock together

I love seed pearls in my old jewellery and you already know my not-so-closet obsession with our winged friends so when I stumbled upon this pretty on Ebay last year I couldn't resist it. Thankfully no one bidded ferociously against me for it so it's now one of my prized possessions! I haven't quite seen the likes of an antique 10k gold amethyst and seed pearl birdies necklace like it since then so I guess this was quite the find! You wouldn't believe the price I paid for it too. Utterly disgustingly worth it. *beams*

Monday, June 20, 2011

Proof of time not idled

I am not holding out on you, promise!

Work is slow as the daughter is reaching a needy phase - sometimes it frustrates me to be wanted so much though I quickly reflect and know it is really a blessing to be loved! One day she is going to prefer hanging out with her friends then spending time with mama. I just have to learn to give up my own selfish desires with what I think is "my time" and appreciate the moments I have with my sweet baby who needs me. Dying to self is a lesson I have to learn everyday!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sweet Cheeks

Nursing a bad throat while the daughter has a cold, must be all those kisses! We are passing bugs all around. Still lightheaded but I couldn't resist these pictures snapped over the weekend. She is so cute! Biased, I know. Now if only I could get the son to pose for me too....

Friday, June 03, 2011

I think I am obsessed

Took these photos for a really thoughtful hubby looking for a birthday gift for his wife to put pictures of their bub in. How sweet is that! Eventually he chose one from a different set - a pretty heart-shaped cameo locket - which I think makes a wonderful gift for a new mom!

Going through my jewellery chest (it's no longer just a box or two) made me realize just how many amazing pieces I have and that I really need to make sure none of them feels left out and neglected. The above lockets are but a few from my own collection, I haven't photographed those that I love and wear a lot cos I don't wanna disappoint folks with tantalizing pictures of pieces that ain't available! This is just a selection from the locket section. Now is this jewellery-collecting an obsession or what?

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Kungfu Sarah

Snapped over lunch at Tampopo by my BFF Val.
This girl likes to nurse and practise gymnastics at the same time.
You probably can't tell but she is grabbing her foot through the shawl here.
Did I mention she sprouted 2 teeth last month at 5 mths?
Oh woe is me mother cow!

Nocturne - SGD 108 - Sold

Last of my vintage Napier owls, I just love the white enamel feathers and emerald rhinestone eyes on this cutie! Perched on another vintage floral wreath with aqua rhinestones, a large midnight sapphire swarovski pendant sways below. 2 trails of the best moonstone and lapis lazuli rondelles lead up to a vintage Germal vitrail glass jewel in a similarly dazzling hue. More lapis lazuli rounds and a wide ribbon in the perfect shade of blush nude brings this nocturnal interlude to a beautiful end. Necklace is approx. 24" long with a 3.5" centre-piece drop. Toggle clasp closure.

Treillage - SGD 105 - Sold

A beautiful 1920s pink paste and pearl floral fern is the prima donna here with accompanying delicate hues of pale aquas, shimmery blues, soft peaches and pretty pinks. Gemstones used include a long aqua chalcedony briolette, keishi petal pearls in a lovely oyster blue, pink garnet, rhodochrosite, rose quartz and apatite with 14k gold fill components. Approx. 20" in length with a 2" pendant drop. Ethereal frailty at its best.

Etoile Filante - SGD 89 - Sold

The mysterious beauty of a shooting star is captured here in this lovely, lovely vintage rhinestone charm with an emerald-cut aquamarine glass jewel. A puff gold star, petite pearls, gems in beautiful soft gleaming moonstone, dusty blue, prairie green and rose pinks. Approx. 17" in length. A delicate, romantic everyday necklace.


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