Thursday, September 30, 2010

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Some new necklaces on the blog right now!

Oh boy I so need to take a break after today .... knowing I only have this week left before the hubster's ultimatum to pack up or he will, I have been working flat out the last couple of weeks till little Sarah's been kicking and squirming in protest. I still have so much I want to do but I think it's truly time to let the baubles take a back seat or the wee bub will be clad in towels and sleeping in the drawer when she comes!

So from now on it will be about packing the studio away, though I do think I will not be able to resist a creation or two... sshhh... It's quite funny how this little girl inside me has been such a great source of creative spark and muse, unlike her brother who basically just kicked and fussed all the way through the 9 months and refused to let me do much at all. I am looking forward to letting the nesting instincts kick in a bit more, and have fun doing up the children's rooms in our new place. Not to mention spend more quality time with the young man before 3 becomes 4!

Though it's maternity leave time, I thought it'll be nice to maybe blog about some of my treasured baubles - vintage or not - and maybe some behind the scene takes? I'm quite excited at the idea of sharing other titbits from my life apart from just new uploads! Though of course that is the main idea most of you are reading this anyway :) Hopefully this will keep me from growing lazy and this blog from the cobwebs!

Thank you so much for bearing with me during this transitional period, I can't wait to be able to introduce the little missy to you soon!

The Rose Lily - SGD 105 - Sold

Once an adornment of choice for the ears, this beautifully preserved vintage Coro rose enamel earring has been repurposed into a pendant focal in this subtly hued necklace of soft lilac, blush pink, fresh mint and shimmering champagne tones.

A large gorgeous faceted pink amethyst briolette and vintage rhinestone drop is hung from the Coro focal. The chain is made up of antiqued brass lily connectors, faceted rose quartz cubes, smooth aquamarine ovals, fluorite nuggets, freshwater pearls, moonstone & mystic topaz petite briolettes, swarovski crystal components as well as champagne rose pearls.

This darling measures approx. 18" in length with 14k gold-filled wirework and spring clasp closure.

Belle Epoque - SGD 120 - Sold

The creme de la creme!

This is a stunning vintage Coro pendant with a large emerald cut aquamarine blue glass crystal surrounded by seed pearls and set in a gold tone frame with blue rhinestone-centred flowers and leaves. The pendant measures 1 1/4" x 1 1/8" x 3/8" thick and is really fabulous as you can see!

Included with this pendant is the 17" chain you see above, which is made up of hand-linked blue flash labradorite, aquamarine, fluorite, blue topaz and swarovski pearls. I have made this pendant interchangeable and will include a separate plain 14k gold-filled chain for those days when you want something less.

As for anything else, the pictures say it all! :)

La Boheme - SGD 120 - Sold

In this La Boheme, it's really all about the art noveau style goddess-like fairy vintage enamel brooch pin centrepiece with its languorous outstretched pose, so reminiscent of glamourous movie sirens in days of yore. In glorious hues of shimmering gold, pewter and mauve, this pin has a crown insignia on the back (unfortunately I don't recognise this maker's mark!). It is in exceptional condition with a wingspan of approx. 6cm and 4cm height.

The necklace chain is done up asymmetrically -- irregular smooth deep red garnet nuggets, a victorian floral motif floral bead and large black and gold pearls on one side, a double strand of black agate barrel beads, smoky quartz, champagne pearls and swarovski rhinestone components on the other.

Length of necklace measures approx. 17" with a 1.5" extension. Wirework and lobster claps are 14k goldfilled. Can't believe I'm letting this go!

Raphael - SGD 105 - Sold

This pre-Raphaelite darling is a Florentine-inspired necklace with a beautifully-aged repurposed earring of a large bright pink glass stone surrounded by scrolling leaves and tiny peridot rhinestone accents. It measures approx. 1.5" by 1.2" and is signed DMJ at the back.

The colours of the 17" chain portion have been subtly muted so as not to detract from the glorious pink - gemstones used include the most amazing faceted pink amethyst ovals, rose quartz cubes, moonstones, peruvian pink opals, light jade donuts, large blush freshwater pearls, frosted floral tensha barrels and champagne pewter pearls. Truly divine!

Antoinette - SGD 96 - Sold

Welcome to the Rococo era!

Antoinette is a late Baroque period-inspired lavalier style necklace with this beautiful and intricately detailed cubic zircon-encrusted sterling filigree scroll focal. Draping elegantly from it is a 14mm pan-cut rock crystal briolette and 2 petite salvaged glass drops. The chain consists of AAA grade moonstone rondelles and white freshwater pearls, as well as more cz-encrusted sterling embellishments in 3 different styles, of which the snowflake motif connectors is the most visible in the above picture. The centrepiece measures approx. 1.7" in drop while the necklace length is approx. 17".

The pictures don't do Antoinette justice because the elegant detailing and sheen are much prettier in real life!

The Gatsby Girl - SGD 89 - Sold

Inspired by the Fitzgeraldian flapper era, the Gatsby Girl has a lovely art-deco style cubic-zircon encrusted sterling silver focal in a flattering wave that brings out the curve of the collarbone beautifully. A large dark blue sapphire briolette is draped gently from the winged-like focal. The 18" necklace chain is made up of gorgeous royal blue lapis lazuli rondelles with their tiny gold specks, tiny cubic-zircon connectors and a subtle twisted braid-like sterling chain.

This delicate yet exquisite necklace is perfect for those of us who prefer some understated vintage glamour! The pictures don't capture the beautiful intricate detailing of this Gatsby girl so you have to take my word for it :)

Mystic Peony - SGD 115 - Sold

While tidying the inventory for our big move, I found a bag of pretty polymer clay pendants that had been lost amidst all my bags of materials! Made by the uber talented Karin, I thought the floral garden motif in this amazing pendant would be wonderful for the chic chinois oriental necklaces that I'd been in the mood for lately.

A deep coral rose, 14k GF leaf charm, large nuggets of shimmering sunstone, royal blue lapis lazuli and red garnet, sultry red agate & rhodochrosite rounds as well as semiprecious accents, come together in this symphony of glorious colours!

Necklace measures approx. 18" in length with 14k gold-filled lobster clasp closure.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Wellesley Girl - SGD 105 - Sold

A simply yet breathtakingly beautiful necklace.

This gorgeous large amber citrine pendant focal was part of a pair of vintage earrings I found at an antiques specialty arcade in Tetbury, England - located within the very, very, very old Cotswolds and also home to Highbury Grove, the country home of the Prince of Wales aka Prince Charles. (No we did not spot any royalty but we did patronise their official grocer.)

The earrings in mention date back to the 1950s or earlier and is stunningly bright with the bouquet detailing and smaller rhinestones surrounding the larger emerald-like cut amber crystal. The chain portion has been kept simple with antiqued-brassy filigree connectors and rondelles of hessonite, citrine and garnet with golden autumn pearls. Still can't believe how pretty this is!

This necklace measures approx. 18" in length with 14k gold-filled wirework and lobster clasp closure.

Miss Earhart - SGD 120 - Sold

Ah this has to be one of my favourite necklaces so far!

(do i say that a lot?)

Part of my London flea market loot was a pair of gorgeous vintage winged velvet purple rhinestone earrings and I've turned on of them into a pendant focal in this soft lilac and baby breath blue beauty. The necklace chain is made up of irregular-shaped amethyst nuggets, lavender and blue lace agate rounds, rhinestone filigree connectors, swarovski crystals and pearls. Layered with another vintage rhinestone necklace at the front, this is one lady I wouldn't mind adding to my personal hoard of treasures! :p

Maxine - SGD 115 - Sold

I had a few enquiries for more of Scarlett and since the red rhinestoned leafy component was part of a pair of vintage earrings, I was able to do up Scarlett's sister necklace :)

With the same large floral tensha barrel bead, a deep coraline rose, clusters of semiprecious rondelles with pink-sapphire-cupped keishi petal pearls, amethyst and red garnet briolettes. This asymmetrical necklace also features the same faceted black agate ovals and deep ruby-hued red agate rounds and ends with a gorgeous large faux-vintage crystal pendant charm in antiqued-gold-filigree setting.

Necklace measures approx. 16.5" in length with a 1.5" extension (looks best worn short).

Thursday, September 16, 2010

O' Scarlett! - SGD 115 - Sold

I love this Scarlett! It pains me to part with her too.

In sexy rouge and jet is this feisty lady with a vintage red rhinestoned leafy earring-turned-connector, carved dyed howlite red rose, unique mystic enamel black & gold dust plume charm, beautiful large floral tensha barrel, clusters of semiprecious rondelles with pink-sapphire-cupped keishi petal pearls, amethyst and red garnet briolettes. Faceted black agate ovals and ruby-hued red agate rounds complete this asymmetrical stunner.

Necklace measures approx. 16" long with a 1.5" extension (looks best worn short).

One word: GORGEOUS!

Mimosa - SGD 125 - Sold

In case you're wondering why some pics seem more yellow than the rest, it wasn't my intention. My camera has gone all wonky on me and try as I may, I just couldn't get the toning back right. So there you have it, the top 2 pictures depict the colours accurately while the bottom 2 are artistically stylised sepia-toned retro.

I had a few emails loving the Caramel Toffee and Ivory Fall necklaces so I thought I'll have another in a similar style. Boasting butter creme and honey taupe hues are these gorgeous shimmering sunstone and irregular shaped labradorite nuggets with shimmering faceted mother-of-pearl shell ovals, golden rutilated quartz, moonstones, mystic topaz, freshwater pearls, swarovski crystal square connectors and rhinestone components, as well as a large beautiful pale green amethyst focal briolette.

The beautiful centrepiece is made up of a gorgeous and well-preserved sunflower rhinestone broochpin dating from the 50s-60s with a little cute turquoise bug perched just under a pretty ivory acrylic rose. Necklace measures approx. 18" in length with an adorable floral side toggle closure.

I will miss Mimosa when it's gone! *sniff*

Sweet Anais - SGD 110 - Sold

Go pretty victorian with the prettiest vintage porcelain-like velvet rose charm wired onto a rhinestone pearl brooch pin, pale pink vintage lucite flower, deep red ruby heart briolette on a necklace chain of soft blush rose quartz cubes, moonstone and mystic topaz, freshwater button pearls, pale jade donut, pink opal, rhodolite garnet, labradorite, pink amethyst, frosted tensha ovals and champagne sage pearls. Lovely soft pink and nude hues with a dash of fuchsia!

This ethereal charmer looks best worn short so it's 16" long with a 1.5" extension and lobster clasp closure.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Hello, birthday week Monday!

Hope you guys had a lovely break this long weekend!

Just in case you missed it, there's a 10% promotion going on at the bigcartel shop in my birthday month! Check this post for more details. These are some of the lovelies in the shop:
(This one has sold but a Faith version is available.)Hope Angel charm necklace
Am off now for a late brekkie and some package mailing, be back again with more goodies! x

Friday, September 10, 2010

Sold... and a special deal!

Thought I'd share pictures of some pieces that had been taken before they could make it online....
(Note: These have been sold, sorry!)
Thank you everyone of you lovely folks for being so ever supportive all these years! Can't believe it's been 4 years since I started this blog. It first began as just an outlet of creativity vent after a full time day job compounded by boredom with my many many many trinkets (friends can testify to this obsession). Tearing them apart, adding new interesting bits and voila, I had something different to occupy me for just that while longer. Unexpectedly this interest has become one of the best things in my life.

Apart from satisfying the whimsical and vanity side of me , I have had the privilege of befriending so many kind and generous and wonderful people that I may have not known otherwise. You guys have made this creative endeavour such a rewarding experience for me!

And no, this is not goodbye. I'm just feeling sentimental right now.

A normal occurring process when you look over the horizon and realise you'll be another year older in a few days. And in the spirit of birthdays (gosh i know so many fellow september babies), I am having a little thank you promotion:

Please enjoy 10% off items in the bigcartel shop when you check out with the discount code: birthday10. This offer will be valid till the end of September.

While I will try to add more new pieces to the bigcartel shop, the fancier vintage reconstructed or simply more luxe necklaces will continue to be listed here on the blog. I should be having a couple more fresh ones in the coming week so keep your eyes peeled!

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Kirra Kurra Owl Necklace - SGD 125 - Sold

Isn't this the coolest yellow horned enamel owl ever?

This 2" tall vintage darling is not dated but is probably from the 60s or 70s. Kirra Kurra is perched against a large vintage bow backdrop with topaz rhinestones and I added a pretty pave-set rhinestone heart charm. The centrepiece measures approx. 3.5" tall and 2" wide.

This is a 28" long asymmetrical necklace with another reconstructed vintage earring component featuring yellow and amber cabochons, a large round floral toggle clasp, faux-vintage acrylic beads and black agate nuggets in assorted shapes. If you are an owl lover/collector, I hope you snap this necklace quick cos it's truly one of a kind and won't stay long!

Dynasty necklace - SGD 125 - Sold

A grand dame this Dynasty is!

With a fancy rhinestone-set green feathery vintage pin as a start, I added a pretty ivory acrylic rose, some pearls and semiprecious accents, a cool jade goldfish and a large olive topaz gemstone briolette. This approx. 17" long necklace closes with a large butterfly toggle clasp and has lovely blue-green amazonite oval nuggets and swarovski pearls in a beautiful shade of champagne sage. Quite the stunner and definitely not a wallflower :)

Ivory Fall necklace - SGD 110 - Sold

Just in time for autumn is Ivory Fall with its shimmering peaches, dark ambers and subtle greys. The focal is a beautifully preserved vintage ivory rose brooch pin marked D'orlan at the back. The rose itself is approx. 2" in size and the leaves on the pin have been accented with moonstones, labradorite and freshwater pearls. A single large cognac topaz briolette drapes from the centrepiece with the "chain" formed from irregular-shaped nuggets of labradorite, peach and grey moonstone, mother-of-pearl shell ovals, bezel set crystal square connectors, swarovski crystal embellishments and large round pearls in cream and champagne sage. This 18" long necklace closes with a floral toggle clasp on the side. Such a pretty dear!

Lady Jane - SGD 105 - Sold

In glorious autumn hues of rich ambers, warm golds and smoky deep browns is Lady Jane with lovely translucent smoky quartz nuggets, faux-victorian tensha rounds, swarovski accents and pearls in a beautiful champagne almond shade. The clincher is the side centrepiece of a gorgeous large crystal fleur in an antiqued-gold setting and a beautiful vintage heart-shape locket I got in London that is marked rolled gold at the back. Very romantic Austen chic!

*Rolled gold is an early 19th century technique of plating gold that is similar in gold content to contemporary 14k gold-filled and really durable if you consider its age!

Caramel Toffee - Mine!

I really meant to make this for the shop but I was so enamoured with the peachy caramels and butter toffee tones that I simply couldn't resist keeping it for myself!

A 1950s topaz and pearl leafy brooch pin with pave-set clear rhinestones in amazing condition is the centrepiece, to which I added an ivory rose and a rich copper hued rutilated quartz heart briolette. Along the chain are wired petite rainbow moonstone, mystic topaz, and hessonite briolettes; peach moonstone nuggets, smoky quartz cubes and cute little bevelled crystal square connectors.

I love how the colours blend together in subtle autumn shades, and this will go so well with my cream and nude blush dresses! Can you tell I'm in the mood for fall yet?

~*Delicate Charms*~ series

New necklaces in the bigcartel shoppe!

Here are some new 14k goldfilled and sterling charm necklaces I made with Christmas in mind that will make lovely gifts for your loved ones or yourself! They are petite and delicate, very ladylike. And yes, in case you're wondering, I have started my Christmas shopping. In September no less Now is that kiasu or what?!

With less than 2 months till Sarah arrives, there is just soooo much to be done and I've not done half the things on my list yet. Like making sure the breast pump still works, buying new teats for the bottles, digging out those 0-3 months rompers and making sure we won't be caught unprepared in case the little Miss decides to show up early! The belly is now 32 weeks big and I'm getting clumsier by the day so it's time to slowly wind down the shop and focus on the nest.

I still have a few fancier necklaces to be listed either tonight or tomorrow morning so watch this space for more details! Have a good long weekend folks!


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