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Hello, I'm Yiwen and welcome to my Oriental Rose world!

I have a great love for all things old and sentimental, with a special soft spot for antique jewellery and vintage frocks. It all started with an uninspiring multi-stone bracelet an old friend purchased for me from a curio shop in the States. She also gave me the cryptic disclaimer of not being responsible for "anything strange" that should occur while the bracelet was in my possession. Since then I have amassed a somewhat decent collection of 100 year old monogrammed lockets, art deco rings and all sorts of jewellery in my favourite vintage swallow/star/bow/rose motifs. I've become a collector!

Pretty vintage dresses are also dear to me, and I am especially partial to the frocks from the 1950s. Over the years I have picked up quite a number and they now inhabit a room of their own with the jewellery. You will find faded cotton frocks from the depression years, 40s printed rayon dresses, 50s cinched waisted lovelies alongside the sundresses of the 60s and 70s, all in my very very full house.

It doesn't seem too far fetched then that my love for vintage should spill over into the jewellery pieces I create when I am not busy with my 2 young children. Nathan my soon to be 6-yo is quite the he-man and not as interested in "mummy's girly things" as his little 4-yo sister Sarah. Among the names of pieces of clothing, she only knows what a dress is, calls everything that and enjoys twirling skirts with me. She also loves dolling up with my old trinkets and I let her, after all won't all these belong to her someday?

I am also very proud of my Chinese heritage and it shows in my oriental-themed pieces. Vintage and Chinoiserie. Perhaps you will find something here that speaks to you too?

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