Wednesday, October 08, 2008

More sassy cats!

The "Bewitched" earrings I did earlier seemed to catch the fancy of many so I thought I'd do up more variations with these cute vintage perched kitties! I've used vintage rose cabs, some cute buttonhole thread charms, swarovskis and the odd vintage czech heart crystal with goldfilled earhooks and wire components.

*Sassy* in burgundy - SGD 40 - Sold
Drop: 4cm (left), 4.5cm (right)

*Sassy* in midnight blue - SGD 40 - Sold
Drop: 4.5cm (left), 4cm (right)

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Flower Power & Lemon Sorbet - SGD 59 each - Both sold

Finally sorted out the pictures of the rings so here they are! Unlike the ones I made for Maad a few months ago, these are on adjustable bases so no fear about sizes!

I like this chunky dramatic one which was sold at Sept's tea.

*Glacial Coolness* ~ also sold

*Flower Power* ~ clusters of flowers with rhinestones on a silver-toned ring base.

And my personal favourite *Lemon Sorbet*
~ soft lime and green shades with a vintage pearl earring on a brass ring base.
Still thinking if I can part with this!

Queen of Terabithia - SGD 118 - Sold

One of the new pieces at Sept's tea party was this lavish ensemble of a large bold unicorn with a glittery pale lime/meadow green vintage rhinestone brooch and vintage flowers in enamel and lucite. Also included in the mix are gem brios of green garnet and phrenite with a green amethyst focal drop topped with apatite and rose quartz. Non-tarnish brass clasp closure~

A portrait of twinkling fantasy for that magical day out!
(Will try to take a modelled shot later!)

Other knick knacks at Doinky Doodles

Also at Doinky Doodles are these 2 necklaces and ring which I meant to upload last week but got too caught up with stuff to do:


adjustable "Mindy" ring

It's such a lazy rainy tuesday morning that I can't help but hide indoors and rest this aching body of mine. Hope the showers bring a cool breeze to you too!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

New shoes new day new stuff to be done!

Did you have a good break over the hari raya holiday yesterday? As if town wouldn't be crowded enough, my friend Lee En and I joined the manic squeeze at Fash Bash for some fashion bargains, which by the way was last held before I found out about baby so that's at least a good 6mths ago! I was keen to lay my hands on Little Odd Forest's cheeky monster tote but was bummed the stock they brought in this design had run out by 12 noon! No fear, I whipped out my (not-so) trusty mobile to text the friend who was gonna get it for me anyway as a belated birthday pressie so she could order it online. Gee I sound really presumptous haha!! Oh well, I'm sure our friendship is way past the modest stage :p
It was so good to meet many friends who either had a booth there like Eighteen Fifty, Sabbiew and Goblin Market or who were there to shop (me included!) like Ruth from Sparkletots. A pleasant surprise was bumping into Jo who was 1) the wedding coordinator for my dinner reception on Sentosa and whose other half is the 2) owner of Bianca, the probably very-known-by-now local shoe boutique with fabulous looking and even more affordable shoes! I love it that they are located on the indie Haji Lane stretch cos it's just adjacent to Doinky Doodles so I can pop my head in whenever I'm there heh.

Both Lee En and I couldn't resist a pair each naturally ~ This is the pair of navy patent ribbon flats I got from the Bianca booth at 30% off!
Secretly pleased water retention has not hit my ankles yet. (They do not make good footy shots.)

Woke up earlier this morning at 7 just so I could get to answering all that emails in my box that've come in since the tea party with queries about items carried at Doinky Doodles and other customisation requests. And I'm not through yet! But ok let's see if I can help clarify commonly asked questions here :)

For the pieces carried at DD, they are specially and solely for DD so I'm afraid they are only available for purchase at their brick & mortar shop on Bali Lane. I've started with only a few pieces over there but it seems that thanks to supportive customers, I might have to restock more regularly than I expect to! Which brings me to customisation requests - the necklaces in the mosaic picture on my Flickr album are all one-offs using my limited stash of vintage animals so really, I'm sorry I can't help with most requests. However if you have an idea of what you like and want and can accept that it will not be exactly like the pieces in the mosaic, you can drop me a mail and we can discuss to see if it's plausible.

End-of-year is the busiest time for me with customisation requests flooding in so while I've accepted some orders, please let me know early if you would like something for the Christmas season or special functions. I've got a few weddings to work on already, including that of my gal pals, so please forgive me if I am unable to take on your requests. Especially since I am just growing larger and clumsier everyday!

Ok I have to hurry uploading the pieces meant for this morning to make up for not working much yesterday. It's gonna be a busy day for me today cos a few of us are off to help our friend Vivienne of Fuchsia Lane fame for her solo fashion showcase at the Arts House tonight. I've never been part of anything like this before so it'll be exciting to see what goes on behind the scenes! Bump and I have come up with some music for the evening and we'll be hanging and ironing clothes all day I think haha.

I'm loving the photography direction for her latest collection: *swoons*
photos courtesy of Fuchsia Lane

(wish I could fit into her clothes without looking like a hippo right now haha)

Alrightey I'm running late so I'll leave you here with 3 new pieces for now. Ciao bella!!

Classic pearl gold - SGD 45 - Sold

Something pearly, something classic for the coming season :: swarovskis and pearls from goldfilled studs that can take you from the office to the dinner party. I like this studs cos they are not the normal teeny weeny kind but they are bolder at a larger 5mm so these are good if you like classic with a twist! Drop is a petite 2cm from the stud ~
Rest assured you get a new pair of earrings - the pair I modelled is my own!

Moondew - SGD 39 - Sold

A little unusual for me to do something slim and slender but I realise how versatile these can be when heading for a nice evening out in a pretty dress! From sterling studs trail moonstone rondelles, pearls and swarovskis ending with beautiful faceted moonstone teardrop briolettes ~ Drop is 4.5cm from the studs.
You get a new pair of cos!

Anya - SGD 59

Something a bit different from the whimsical animals so far ~ layered textured 14k goldplated chains with 3 cool matt black coated leaves sitting asynmetrically for dramatic flair. My only piece I'm afraid!


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