Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I've been trying to cook as much possible instead of always having takeouts, even though the latter is just temptingly convenient in food paradise Singapore! Quite often I get so caught up in the creative zone I miss meals so matt has to ring home each time to remind me to eat haha. (I finally fed myself 4 hrs after he rang)
Remembered my friend Vivien's simple recipe of cold yaki soba while grocery shopping and this was what I made for lunch just now. It's almost like a cold salad, I mixed cooked yaki soba noodles with shredded ham, crabsticks, cucumber in shabu shabu sauce, topped with seaweed relish. Yum!! A wonderful respite from the crazy heat today!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Yesterday the sweetie had a day off for working weekends so we made all these glorious plans that included going to the Botanic Gardens for a walk followed by dinner at Morton's (Yes that famously expensive steakhouse, but you see we got given their vouchers as a Christmas gift so we could finally patronise that place without having to diet for a week). Anyway the sun turned its back on us so Botanic Gardens had to wait and we ended up at the newly open Kallang Leisure Park where he could get his bowling fix. It was so new, so quiet - I like!!

I sat to finish a book I'd been dying to catch up on while he went on a rampage and played (i think) 6 games alone before being dragged to catch 27 Dresses and can i say the chemistry between Katherine Heigl and James Marsden was amazing!! Yes the plot might seem a tad predictable with its happy ending but I've always been a sucker for candy fluff and I like Katherine Heigl so that's enough reason for me to spend the 7 bucks :)
It's funny how much I identified with Katherine's character Jane, even though I'm no longer single and all. I mean there was a time when I was single too, and mind you it was for a significant length of time for me to think, ok this is it, I'm gonna be single forever!! It wasn't like there wasn't anyone at all, there was the occasional McSteamy (of the less raunchy kind), but really, I wanted my McDreamy. And finally when I decided it was enough and I didn't want any Mc-Whatever anymore, who should turn up but Mc-Matt? (and then there was the issue of marrying young but that's another story) God does work in mysterious ways!

Anyway we decided to spend this rare evening quietly at home so we got a whole load of groceries to try out this new Thai recipe book and ended up too stuffed with prawn and pineapple curry. Even though the day seemed like a far cry from our glorious plans, it was really enjoyable doing nothing in particular, we just talked and cooked and ate and watched Smallville together. All in all, it was an awesome date! Thank you sweetie!

Amethyst Blossoms - SGD 36 - Sold

A petite prettie, Amethyst Blossoms has little purple roses tucked under Karin's adorable pink polymer beads with lavender petals while faceted amethyst gemstone brios with moonstone rondells and swaroski pearls cluster below. Drop is 4cm from sterling hooks ~

Raspberry Swirl - SGD 55 (only pair) - Sold

What's not to love in this pair? The soothing swirls in Karin's blush polymer lentils, opalite crystals, rosy pearls, and most of all these luscious faceted pink topaz heart briolettes! The colour of this pink topaz is so glittering beautiful with a rare sheen i take them out sometimes just to ogle them haha. Drop is 5.5 cm from goldfilled hooks ~

Morning, Sunshine! - SGD 38 - Sold

Light-hearted sunny mismatched pair with clusters of dyed coral and polymer roses wired together with a pretty red cloisonne heart charm and yellow jade brios ~ Drop is a conspicuous 9cm from 14k goldplated hooks.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Beautiful Reflections - SGD 108 (only piece) - Sold

In the mood for romance ~ Funky peachy pink enamel flowers layered together and wired onto a vintage AB rhinestone brooch with a little red faux ladybug on this vintage chain with glass bauble links. A round brassy pendant with a vintage pic of a pondering lady and the word "reflections" collaged on it steals the limelight while a gorgeous genuine ruby heart briolette adds a dash of sultry heat with shimmering faceted moonstone rondells clustered above.

Little wonder it is one of my faves!

Sonnet of Love - SGD 99 (only piece) - Sold

A wonderful rhapsody of love ~ I wired different vintage elements (see those beautiful roses!) together with faceted moonstone and golden rutilated quartz heart briolettes, swarovski pearls & crystals to create a lovely textured centrepiece :)

Wirework and chains are goldfilled in this 16" darling. Truly one of a kind!

Rouge Express - SGD 38 (only pair) - Sold

Rouge express has lotsa oriental elements at work here!

A black onyx hibiscus is wired onto a black & gold fan cloisonne with trails of red, grey and black swarovskis while another "fans" below a cinnabar heart bead. Drops are 7cm and 8cm respectively from 14k goldplated hooks ~

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Days of Roses - SGD 54 - only pair

Something for the diehard romantic in all of us ~ burgundy polymer roses, vintage heart cameos, faceted amethyst and rare champagne ametrine briolettes (love the hint of purple in these gemstones!) - Drop is 5cm from goldfilled hooks.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Cherry Drops - SGD 45 - Sold

My gal pals gave me 2 lovely chinois fans for my birthday last year and I just realised they make wonderful backdrops for the creations this season! They are really really pretty and add a festive air to my more oriental pieces :)

Cherry Drops has cherry quartz roses, freshwater pearls, faceted moonstone and smoky quartz gem brios with clusters of swarovskis and little goldfilled leaves hanging 5.5 cm from goldfilled hooks ~

Skye - SGD 27 - Sold

Shimmering soft blue butterfly cloisonnes with clusters of pale yellow earthy beads, and droplets of sky hanging from little filigree leaves ~ Drop is nearly 6cm from 14k goldplated hooks.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cluster of Rubies

After admiring these ruby strands for a long while, I finally used them to make this simple necklace ~ gold and red go oh-so-fab together!! I couldn't resist keeping this for myself but I think I have enough rubies left for another similar necklace if anyone's keen. It wouldn't take much to make me hoard these ruby babies for myself! :p

*update: I've got a taker for the ruby cluster necklace ~ glad these darlings are going to another ruby lover too!

Ruby Bella - SGD 56 - Sold

This CNY season is the best time to bring out these rubies! They are gorgeous on their own so I just clustered them atop beautifully faceted onion-shaped rock crystal gem briolettes ~ They fall a petite 3cm from goldfilled hooks in this classic design. I love it that they go with everything!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Adora - SGD 36 - Sold

Pretty aquamarine and coral kamoe clay lentils wired together with vintage pink enamel flowers and swarovskis for a dainty pair of charmers ~ swweeet! Drop is 4.5 cm from goldfilled hooks.

Pigs can fly!

I've been meaning to share this but didn't want to risk any disappointment till I've picked it up, which I have. And the good news is that I won 2nd prize in a Christmas Draw! Apart from 300 bucks' worth of cash vouchers, the prize also included a Sony cybershot T2 camera and a 4 days 3 nights stay at Hua Hin Marriot Resort and Spa. Awesome!
I was thrilled enough with the vouchers and the 8.1 megapixel darling which would be perfect for work, so we offered the holiday to my parents who have been absolutely wonderful to us. But they are such workaholics there was gonna be no way they could go on a holiday in peace, which means... the man and i are gonna have another vacation on our calendar this year!
It's just been an amazing blessing, I've been needing a more decent camera while the vouchers could go towards matt's new guitar (or wii). Plus, the getaway couldn't have come at a better time - we're having our anniversary in 2 months! All in all, this is a great start to 2008 duncha think? :)

Jadeira - SGD 49 - Sold

Something festive for the CNY season (golly it's my first year giving out red packets proper!) ~ Semi-precious jade knots with swarovski bling charms and green onyx briolettes within oval goldfilled frames. Classy chinois chic!
Drop is 5.5 cm from goldfilled hooks.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Purple Luxe - SGD 95 - Sold

OOh pretty pls!

A vintage brooch with deep red garnet-coloured rhinestones is wired together with vintage enamel flowers in shades of plummy purples for a jewelled spectacle ~ Can you spy the little pearls and rose quartz onion brio nestled amidst the blooms? Smooth amethyst nuggets, coated czech beads and a swarovski chain with little tourmaline rondells complete this 16" charmer :)

As with my recent vintage reconstructed creations, Purple Luxe and Camomile are unique pieces that come gifted in special boxes.

Camomile - SGD 96 - Sold

There is a smoky sultry subtlety to Camomile which i can't explain but it is oh so close to my heart!
A gorgeous vintage earring with a large ivory celluloid rose takes centrestage with gemmy moonstone heart brios and swarovski pearls wired on a vintage metal earring. Step-cut smoky quartz brios with grey moonstone rondells hang beneath the pretty rose while smooth deep red garnet nuggets attach the pretty centrepiece to a vintage link chain ~
Necklace is 16" long with toggle closure (wirework and chains are goldfilled unless stated otherwise).

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Breath of Spring - custom order

Green is my favourite colour and I've recently discovered that it is also a fave of many pple! There's just something about it that soothes the soul, calms the spirit and refreshes the weary eyes. No wonder it makes up the colour theme of nearly ALL my custom order requests (the other being purple).
Here I've used vintage green enamel flowers with little bird-motif cloisonne hearts, swarovski pearls & crystals and gorgeous green onyx gem brios ~ Drops for this mismatched pair are between 7.5 and 8 cm on goldfilled hooks.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Summer Cries - SGD 36 (only pair) - Sold

"When lilacs blossom, Summer cries,
'Bud, little roses, Spring is here'
- Alice Morse Earle

Summer beckons here in this feisty piece! Vintage enamel and copper blooms are wired together with opalite pink czech beads and little birdies for a flowery fiesta ~ Drop is 4.5cm from 14k goldplated hooks.

Vintage Blooms brooch - custom order

Brooches were really sought after over Christmas to the point that I had to finish some orders only after I came back from my trip. This piece, a brooch in the fashion of my Vintage Blooms necklace, is one of them :)

I'm so sorry I have been low on updates but there have been a lot of news lately and creating has taken a back seat to that (oops). For one, tis the season to get wedded! Lots of good friends are choosing this year to start a new life together so yippee, exciting big events ahead! Guess this is my cue to start polishing up on those wedding jewellery eh?

Meanwhile I'm still sorting some custom orders but new pieces are coming this way soon! I'd spent a good time thinking, and decided that this year, I would like to spend more time on the art part rather than constantly fret about fulfilling orders. This might mean taking on less customisation orders, and maybe slower listings. But I would really like to try new things, learn new techniques, allow myself to be free to explore my inner self, my thoughts, to be inspired.

I've been reading more, spending more time with the people i care about, and I don't want this to be just something you do at the beginning of a new year so that it makes you feel like you're making (good) changes in your life. Does that even make sense?

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

recovering from jet lag

Feels like forever since I last actually perspired and it just seems so odd not having to wrap myself up like a tightly woven ketupat anymore now that we're back on the equator. It was a really really much-needed-oh-i-want-more break, we even got a bit of snow while at Camden! Ok it was more like flaking but still snow nonetheless. My gal pal Vivien was visiting London at the same time we were there and she'd never seen snow that wasn't already on the ground so we had a little jiggly snow dance moment on this bridge at the market while freezing our butts off.

Christmas was wonderful with the family all around, we got absolutely stuffed with the usual festive binge, lotsa bubbly joy and ginormous fireworks on New Year's Eve! Best of all was finally checking out those awesome markets in London like Portobello and checking out the funky and upcoming Angel district, thanks to the fabulicious Rijkje and Anthony with whom we had an amazing time at a fab Lebanese restaurant. The markets were really cool, I laid my hands on another whopping bagload of vintage goodies! Definitely have to bring much more moolah the next time we're back! Which by the way will be quite soon this year so... Yaaayyy!!!

Here are some of the completed Christmas custom orders:

Quirks & Fancies bag charm

Bejewelled earring and bracelet set

Wishing Faye set

And a wedding present order:

A Wedding Gift has beautiful vintage white flowers with swarovskis and elegant vines wired on sterling chains ~ I sure hope the bride liked her pressie! :)

Meanwhile I still have some orders to fulfil even though I'm dying to start using the rapidly accumulating vintage parts stashed somewhere under all that barang barang. The workroom has been cleaned up somewhat though we could probably do better. Maybe after the jet lag clears! :p

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A few days ago, I lost my nan. We received news while in England and came back in time for the funeral. It has not been easy struggling with the jet lag and the news. You think you'll be ok but it hits you most when you least expect it. Like when you close your eyes at night. I wish so much that I had been here to see her one last time. My dad told me she'd been asking for me while I was away and that nearly crushed me. I keep thinking abt how happy she looked at our wedding and how I didn't get to say goodbye to her. It took quite a bit of tear therapy to get it all out but thankfully the hubster was there to hold my hand and share this with me. I know he loved her very much too.

So yeah, I've still got my poofy eyes, still adjusting to the 8 hr time difference but otherwise life is slowly getting back on track. We've had some major news since coming home too, but these have been on the happier side and I can't wait to share them as they happen. 2008 is gonna be one happening year!


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