Saturday, October 30, 2010

Locket Love

more antique/vintage lockets available!

Write to me if you're keen on any and want more deets :)

We will be packing and moving (and possibly screaming at the contractors) as usual with the afternoon reserved for Miss N's 2nd birthday party.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend lined up too!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Alien movements

Nope, no sign of labour yet.

Where, oh where art thou sweet Sarah?

Monday, October 25, 2010

Victorian Diamond Locket necklace - SGD 105 - Sold

Another darling from my vintage jewellery chest is a gorgeous Victorian era locket with beautiful hand-chased floral scroll etchings and a genuine tested diamond set in the centre! This old locket is in wonderful working condition and has a small teething mark on it. It is marked as 12k gold filled and really shines despite its age! All I had to do was add a 18" long 14k gold filled chain to it so it is ready to wear :)

Vintage Cobalt Gilt necklace - SGD 89

Next up is a beautiful Art Nouveau era vintage pendant necklace with a emerald cut jewel in a gorgeous shade of cobalt blue prong set in an open back gilt filigree frame. This amazing pendant hangs on a pretty vintage 15" chain signed Krementz (another well-established collectible jewelry maker!) on the clasp link. I will be happy to add an extension to your preferred length for you.

Vintage Starburst Heart Necklace - SGD 60 - Sold

I found this darling at the antiquity district of Angel in London on my last trip. It is a pretty faux crystal heart necklace set in a mesh-like etched casing with radiating lines resembling a meteor star. Signed Monet on the back, this necklace is in wonderful shiny condition on a gold tone textured woven chain. Length is 15" with a 2" extension. Vintage Monet is known to be durable and long-lasting so it's no surprise this sweetie is in excellent condition!

Vintage Lovelies

I have been collecting vintage jewellery for a while now but it is only recently that I have been considering the possibility of adding a section to the shop focusing on specially curated vintage jewels! Though far from being an expert in this area, I just thought it would be wonderful to be able to spread some vintage love around and share some pretties that I have had the fortune of sourcing.

Of course I will still be lovingly restoring and refashioning vintage components into more wearable options but sometimes the jewels I find are in condition good enough to be in the limelight and deserve a spot of their own! Just like these 3 necklaces above which I will invite to kick start this new vintage specialty section of the shop. My hope is they will find loving homes that will treasure and cherish them in the way they deserve :)

And since you're reading this, it means little Sarah has not made her debut yet. Still waiting!


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Funny little guy

It's been a while since I shared about our little boy who's growing up so fast everyday! He's got more hair now (thank God) and has developed an obsession with ice. We don't usually give him cold drinks except for the odd Yakult or Milo packet drink - he likes playing with the straws more than the drink itself - but he knows how to go up to the freezer and takes a cube of ice, juggles it around with both hands and eventually when it slides to the floor, he will actually go on all fours and lick it off the floor!! How endearing this little puppy is.

His recent past-time is playing football with his new friend, a 8 year old boy who lives just round the corner, and that makes mama happy too cos he's less of a grouch after having expended some energy outdoors with another child of the same energy level. Actually that makes 2 happy mamas.

His favourite colour is "yellow" (he will emphasise the "low" bit) followed by "blue" and all other colours of the spectrum do not exist.

He loves to eat baos, and everything else (cake/bread/biscuits etc.) is ''No no! Bao bao!" if a bao is in sight.

He acts as my alarm clock in the morning by climbing over the barricade surrounding his sleep area, opening his room door, opening my room door before proceeding to scare the daylights out of me by suddenly standing at my head and speaking in gibberish with a mope of bedhead hair.

He gave his first kiss to Miss Natalie, the lovely offspring of my dear friend Chris the baking domestic goddess. We are pretty sure it was intentional.

He likes and knows the song and actions to Little Einsteins and enjoys Timmy Time, but what I don't get is Pororo??!!!

Josephine necklace - SGD 138 - Sold

Following the well-received Victoria necklace is Josephine, another 2-in-1 necklace with a detachable "pendant" made up of a pretty etched sterling oval locket hung from a gorgeous teardrop-shaped cz rhinestone-encrusted bail.

The pendant measures approx. 1.5" by 0.8" (at the widest points) and can be clipped onto a oxidised silver filigree hoop attached to a pretty vintage ivory-coloured enamel bouquet brooch pin signed Jewelcraft on the back.

* The Jewelcraft mark belonged to the famous Coro company and was in use between the 1920s-1950s. So this pin is at least more than half a century old!

The chain consists of the same shimmering faceted labradorite oval nuggets, mystic topaz,moonstone briolettes, freshwater button pearls in cream, moonstone rondelles, swarovski crystal embellishments and champagne pearls. The necklace measures approx. 18" when worn and closes with a fancy scroll design side hook clasp.
The simpler everyday chain option is a 17" sterling link bar chain dotted with AAA grade moonstone, clear quartz and black rutilated quartz rondelles as well as vintage-style baguette cz links with a 1.2" extension. How pretty is that?!

La Pearla - SGD 42 - Sold

Who can ever have enough pearls?

Here we have a classy pair of floral tendril capped faux pearls, victorian-style silver cubic zirconia-set snowflake motif embellishments and AAA grade clear quartz rondelles hung gingerly from gorgeous art deco-ish sterling hooks encrusted with more cz rhinestones. Drop length measures approx. 3cm.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Victoria necklace - SGD 130 - Sold

A beautiful vintage white enamel flower brooch pin with clear rhinestones is embellished with a detachable sterling pendant made up of a gorgeous vintage-style labradorite cabochon set in a silver tone filigree base hung from a delicate sterling cubic zirconia-encrusted snowflake . The removable pendant focal has a drop length of approx. 1.4".

The necklace is made up shimmering faceted flashy labradorite ovals, moonstone & mystic topaz briolettes, freshwater pearls, swarovski components and sterling accents. It closes with a side hook and clasp and measures approx. 18" when worn.
Victoria comes with another simpler 16" long chain for days when you want something less. It is done up in my current favourite lavaliere style and consists of a sterling link bar chain interspersed with AAA grade labradorite & black rutilated quartz rondelles, sterling baguette and oval cubic zircon encrusted links. Very classy and romantic!

Angele Custos necklace - SGD 36 - Sold

We are on princess watch right now (38 weeks!) since my doctor claimed that I would most probably deliver before our estimated due date given how low the baby's engaged and the mild contractions the CTG I had showed. That hasn't stopped us from making all sorts of lunch/dinner plans till next week though, haha!

When I was expecting Nathan, I played it safe for a couple of weeks and tried to stay home as much as possible but by the time 39 weeks came round, I was bored out of my mind! Which led to me heading out pretty much every other day with the huge hippo of a belly till he was born exactly 1 week late, much to the mister's chagrin haha! This time we figured life should still go on normally, but of course sensibly :p

I have 2 pieces to list today, the first being this Angele Custos or Guardian Angel necklace, which is probably a sign that the motherly nesting instinct is kicking in (finally!).
This is a classic pendant necklace with a gorgeous intricately scrolled filigree angel charm hallmarked 925 at the back, hung on a simple 18" long sterling chain. Though the angel pendant is not vintage, the filigree work has an antique European charm about it, probably cos it is after all one of the oldest jewellery techniques around. A charming thoughtful gift for yourself or someone dear :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Queen of my heart

My name is yiwen and I like to collect trinkets - the older the better. It will lead to my downfall someday I'm sure, but for now I take delight in accumulating yet another necklace or bracelet to my overflowing jewellery box. My weakness is vintage lockets and today I thought I'd share one very special piece, which was a recent find but now an absolute favourite!

The treasure in mention is a 1920s goldtone locket with two aspects of the traditional Irish claddagh symbol - heart (love) and crown (loyalty). Monograms hold a special place in my heart because they are so personal and romantic. It's such a bonus then that the reverse side of the locket has the initals inscription"WJT to LMH", which makes me wonder about the plausible loving relationship between the giver and the recipient... :)
I suspect the rhinestones inset round the heart and tips of the crown are paste stones which are common of that era and though some stones and parts of the locket have somewhat darkened with time, it just adds to the aged charm of this very, very old locket. Isn't there just something hauntingly beautiful and ethereal about it? *soft sigh*
Every time I hold it, it feel like I'm also holding a piece of history in my hands.
How privileged I am to be its owner for the next few years, or decades!

Hope Angel Moonstone Charm Necklace - SGD 64 - Sold

I found another adorable winged crystal charms while packing away the work stuff and decided to squeeze in one more Hope Angel charm necklace before our little girl arrives. This time the winged crystal charm is in a lovely topaz blue, and I complemented it with an ultra brilliant blue flash moonstone pear briolette and shimmering pale blue AAA grade aquamarine rondelles. This dainty sweetie is approx. 17" in length with an option for extension upon request :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

More sold pieces

Things have been nothing short of wild around here, the boxes are stuffed to the brim, cupboards are emptied, shelves are dismantled.... oh yeah it really is happening! We are moving! I am still try ing to list new pieces here and there but our doctor reckons we should anticipate an early arrival of our baby girl and since I'm into my 37th week, it could be anytime soon. Yikes! He did comment on my lack of weight gain (I put on a measley 0.2 kg in 2 weeks instead of the average 0.5 kg gain per week in the last trimester) and well, I blame it on the stress of doing too many things at once. Though me thinks my total weight gain so far of 11 kg is pretty decent, the hubster thinks otherwise and has been busy stuffing me to make up for lost time :(

Anyway I had some pieces which didn't make it to the blog because they got claimed before I could list them:

Mewsette earrings
Hope Angel Ruby Charm Necklace
Gertrude's Song owl necklace
the cutest Heffalump Genius necklace
and a stunning emerald necklace
Maternity leave has officially begun so I am hoping to complete all pending transactions and mail out the packages within these couple of days. Thank you for your kind understanding! Will be back soon with more photo updates :)

Czech Rose - SGD 79

A pretty 1920s Czech style-inspired necklace with alternating brassy gold rosebud links and vintage swarovski burgundy rhinestone flowers. The pendant is a smooth amber oval cabochon encased in a brass setting and the dark petite drops are deep wine red garnet briolettes. The 17" long chain is made up of black agate barrels and smoky quartz rounds wired together by 14k gold-filled wire. A lovely addition if you adore the style of early century jewellery :)

The Hooting Duo - SGD 65 - Sold

An adorable retro-inspired quirky large owl motif cameo encased in a plated gold setting with red velvet backing is the whimsical charmer here, with old school czech-style cathedral and other cut glass beads in amber citrine dark honey hues. Leafy connectors and textured links add visual interest to this approx. 23" long necklace. Such a cutie!

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Edith Jean - SGD 89 - Sold

Here comes Edith Jean, another 20's flapper era-inspired sister necklace to the the Gatsby Girl. Featuring the same decolletage-flattering winged sterling focal intricately encrusted with tiny cubic-zirconia crystals, the gemstone of choice this time is a gorgeous AAA grade 13mm faceted pink chalcedony pear briolette. The semi-translucent soft pink colour seems to glow from within and is simply amazing! Dotting the delicate braided sterling chain are more AAA grade rose quartz rondelles and pink freshwater pearls with petite cz sterling connectors. Very charming!


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