Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Some Christmas Cheer!

Just 2 weeks to Christmas Day!

I've been happily sneaking in some Christmas crafting, dressing up the house for the holiday season and humming to those addictive carols.. which made me think, hey it's about time I finally took a break! To sit back and bake those cookies, put up new family photos on the walls and (maybe) finally sew those giant stockings for the kids! (I have a feeling that won't happen this year. Again)

Which leads me to announce that my last day of shipping will be Dec 17th Tuesday and I'll be back in early January next year. So, if there's something on your wishlist that you've been waiting to get, here's a little reminder not to wait too long and as a little bonus, I'm marking down some pieces from the earlier releases! I hope that will spread some cheer all around :) 

Enjoy the end of year festivities and let's meet here again in 2014!

All my best,

Lost in Time bracelets - SGD 68 each

Was SGD 75, now SGD 68
Enchantingly romantic, pearls are the emblem of classic elegance and evoke a yearning for the old glamour of eras past. These aptly named Lost in Time bracelets feature triple strand pearls in cream, silver and champagne hues, milky white and mint green swarovski accents, floral cameos in silver bezels and naturally, more pearls of course! (Please indicate colour choice of cameo in your email, only one of each colour available.)

Above all, Coco Chanel famously declared,

"A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls."

Who are we to argue with the Madamoiselle?

Greek Festival - SGD 69 - Reserved

Was SGD 79, now SGD 69
Greco milgrain studs accented with tiny rhinestone are adorned with a myriad of rainbow colours in this festive darling. Gemstones featured include blue-grey labradorite, pink opal, peridot, moonstone, amethyst, freshwater pearls and the prettiest pink tourmaline briolettes.

Dione earrings - SGD 36

Was SGD 42, now SGD 36
Sweet little floral wreaths of shaded pink & fuchsia roses and white pearls, gorgeous London blue topaz briolettes adorned with clusters of crystals & czech beads in rosy hues and 14k goldfill hooks. 

Pandia earrings - SGD 80

Was SGD 90, now SGD 80
In Greek mythology, Pandia was a goddess whose name meant "all brightness" and that is what this pair is about. Gold vermeil rhinestone connectors, full clusters of creamy white pearls and gleaming moonstones, petal-capped plump rainbow moonstone briolettes. Ear hooks are 14k goldfill leverbacks with bezel-set zirconias.

Olympus necklace - SGD 79

Was SGD 89, now SGD 79
Olympus is really about that lovely emerald-cut smoky quartz stone in a gold vermeil setting surrounded by tiny zirconias. When I first spotted it, I fell in love with its old world look. The chain portion composes of red garnet and smoky quartz rondelles and accented with zirconias. And as the final flourish, a gold angel wing charm to represent freedom and aspiration!

Clio necklace - SGD 108

Was SGD 120, now SGD 108
Named after the Greek muse of history, Clio features a large vintage laurel scroll brooch pin with a matte black stone inlay and a tendril-capped gorgeous faceted smoky quartz heart briolette. The necklace portion is made up of silver-tinged black floral tensha beads, smoky quartz nuggets, labradorite and pearls in platinum greys and bronze golds. 

:: Christmas 2013 :: Lilymist Threads - SGD 40

Was SGD 45, now SGD 40
Lovely jade rounds, subtle pink amethyst briolettes, blush pink freshwater pearls and gleaming zirconias on elegant goldfill threads. One chain thread hangs from the earlobe while the other thread gently sways from behind the ear. Drop lengths are approx. 4cm and 5.5cm. Delicate, light and ethereal.

Monday, December 09, 2013

:: Christmas 2013 :: Faith & Believe Charm Bracelets - SGD 45 each

Another pair of inspirational charm bracelets perfect for the holiday season! 

The Faith Charm Bracelet features a silver heart filigree charm on 14k goldplated rope chain, along with a sky blue swarovski emerald-cut crystal, silver key charm studded with dusky rhinestones, 14k goldfill 'faith' tag charm, gold angel wing, brass heart and pearl & crystal ring accents. 

The Believe Charm Bracelet features a matte gold heart filigree charm on rhodium rope chain, along with clear crystal rhinestones, an opal white crystal flower charm, pewter oval 'believe' charm, a shooting star charm, pearl ring, silver angel wing and rhodium pave rhinestone star charm.

:: Christmas 2013 :: First Snowflake earrings - SGD 42

☆ Christmas 2013 collection ☆

A snowy vision of pretty silvery zirconia snowflake charms and petal-capped art deco prism rock crystals adorned with clusters of tiny freshwater pearls, moonstones and chalcedony rondelles. Drop length measures approx. 3cm from sterling hooks. Only 1 pair available!

Sunday, December 08, 2013

:: Christmas 2013 :: Clair de Lune necklace - SGD 149 - Sold
One of my favourites, Clair de Lune is a gorgeous, melodious piece that sings... Glittering vintage rhinestone centrepiece, glowing rose quartz, chalcedony, subtle moonstones, prettiest freshwater pearls, tinges of champagne and platinum. From the vintage rhinestone focal hangs a beautiful large smooth rose quartz briolette and a intricate silver cross charm from Japan. Truly a stunning, romantic statement piece for the season!

:: Christmas 2013 :: Asteria necklace - SGD 149 - Sold

Turquoise, peaches and lilacs reign in the Asteria necklace, along with a lovely vintage meteor rhinestone focal and roses in beautiful ivory and turquoise blue. Gemstone briolettes of pink amethyst, olive topaz and pearls in all sorts of lovely hues accompany moonstones, beryl nuggets, blue lace agate and amazonite rounds. And lastly a shiny star charm to complete this celestial piece! 

:: Christmas 2013 :: Morse Initial Charm bracelet

:: A recent custom request for a morse code chain bracelet with an initial letter charm ::

Components are 14k goldfill while the letter L is in sterling. Each layer spells the name of a different family member. How sweet and perfect to keep your loved ones near you! :)

Sunday, December 01, 2013

:: Christmas 2013 :: Mystic Heart earrings - SGD 25 - Sold

☆ Christmas 2013 Whimsicalities ☆
Have yourself a glamorously whimsical Christmas with these old school vitrail swarovskis, brassy heart charms and pretty teal blue rhinestone drops ~ Drop length measures approx. 4.5cm from 14k goldfill hooks. Only 1 pair available!

:: Christmas 2013 :: Puppy Dream earrings - SGD 25 - Sold

☆ Christmas 2013 Whimsicalities ☆
An adorable pair of doggie charm earrings with vintage rhinestone drops and deep sapphire blue crystals ~ Drop lengths measure approx. 3cm and 3.5cm respectively from 14k goldfill hooks. A whimsical stocking-stuffer piece!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

:: Christmas 2013 :: Wish Upon A Star necklace - Sold Out

 ☆ Christmas 2013 collection ☆
A glittery tribute and further illustration of my star obsession, Wish Upon A Star is an elegant showcase for this gorgeous faceted plump golden rutile star gemstone pendant. I've set it against a simple background of zircon accents on 14k goldfill chain (16" long). The golden rutile star shines subtly but its brilliance is clear for all to see! SGD 69.

:: Christmas 2013 :: Pearl Lavalier necklace

☆ Christmas 2013 collection 
A lovely piece from my Christmas collection this year is Pearl Lavalier, a classic lavalier necklace featuring gorgeous gemstone pendants set in an antique-style bezel surrounded with glittering zirconias.  SGD 89.
There are 4 choices of gemstone pendants available:
1) purple amethyst
2) rose quartz
3) pink sapphire
4) smoky quartz

The sample necklace shows a purple amethyst pendant with beautiful freshwater pearls and matching gemstone rondelles (in this case, also amethyst), which measures 16" in length while the centrepiece is just over 1".  Components are either gold vermeil or 14k goldfill. 

Please indicate your gemstone pendant choice in your email order :) Limited pieces only!

:: Christmas 2013 :: Wishing Star Lettergram Necklace

☆ Christmas 2013 Lettergram collection ☆
The Wishing Star Lettergram necklace is a customisable piece featuring an initial letter of your choice, a wishing star, charm moonstone briolette and pretty pearl & crystal details on a 14k goldfill chain (16" long) with sterling accents. SGD 79

The pictures show a sample necklaces with the letter "R".

Initial letter charms currently in stock: D, E, K, L, M, Y, M, N, R.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

:: Christmas 2013 :: Gemstone Lettergram necklace

 Christmas 2013 Lettergram collection  
The Gemstone Lettergram necklace is a customisable gemstone lavalier necklace featuring initial letter charms. The pictures show a sample 14k rose goldfill necklace of a letter "E" charm on a pink garnet chain.
Please pick and choose from each of the 3 categories to create your own Gemstone Lettergram necklace:

1) Sterling silver  (SGD 75) or 14k rose goldfill (SGD 89)

2) Gemstone choices: labradorite (grey), moonstone (white), peridot (green), pink garnet, green onyx

(*Rubies, sapphires and emeralds are available at additional cost. If you would like specific gemstones or stones in a specific colour, please drop me a line and we can work together from there.)

Freshwater pearl choices: white, cream, pale pink

2) Letter charms in stock (this list will be kept up to date):

Sterling silver  - D, E, K, L, M, Y, M, N, R.

Rose goldfill - C, E, V, Y.

:: Christmas 2013 :: Script Lettergram necklace

☆ Christmas 2013 Lettergram collection ☆ 
The Script Lettergram necklace is a customisable piece featuring initial letter charms and vintage pearl drop on a sterling chain with subtle details and gold accents. The pictures show  sample necklaces with the letter "E' or "M".  SGD 59.

Initial letter charms currently in stock: D, E, K, L, M, Y, M, N, R.


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