Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bye bye September!

{weekend getaway at The Sentosa Resort and Spa}

The hubster and I came down with food poisoning this weekend and since we had the exact same thing for lunch, we pretty much knew who the culprit was. Shall not name names here as this is just our suspicion and not yet proven but we reckon it's got something to do with the sauce in our burgers... oops!

The doc said I had some typhoid fever caused by some salmonella bacteria and just the T and S words had me quite shaken - but thanks to modern meds, some strong antibiotics did the trick although I had to cease bfeeding for a while and dig into the freezer stackpile. I'm just hoping some kg lost will make up for all that puking and delirious fever I had to go through *grimace*

FP aside, check out some highlights from our staycation 2 weekends ago. Nathan really loved the pool! We literally had to drag him out of the water while he grizzled and tried to dive back in. Nice. I have a water baby after all heh.
{daddy couldn't wait for him to start playing football}

A mini shop update tomorrow! :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

custom ring order :: Lemon Clover

Just thought I'll share the picture of a custom order recently completed...
It's definitely gotten me back into the mood for finger adornments.
Preferably with vintage elements and a little bling bling :o

Some ring lovin', anyone?

It's a triple B day!

I have more photos to share of our lovely staycation at The Sentosa Resort and Spa 2 weekends ago and how much the bub has grown! Unfortunately he is going through a baaadd teething phase with on-the-dot hourly wakings at night followed by his Adam Lambert impersonations so yessiree, I do have nice dark eyebags to go with my zombie state of mind. Pardon the delay in uploads and I hope you have had a wonderful break over the long weekend!

Some new additions to the woefully understocked shop:
Funny how all of them have names starting with the letter "b" :p

missing that little thing called rain,

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Sweet September

I am having a lovely Tuesday with the bub happily napping away for the past 2 hours - though it doesn't make up for the fact he was awake for most of the night before!

2 new pieces made it to the shoppe today, I hope you enjoy them! We're off for a mini staycation this weekend on the lovely resort island of ... ahem Sentosa. At the beautiful Sentosa Resort and Spa where Matt and I spent our wedding night 2 years ago. We are revisiting this place with our bub in tow! It is going to be interesting, seeing that already logistics is proving to be a nightmare. I feel like I'm packing for an army platoon!

And if you're looking to see more pics of the little challenger, here is your baby fix for the week :)
September is looking to be a good month!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

All in a day's work

It's Shop Update Tuesday again!
Well to be honest, it's not something I set out to do right from the start, adding new stuff to the shoppe on tuesdays that is. It just sort of fell into place as I could work in small pockets of time here and there during the week, then take photos and edit them over the weekend. I would aim to put them in the shop on a Monday, fail miserably, and end up listing them on the Tuesday instead. Though sometimes I get more time to work than other days or have one of those productive days, I don't like to list singular items daily as it takes loads of time to just put online. I usually allocate a day a week to take all the photos and another day to work on the computer , which means I tend to update only once a week and usually in batches. But it frees up the rest of the week for me to work creatively! :)

Work aside....
Nathan looked so preppy cute in his little sweater vest that we had to take some family photos after service on Sunday! Psst... daddy was the one who dressed ALL of us that day so we were quite matchy matchy haha...

On the same day was our girls' farewell party for our dear friend Yilin who'll be married off to the States in 2 weeks. Thanks to Val's impeccable organisation skills, the bride-to-be was treated to a surprise lunch at the Forlino which serves excellent Italian with a fantastic view of the Merlion . We had a gregarious funny server who mistook our little celebration for a birthday haha, and Yilin had a complimentary slice of chocolate ganache whose calories she compelled the rest of us to share.

Our mysterious after-lunch activity was a decadent but so heavenly fun spa party at The Retreat, Changi Village Hotel. Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, this was a wonderful respite to end the day with! We had our own whirlpool jacuzzi (yes 6 of us could fit in it!) with complimentary chocolate fondue, followed by their welcome foot soak and an hour long swedish massage each. We were soooo pampered! Sadly it took for one of us to leave before us busy lot could get together for a yummy day like this.
Bye bye Yilin! We'll miss you!



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