Friday, December 28, 2012

Handmade presents

For Christmas this year, I decided to do the crazy thing by making handmade presents as much as possible -- scrapbook photo albums, family bracelets using initial charms specially purchased in Tokyo and personalised Morse code silk cord bracelets. Though this year's Christmas season turned out more stressful than I expected (planning started 3 months earlier!), homemade gifts are still the best and will be much appreciated I'm sure. Hope you like them guys!
And these are 2 more special order pieces for the season -- a monogram necklace with a twist and whimsical purse charm -- for my bestie to give to her sister.  You don't know how relieved I was when the recipient liked what she saw! Customisations always spike my blood pressure and make me this close to getting a heart attack.

Joyeux Noel and a Happy New Year!

Sorry this greeting is long overdue... From our little family to yours, hope you had a wonderful, cosy Christmas filled with much love and joy with your loved ones and are looking forward to a fantastic 2013! We know we are :)

Monday, December 17, 2012

oldies but goodies

:: some 1920s-1930s art deco rings in my collection ::

If you are racking your brains over a Christmas present for a vintage lover, perhaps you can consider rings fashionable women may have worn 80 years ago? They are definitely not run-of-the-mill jewellery you can find at a random mall! Please write for details and purchase. Prices for these pieces range from $89 to $129. 

Updated: All have sold, thank you.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

High Society bracelet - SGD 65

Having had this gorgeous puffy sterling heart locket for the longest time, I finally decided it ought to make its debut surrounded by glistening pearls and voila! This multi-strand pearl and sterling chain bracelet emerged, with a lovely crystal star charm in tow. A fun, feminine take on the classic pearl ensemble. Length is approx.7 " with a 1" extension.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Vanity Fair necklace - SGD 140 - Sold

Finally! Another versatile multi-tasking statement necklace :)

Glowing translucent pink rose quartz nuggets in edgy faceted irregular cuts and vintage components including a beautiful botanical brooch with faux jade cabochons and filigree gold leaves, a garnet red rhinestone-d flower accent and an interesting stepped rhinestone teardrop pendant. 

As you can see in the first picture, the chain can be detached to transform this piece into a fancy bracelet. The chain portion is a long 34" interspersed with teardrop shaped bezel-set crystals and moonstone rondelles which can be removed and worn as a long necklace or looped a few times for a multi-chain bracelet. 

The bracelet length will suit a standard size 6.5 - 7" wrist while the complete necklace (bracelet + chain) is approx. 16.5" in length.

Parisienne Rose confession

I have a confession to make: I was, in all honesty, not intending to hoard any more pieces but really, I love a good festoon myself and the colours in this piece are right up my alley. Just look at that purple! I can't think of a word to properly describe that shade of lilac purple. And that gorgeous vintage rose cameo in a gilt frame? You don't see the likes of that often.

So yes, I am going to break the rule once more and let it stay with me just that bit longer. It looks so pretty on my desktop linen mannequin and when I get bored, I simply look up at it and give a little satisfied sigh. Beautiful things need to be admired and I need a muse :)

Monday, December 03, 2012

Madame Botany necklace - SGD 85 - Sold

I have been in my Edwardian phase since indulging in Downton Abbey again (thanks to my lovely in-laws!) and perhaps you will see more of that inspired darlings from that era here :)

A beautifully aged vintage enameled floral fan-like filigree component is the lady in mention here, along with a stunner of a chrysoprase green crystal pendant from Japan. Crimson red crystal connectors and freshwater pearls lend a regal air to this simple yet lovely festoon necklace. 

Noa Fleur necklace - SGD 128 - Sold

I love how Noa Fleur  turned out, with its gothic romantic vintage oxidised silver rose (or perhaps tulip) brooch,  the juxtapose of pale pinks and whites against flashes of silvery greys. Gemstones used include rose quartz, clear quartz, labradorite, moonstone, shimmery oyster blue petal pearls alongside vintage lucite flowers. The necklace is just over 16" long and closes with a old-fashioned filigree box clasp to the side near the front.

Petit Cadeau bracelet - SGD 55 - Sold

I acquired a bag of exquisite, well-made petite charms from my Tokyo trip and this gorgeous heart filigree with its old world air is one of them. Set with a single rhinestone, it sets off against the chain of gleaming moonstones, mystic topaz and freshwater pearls beautifully. Cadeau means "gift" in French and this bracelet will make a lovely present indeed!

Trinity bracelet - SGD 55 - Sold

  *A shiny star for hope, a faith word charm and a little heart with rhinestones for love*

A trio of symbolic charms makes this a meaningful bracelet for Christmas ~ I also added a medley of bobs and bits including a rose quartz cube and rondelle, large freshwater pearl and cz crystal link for some textural play. Chain and components are 14k goldfilled as usual. Length is approx 6.5" but please let me know if any alterations are required for a better fit suit :)

Christmas Carol earrings - SGD 48 - Sold

Vintage-inspired ear lovelies for the holiday season ~ These are pretty peach moonstone briolettes topped with vintage Swarovski flowers set with burgundy crystal centres and clusters of pink garnet, amethyst, pink topaz, tanzanite and mystic grey freshwater pearls. A festive pair for merry-making :)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Let the celebrations begin

The first feast of the Christmas season... bring out the baubles and bubbly! 

Monday, November 26, 2012

Someone turned 2

Our little girl celebrated her 2 years old birthday recently and we had a little do for her with just family and close friends. As you can see, the theme of the party was Hello Kitty since she adores cats. Our dear friend Chris baked this awesome rainbow Kitty cake which was irresistibly cute!
At 2 years of age, Sarah is turning out to be quite the firecracker! She has a feisty temper and is quite happy bossing her brother around or putting her baby doll on the "naughty step". 3 minutes! She'll tell her doll and hold up 3 fingers, which is hilarious.

She appears to have a flair for linguistics by being able to speak full sentences in English and Mandarin already, though sometimes not quite grammatically sound. You can actually have a proper little conversation with her. She loves singing and dancing and is quite a performer too, just look at the pictures from the kids' end of year school concert below. She's the little curly sue right at the end :)
Happy birthday our little princess!
You have been such a blessing to us and we love you so much!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Winter's Tale bracelet - SGD 59

A subtle story of textures spun from a single swallow, floral etched silver locket, london blue topaz briolette, lapis lazuli rondelles, crystal teardrop charm and flashes of gold accents on a shimmering sterling chain. Wonderfully delicate and perfect for holding a treasured memory on you, always.


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