Friday, April 17, 2009

2 months later....

Can you believe the little tot is nearly 2months old? Time sure flies when you're nursing and changing nappies all day long! He is just starting to sleep through the night (7-8 hrs) but that also means he DOESN'T nap in the day which equates zero time to fiddle with beads. The in-laws are visiting from England which is wonderful cos they have sooo much experience with kids and I feel much more confident now with Nathan after picking up tips from them.

I've learnt some things in the past 2 months which tells you that your life is never gonna be the same:

1) Getting peed and pooed on is now a daily routine. Not funny.
2) You learn to eat/ shower/ use the loo at superman speed.
3) Having the baby sleep through the night is good for daddy but mommy still has to wake at 4am to pump her rock hard engorged mammaries.
4) You start planning shopping trips and nice meals around places with nursing room facilities.
5) Goodbye small clutches. Hello huge diaper bags!
6) Gone are the days of romantic vacations for two. You'll be lucky to even be able to have a few hours off without having to worry about the kiddo!

These are all but trivial stuff of cos :)
Here are some pictures on how Nate's been growing!

little family portrait

our milk junkie!

in his smart faux tux for a formal wedding

Xin, this is for you!!

playing with daddy (pardon the show of chest hair!)

happy and snug in the sling over Easter
(I still have 6kg to lose!!)

all flopsy in grand-daddy's arms
and finally... my favourite part of being a mommy :)


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