Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Enchanting Wednesday

leger comme une plume tulle vintage inspired necklace by sbarao.

Ghost dress by The English Dept.

Olson House No. 0054 photograph by Kari Herer.

old world charm, via A bit of whimsy.

Beauty is really all around us.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Sleep Deprivation and Vomit Boy

After 2 months of wonderful sleeping through the night, the young chap suddenly began waking up again several times! 2am, 4am, 6am.... he would not go down without a fight and a good ole holler. It would take a full hour each time before he would fall back to sleep.

It was insane!
I was so tired and cranky I'd be upset at the smallest thing, grumble at the hubby and wonder why we decided to have a baby at all! The poor hubby was a walking zombie at work and had to put up with a grouchy wife. Not a happy family.

Finally after some trial and error, we got the room temperature right and refined the bedtime routine of singing, bath, massage, prayer and nursing. He began to go back to sleeping 6 hours at night. We still haven't gotten him to go beyond 6 hours but each baby is different and he's just not quite able to soothe himself back to sleep yet we reckon! It was not perfect but it was good enough for us.

Then in the last few days, the little man became all cranky and fussy ALL day. He started drooling loads, chewing on anything and everything, coughing and gagging and wouldn't settle at all. We were like, isn't he a wee bit young to be teething at 3 months??!! But we couldn't figure out what else could be the case.

Bcos he was irritable and upset, he wanted to comfort nurse when he wasn't really hungry. Which meant throwing up 6 times within an hour and going through 3 sets of clothes. By the time he hurled up for the 4th time, I'd learnt to position his head so he wouldn't get puke on his clothes. Or me. He is now officially "Vomit Boy", after "Droolster" and "Poop-aholic" among many other nicknames.
But when you find yourself reaching your limit, you get goo goo eyes like this. And your heart melts.

So yes, motherhood requires lots of love, patience, grace and prayers. But you tell yourself: oh well, the difficult times won't last forever!

And then you go back to your little boy who now smells like sour milk. Yippee.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Thursday, May 21, 2009

simply divine

I fell in love with these happy photos of a lovely couple.
They make me wanna get married again!

Just so I get to wear another beautiful gown and those gorgeous pearls

but only if it's to the same man.
I love you honey!

{ featured on Once Wed and found via Frolic }
Photos by Ashley Garmon

Monday, May 18, 2009

Friday, May 15, 2009

Feelgood Friday!

What a brilliant idea perfect for weekend fun!
Makes a thoughtful gift too :)

{ from up up creative }

Saturday, May 09, 2009


Wouldn't you like to live here too?

{ image from Quiero found via wide open spaces }

inspiration: today

It's about time to open the shutters and blow the dust off the work table!

The studio looks so sad and forlorn and this blog so quiet that I think it could really do with a dose of beautiful happy things! If all goes well, I hope to be back with my pretties in a week or two!

my inspiration, today :)

my idea of a quiet creative haven via emma cassi

and a gorgeous inspiration board via nom nom nom

I am going to dig out my old inspiration board and add more lovelies to it now!

mommy talk

Oh my I can't believe the little man is nearly 3 months old! Time sure vanishes when you're a full time mommy to a wriggling tot! Most days I feel like tearing my hair out and swear he'll be my only child, other days his cheeky grin and cute chuckles make my heart melt and I forget all the hours of crying he's put me through on the bad days. I really truly deeply have newfound respect for stay home mommies cos this is the singular toughest thing I've had to take on so far and I'm still far from getting into the swing of things!

It was of cos wonderful to have grandparents around to share their experience and make you feel less of a loser, not to mention babysit sometimes so Matt and I can have the occasional evening off! Here we are at a family lunch with both sets of grandparents and two uncles who still haven't the guts to carry the little one! They think he looks too fragile!
the little man with one of his many dumbo softies hee

And to all the amazing mommies out there, happy mothers' day!
God bless you for the unceasing selfless love you show us all :)


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