Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A few days ago, I lost my nan. We received news while in England and came back in time for the funeral. It has not been easy struggling with the jet lag and the news. You think you'll be ok but it hits you most when you least expect it. Like when you close your eyes at night. I wish so much that I had been here to see her one last time. My dad told me she'd been asking for me while I was away and that nearly crushed me. I keep thinking abt how happy she looked at our wedding and how I didn't get to say goodbye to her. It took quite a bit of tear therapy to get it all out but thankfully the hubster was there to hold my hand and share this with me. I know he loved her very much too.

So yeah, I've still got my poofy eyes, still adjusting to the 8 hr time difference but otherwise life is slowly getting back on track. We've had some major news since coming home too, but these have been on the happier side and I can't wait to share them as they happen. 2008 is gonna be one happening year!


what'sthatfluffinmyhead? said...

Hi Yiwen,

I share a similar experience with u. It was a couple of years back and I was diving out at sea while my gran passed away. No one informed me of the news till I called home after I crossed customs.

But keep strong and take heart. It's a painful loss but I'm sure ur nan would rather u be happy and cheerful than see u so sad and weepy :)

take care.. *big hug*

Dawne said...

I'm sorry to hear about your loss. Going through this a few months back, I know how it feels. Take care. *hugs* You have lots of wonderful friends who'll be there for you.


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