Wednesday, January 09, 2008

recovering from jet lag

Feels like forever since I last actually perspired and it just seems so odd not having to wrap myself up like a tightly woven ketupat anymore now that we're back on the equator. It was a really really much-needed-oh-i-want-more break, we even got a bit of snow while at Camden! Ok it was more like flaking but still snow nonetheless. My gal pal Vivien was visiting London at the same time we were there and she'd never seen snow that wasn't already on the ground so we had a little jiggly snow dance moment on this bridge at the market while freezing our butts off.

Christmas was wonderful with the family all around, we got absolutely stuffed with the usual festive binge, lotsa bubbly joy and ginormous fireworks on New Year's Eve! Best of all was finally checking out those awesome markets in London like Portobello and checking out the funky and upcoming Angel district, thanks to the fabulicious Rijkje and Anthony with whom we had an amazing time at a fab Lebanese restaurant. The markets were really cool, I laid my hands on another whopping bagload of vintage goodies! Definitely have to bring much more moolah the next time we're back! Which by the way will be quite soon this year so... Yaaayyy!!!

Here are some of the completed Christmas custom orders:

Quirks & Fancies bag charm

Bejewelled earring and bracelet set

Wishing Faye set

And a wedding present order:

A Wedding Gift has beautiful vintage white flowers with swarovskis and elegant vines wired on sterling chains ~ I sure hope the bride liked her pressie! :)

Meanwhile I still have some orders to fulfil even though I'm dying to start using the rapidly accumulating vintage parts stashed somewhere under all that barang barang. The workroom has been cleaned up somewhat though we could probably do better. Maybe after the jet lag clears! :p

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