Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Yesterday the sweetie had a day off for working weekends so we made all these glorious plans that included going to the Botanic Gardens for a walk followed by dinner at Morton's (Yes that famously expensive steakhouse, but you see we got given their vouchers as a Christmas gift so we could finally patronise that place without having to diet for a week). Anyway the sun turned its back on us so Botanic Gardens had to wait and we ended up at the newly open Kallang Leisure Park where he could get his bowling fix. It was so new, so quiet - I like!!

I sat to finish a book I'd been dying to catch up on while he went on a rampage and played (i think) 6 games alone before being dragged to catch 27 Dresses and can i say the chemistry between Katherine Heigl and James Marsden was amazing!! Yes the plot might seem a tad predictable with its happy ending but I've always been a sucker for candy fluff and I like Katherine Heigl so that's enough reason for me to spend the 7 bucks :)
It's funny how much I identified with Katherine's character Jane, even though I'm no longer single and all. I mean there was a time when I was single too, and mind you it was for a significant length of time for me to think, ok this is it, I'm gonna be single forever!! It wasn't like there wasn't anyone at all, there was the occasional McSteamy (of the less raunchy kind), but really, I wanted my McDreamy. And finally when I decided it was enough and I didn't want any Mc-Whatever anymore, who should turn up but Mc-Matt? (and then there was the issue of marrying young but that's another story) God does work in mysterious ways!

Anyway we decided to spend this rare evening quietly at home so we got a whole load of groceries to try out this new Thai recipe book and ended up too stuffed with prawn and pineapple curry. Even though the day seemed like a far cry from our glorious plans, it was really enjoyable doing nothing in particular, we just talked and cooked and ate and watched Smallville together. All in all, it was an awesome date! Thank you sweetie!

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