Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Sweet November

Man, it's been a rough weekend cos Matt has been down with the flu so I've had to cook for him during this time (and we all know what a terrible klutz I am in the kitchen!!) . Nevertheless I have to thank God that I did not burn down our kitchen and on the contrary, some really good comfort food like macaronic soup and japanese curry came out of this culinary experiment!! (or so Matt says ... I think the bug screwed his taste buds). Anyway I caught the flu bug myself on Sunday and have been in this self-pitying-oh-i'm-dying mood since haaaa.

I'm feeling slightly better today so ta-dah! All the pieces I've yet to post up are now here! Still in my gold & bling phase cos all that tinsel and lights along Orchard just make you see drama glamour wherever you go!! Was also well enough to pick up this gorgeous pair of Antoinette earrings by designer Lynn from Antidote yesterday and had the most wonderful chat with Steph, the stunning owner of this funky cart and boy, do we have loads in common!! I really love Antidote's accessories and mosaic candle holders and I'm eyeing a mosaic mirror by Nanette Zehnder for our new home! Love the homeliness of her pieces! :) Steph's got a great eye for funky stuff and if you've seen her bright and cheery cart at Raffles City, you'll agree with me too!

And oh, just to give you a head's up - Maki Squarepatch (and Maad) will be at the Dhoby Ghaut atrium JUST this weekend (25-26 Nov) and at the Takashimaya forum on 9-10, 16-17 Dec. Be sure to check them out if you're in the area!

Last thing I wanna say here is... check out the pictures taken at Chris' tea party!! I feel hungry just looking her goodies again heh ~ Her Christmas menu will be up real soon and I'd be sure to let all you hungry folks abt it too!
Enjoy the luxury of guilt-free pigging out this festive season (if not now, then when?!!) and I'll catch ya later soon!! :)


maki ♥ squarepatch said...

aww thanks! :) and it's this 25 - 26 nov :D i hope you're feeling better. i'm down with the flu so pray i won't spread germies to nice new people i meet! :/

maki squarepatch

yiwen said...

oopsie!! :p Have edited the dates in the post already!!


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