Saturday, November 18, 2006

Girly Pressies!

2 new mobile or bag charms just in time for you to bless your best gal pal with this Christmas!
(only 1 of each design available)

Gigglebear - Sold to WL

The 1st is this girlish childhood-reminiscent piece with a picture tag of 2 giggly little girls and a little teddy bear. Oh doesn't this remind you of your first few friends as a kid? I was a little terror and I'm sure my friends thought so too! muhahaha...

Sisterhood - Sold
Sisterhood is about that closest girl pal you had during those difficult adolescent years... remember those long phone calls and secrets and cookies? This is it! A reminder of those happy times we hold so dearly ~ A picture tag of 2 young ladies & a pretty silver locket.

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