Sunday, November 26, 2006

Come to TEA!

Have been really bogged down by the most annoying flu bug ever!! It makes you think you're getting better and then wham-bam! It comes back with a vengeance! :( I'm really sorry that I haven't been on top of things and I promise to reply all the emails as soon as I don't have to hold a tissue to blow my nose in one hand and type with the other!! I will be sending some stuff out in the post tmr so do check your mail if you've placed orders recently~!

Please pardon me as I go cough my lungs out, the invite for TEA this coming Saturday is out!! (it was done for a while but we just wanted to be sure) and I'm over-my-head trying to come out with more Christmas pieces specially for TEA, yes you heard me, new pieces! I'm offering a special discount exclusively for guests at TEA so that's a double bonus for you babes to sample great food and shop at the same time!
Ok have to go nurse my sinuses now before I drop dead in front of the PC, see ya Saturday! :)

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