Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A Lunch Affair

Today is a day I will remember forever (melodramatic music in the background) cos Chris the baking goddess graced my humble home and illuminated the kitchen with her superchef aura!!!! she must be shrieking my name now. Doesn't her gon loh mee look absolutely divine??No kidding! This was really prepared in front of me in my little kitchen!! And it tastes as good as it looks!! We spent a lazy rainy afternoon lounging on the couch, throwing ideas around for more tea parties and well.... look out for....

LUNCH by Chris' Pantry guest-starring Oriental Rose!!

Date: 2nd December 2006 Saturday

Invites will be sent out later this week so drop Kristin (our lovely PR) a line if you're interested to be on this exclusive invitation list!! :)


Oh, oh I just did the same dish for Matt and he was so touched that his wife can finally cook! Haaa....I just cut and paste what Chris taught me hee. YAY!!!! I can whip up something presentable at last!! :p

1 comment:

Chris said...

Well done dearie!
Jia you!


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