Thursday, September 30, 2010

Raphael - SGD 105 - Sold

This pre-Raphaelite darling is a Florentine-inspired necklace with a beautifully-aged repurposed earring of a large bright pink glass stone surrounded by scrolling leaves and tiny peridot rhinestone accents. It measures approx. 1.5" by 1.2" and is signed DMJ at the back.

The colours of the 17" chain portion have been subtly muted so as not to detract from the glorious pink - gemstones used include the most amazing faceted pink amethyst ovals, rose quartz cubes, moonstones, peruvian pink opals, light jade donuts, large blush freshwater pearls, frosted floral tensha barrels and champagne pewter pearls. Truly divine!

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