Thursday, September 09, 2010

~*Delicate Charms*~ series

New necklaces in the bigcartel shoppe!

Here are some new 14k goldfilled and sterling charm necklaces I made with Christmas in mind that will make lovely gifts for your loved ones or yourself! They are petite and delicate, very ladylike. And yes, in case you're wondering, I have started my Christmas shopping. In September no less Now is that kiasu or what?!

With less than 2 months till Sarah arrives, there is just soooo much to be done and I've not done half the things on my list yet. Like making sure the breast pump still works, buying new teats for the bottles, digging out those 0-3 months rompers and making sure we won't be caught unprepared in case the little Miss decides to show up early! The belly is now 32 weeks big and I'm getting clumsier by the day so it's time to slowly wind down the shop and focus on the nest.

I still have a few fancier necklaces to be listed either tonight or tomorrow morning so watch this space for more details! Have a good long weekend folks!

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