Thursday, September 30, 2010

Just listed

Some new necklaces on the blog right now!

Oh boy I so need to take a break after today .... knowing I only have this week left before the hubster's ultimatum to pack up or he will, I have been working flat out the last couple of weeks till little Sarah's been kicking and squirming in protest. I still have so much I want to do but I think it's truly time to let the baubles take a back seat or the wee bub will be clad in towels and sleeping in the drawer when she comes!

So from now on it will be about packing the studio away, though I do think I will not be able to resist a creation or two... sshhh... It's quite funny how this little girl inside me has been such a great source of creative spark and muse, unlike her brother who basically just kicked and fussed all the way through the 9 months and refused to let me do much at all. I am looking forward to letting the nesting instincts kick in a bit more, and have fun doing up the children's rooms in our new place. Not to mention spend more quality time with the young man before 3 becomes 4!

Though it's maternity leave time, I thought it'll be nice to maybe blog about some of my treasured baubles - vintage or not - and maybe some behind the scene takes? I'm quite excited at the idea of sharing other titbits from my life apart from just new uploads! Though of course that is the main idea most of you are reading this anyway :) Hopefully this will keep me from growing lazy and this blog from the cobwebs!

Thank you so much for bearing with me during this transitional period, I can't wait to be able to introduce the little missy to you soon!


grunge-queen said...

So funny - I found the exact same blue Coro pendant today while thrifting, Googled "Coro pendant with blue stone", and found you! Lovely blog and even more lovely creations! I too am a jewellery junkie, though of the thrift shop kind. Any idea, btw, how old the Coro pendant would be? Mine looks pretty new ....

yiwen said...

Hi Kelly, thanks for dropping by to say hello! :) I love all sorts of jewellery too, thrift shop or not! Hmmm... I'm no expert in dating vintage jewellery, but I'm thinking the 40s-50s based on the Coro script and Pegasus mark on the pendant if my memory holds true. Hope this helps! :)


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