Friday, November 02, 2007

Plush - SGD 46 - Sold

I enjoyed working with the colours in Opulence but unfortunately I'm out of those gorgeous mudan/rose cloisonnes so I came up with other versions. Plush features pretty blue peony cloisonnes which I've used before, with tangerine clay roses, vermeil flower, swarovski blings, hoops, little red garnet rounds and rich orange carnelian brios.

Drop is 7 cm from goldfilled hooks (tarnish-resistant wirework and 14k goldplated chains) ~ Picture of Plush on a light background here.


Anonymous said...

May I know where did you get the cloisonne tags?

yiwen said...

hi there, sorry i'm not sure what you mean by the cloisonne "tags" but if you're referring to the cloisonne charms, a friend of mine bought them from an old lady in shanghai. Unfortunately she's since moved out of town so her shop's closed.


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