Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Miss Holly - SGD 55 - Sold

Sorry everyone for being tardy in replying mails but I've been stuck in bed with a bad cold since Deepavali and today's my first good day although I still sound like darth vader. The last few days have been an absolute nightmare! Not being able to do anything at all except finish season 2 of Grey's Anatomy and plough thru half of OC season 4. Thanks to the hubster (who is a much better nurse than I am and was fabulous in looking after me despite catching the bug as well), I felt well enough today to try working for a bit. This is one of the perks of working from home, I get to fall back to bed if I don't feel well enough to carry on without having to commute heh.
Miss Holly is made from vintage holly-like bracelet links with clear quartz roses, green garnet briolette, lotsa mystic grey swarovskis as well as freshwater pearls, swarovskis and gold-filled extras. Drop is a lovely 8cm from goldfilled hooks ~

I wore a pair to meet my gal pal Val last week and we stumbled upon this lovely shop called L'Escalier in Takashimaya. It really is a treasure trove that carries local brands like the dear Makisquarepatch, Fuchsia Lane and Saltplay. Miss Holly caught the eye of the pleasantly polite (a rarity for local customer service) shop staff who suggested I bring in my portfolio and some sample creations for the manager to explore the possibility of stocking my pieces there! I think it'll be a great stockist so hopefully I can do up something to show them soon (if i don't tear my hair out amidst preparations for Maad and all). Exciting times ahead!!

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